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NCFM, Another #MeToo ‘Hollywood’ Non-Profit Questionable Financials Exposed!

January 15, 2021

Tiffany Carr, executive director of Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, paid 7.5 million over three years. How does that happen? No oversight…


Another #MeToo related non-profit organization, touted, and supported by some in ‘Hollywood’ has had their questionable financials exposed. Some would call that FRAUD.

All of the information contained here is supported by public record documents, tax filings and investigative reports, and are linked below.

The New York Post conducted an extensive inquiry and is reporting that two connected organizations; the Time’s Up Foundation and Time’s Up Now Inc., raised $3,670,219 in 2018, its founding year.

A review by The Post of the organization’s IRS Form 990 filings, which are required by law, revealed that the organization spent $1,407,032 on salaries and only $312,001 on their legal defense fund. Below is a snippet of their IRS financial report.

The Post’s inquiry also revealed that the organization spent $157,155 on conferences which included a sponsored retreat to the exclusive Ojai Valley Inn, a luxury resort north of Los Angeles. This is a snippet of the Ojai Valley’s spa accommodations which is linked below.

We will let the individual reader decide whether they wish to inquire as to the costs of these accommodations.

According to their tax filings, Time’s Up Now spent $288,007 on advertising, and $940,328 on “legal” costs, with the majority of that figure, $719,522 going to the law firm of Arnold & Porter, Kaye, Scholer. Guess which U.S. Senator is a former employee of Arnold & Porter? If you guessed Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, you would be correct.

Gillibrand, while with Arnold & Porter was pivotal in defending tobacco giant Phillip Morris during the high-profile lawsuit against the tobacco giant where aggressive efforts were conducted to prevent the discovery of an extensive study showing the links between cigarette smoking and cancer.

Gee? Gillibrand involved in preventing the truth from being discovered. Where have we heard that before?

According to their tax filings, CEO Lisa Borders earned a salary of $342,308 in 2018, and the Post reports that according to Borders’ LinkedIn page, she only remained in that position for four (4) months. A third plus of a million dollars for four months work is not bad work if you can find it.

CEO Borders who was the former head of the Women’s National Basketball Association, ultimately resigned when her son was accused of sexual misconduct.

NCFM recently published a story related to the ongoing case of Mariposa County rancher Jerry Cox and the vast struggles he has had to endure as a result of being falsely accused of rape, arrested, then having all charges dropped when his false accuser, grifter, con artist, and pathological liar, Ashley Harris had lied and committed perjury in another case.

So far, Ashley Harris has committed multiple crimes, including perjury, filing a false police report, and a violation of the false claims in act in four separate California counties, yet no one is prosecuting her for her crime spree. Now she is being represented, pro bono, by two major law firms in the federal civil rights lawsuit. (More on that later).

The recent NCFM article peripheral to the Cox case, was an NCFM complaint to the IRS Criminal Division and the California Fair Political Practices Commission, when public records revealed that the judge in the Cox matter, Judge F. Dana Walton has been receiving income from the local domestic violence coalition, The Alliance for Community Transformations.

Gross expenditures of the Alliance were similar to what has now been reported with the Time’s Up organization.

NCFM reported on the scandal and investigation involving the head of the Florida Coalition for Domestic Violence who was raking in between $750K and $1.4 million in income and benefits per year, enough to finance three homes including a waterfront home with a dock and a mountain retreat.

While some domestic violence programs do offer assistance to those who have been abused or who have been sexually harassed or assaulted, the reality is that virtually all of these programs pay exorbitant salaries and use exorbitant amount of funds to finance an extravagant travel lifestyle, Ritz Carlton Maui style. This type of abuse of funds with DV organizations or collectives, much of it coming from federal and state grants is not unusual, in fact it is the norm.

You could take any community, anywhere in the U.S. and do a little research and see the same pattern over and over again.

As a random example, we glanced at the financials for a domestic violence program in Jersey City, New Jersey called ‘Women Rising.’ Their posting financials, available online and linked below, reveal that in 2019, they took in approximately $2.9 million.

Notice that their mission is to assist ‘women.’ It is unknown if they provide services to male victims of domestic violence or abuse.

Their tax filings reveal that their CEO, Roseann Mazzeo earned an income of $109K in 2019.

From their financials, they report a little over $2.8 million in salaries, various expenses including $173K in office expenses (that’s a lot of copy paper), $69K for travel and conferences, and $161K in depreciation; depreciation of what? $2.9 million comes in and $2.8+ million is spent on salaries and various expenses.

Here are just a few of the questionable expenditures of the ‘Times Up’ foundation.

What is the deal with some of these so-called non-profits, where millions are poured in and little to nothing actually goes for it’s intended purpose? Recently, the Biden’s cancer charity was exposed, spending millions on salaries and ZERO on cancer research. Of course, the mainstream news media failed to report this, and no logical explanation was offered by the Biden’s for this obvious fraud.

Their charity took in about $4.8 million in 2017 & 2018. About $3 million went to payroll and payroll taxes and the rest went to various expenses including travel and conferences. NONE, ZERO, NOTHING went to cancer research, as in $0.00.

Just think about this for a moment folks. Under various programs under the auspices of the DOJ and the Violence Against Women’s Act, about a half billion taxpayer dollars is doled out across the country for these various programs. There are funds that also come from each state and private donation’s including large corporations.

Allstate Insurance recently gave $500K to the National Network to End Domestic Violence. Smith’s Food and Drug has donated an unknown amount to the Peace House Domestic Violence Program in Park City Utah. The list is lengthy and readily available online.

Donations by companies, corporations and private individuals are fine, but exactly how much of these taxpayer and private funds actually go to helping victims of domestic violence or sexual assault? How much of these funds go out for exorbitant six-figure salaries and luxury travel?

The reality is that very little of it actually goes to victims. There is virtually little to no oversight of these programs and unless there is an outrageous abuse, as in the Florida example, there are virtually no legislative office holders who will call this abuse of taxpayer funds out. The very few who do are met with accusations of enabling abusers and rapists, misogynists, and have their legislative careers threatened. I think that is called bullying, (isn’t that a form of violence?).

As such, virtually no legislator will bring attention to this problem or actively investigate it when it is brought to their attention. These are usually discovered when there are gross abuses of funds, where a whistle blower informs authorities, the due diligence of an honest journalist, or when a watchdog group conducts an inquiry and files a complaint.

Each and every individual taxpayer has a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent. Do you have a domestic violence shelter, program, or coalition in your community? Do you think it might be a good idea to find out where your money is being spent? This information is out there, and the law requires these programs to post their financial data.

If you as the taxpayer couldn’t afford to get your car fixed, or take that long awaited vacation, or didn’t have enough to pay your utility bill, wouldn’t it bother you to find out your local domestic violence shelter CEO and staff were attending a weeklong ‘conference’ at the Maui Ritz Carlton or the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, while dining on lobster al fresco, washing it down with champagne spritzers, or docking their boat behind their waterfront home in Florida?

If you are a man whose divorcing wife filed and obtained a false restraining order against you as a matter of convenience, and you have been rendered penniless by the glutenous greed of a family court system run amok, experienced the loss of your children, wouldn’t you want to know where your tax dollars are going?

The only way this waste and abuse of taxpayer money and private donations is going to stop is if individuals, all across the country take some time, do some research, call out this abuse to their own elected officials, and take ACTION! NCFM can’t do it alone. We also can’t depend on spineless politicians or government oversight agencies to do anything. Unless someone is either embarrassed or may lose their job, noting will be done.

NCFM wants all available services and advocates for all legitimate victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, both women and men, not to have the bulk of taxpayer funds and private donations squandered to the bank accounts and luxury lifestyles of DV CEO’s and their top staffs.

On an ironic note, and you can check any DV program in the country where they define what constitutes domestic violence and/or sexual harassment or assault. The usual list includes the garden variety definitions of physical violence, emotional abuse, stalking and the like.

In virtually every program one of the things they list and considered as an example of domestic violence is……… FINANCIAL Abuse…………


We are not in the same solar system of reason, logic, and accountability here folks. It is long past due the time to wake up and smell the coffee.




NCFM Files Complaint with the California Fair Political Practices Commission & the IRS Criminal Division of Mariposa County Superior Court Judge F. Dana Walton

NCFM, Women Industries News, Tiffany Carr $750K per year to run domestic violence programs

More than 100 emergency grants given to support domestic violence nonprofits during pandemic

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NCFM, Another #MeToo ‘Hollywood’ Non-Profit Questionable Financials Exposed!

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