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NCFM Files State Bar Complaint in the Matter of Mariposa Rancher Jerry Cox

February 10, 2021

Jerry Cox

February 11, 2021


NCFM has filed an official complaint with the California State Bar in the matter of former

Ashley Harris

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Mariposa County rancher Jerry Cox. The complaint involves seven (7) attorneys who are representing false accuser Ashley Harris. The misconduct described in the complaint involving the attorneys are their false and misleading statements, violations of the California State Bar Professional Rules of Conduct, and potential criminal law violations in a legal filing to Court of Appeal, Fifth Appellate Division.

Readers following the saga of Cox will recall that he filed a civil suit against Ashley Harris in August of 2018 for Defamation, Libel, Malicious Prosecution, and Abuse of Process in the Mariposa County Superior Court, due to the false allegation of rape that Harris lodged against him.

Ashley Harris

False accuser Ashley Harris

That lawsuit was improperly and illegally dismissed on an Anti-SLAP motion. Cox appealed as Anti-SLAP does not include filing a false police report, which is a crime. It is also a certainty that it is impossible for Mr. Cox to get any form of fair treatment in the historically decades long corrupt County of Mariposa.

In furtherance of her ongoing and seemingly never-ending crime spree, Ashley Harris was able to obtain pro-bono legal services from a major law firm in Los Angeles; the law firm of Jones Day and from the Oakland based Family Violence Appellate Project (linked below).

Ashley HarrisHarris’ legal counsel’s 66-page brief is filled with numerous false and misleading statements, including a potential violation of Title 18 U.S. Code § 1343 – Wire Fraud, as their brief was filed electronically.

While Mr. Cox has endured a false rape allegation, arrest, rendered penniless, has lost his ranch and business, has been rendered homeless and subsisting on food stamps to eat, his false accuser, serial liar, con artist and grifter Ashley Harris is able to obtain top notch pro-bono legal services to represent her in this appeal.

There are a number of law firms across the country that provide pro-bono legal services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. While in very limited circumstances, there may be a need for actual and legitimate victims to require some type of legal assistance, there is a much more nefarious reason.

The primary reason for prominent law firms to provide pro-bono legal services to alleged victims of DV or sexual assault is to defend false accusers when they are sued by those they falsely accuse and victimize. The reality is that the falsely accused are forced to pay out of pocket for an attorney, and virtually all abandon their litigation when they are outspent by legal counsel representing false accusers.

Then give us a call: 619-231-1909

Would these attorneys be so quick to defend a false accuser and serial liar, if it were their son, or brother, or father who had been falsely accused by a lifetime con artist and grifter, and lost everything? We have seen that a lot lately, laws for thee but not for me. How many other false accusers have these attorneys represented in similar circumstances? How many other lives have they disrupted or destroyed?

There really is no thought, compassion, or even a minimal review of facts before some of these law firms jump at the chance to defend false accusers, who should be criminally charged, convicted, and incarcerated for the damage and trauma that they have done to their victims.

The reality is that false allegations of rape are one of the most falsely reported crimes made to law enforcement and various social service agencies. Most law enforcement and prosecutorial agencies are recipients of federal and state grants based on the severity of the problem in their respective community. As such, in order to keep the money coming in, statistics are manipulated in order to obtain initial grant monies, and when cases are reported, facts and evidence are either distorted or manipulated in order to further justify the continuous stream of grant money. And the case of Jerry Cox, this is EXACTLY what happened. The false narrative MUST be protected at all costs.

The reality is that there are thousands of males who have been falsely accused of domestic violence or sexual assault, who have been rendered penniless, bankrupt, have lost their homes and businesses, their ability to earn a living or their children, and simply have no means to hire competent legal counsel to initiate civil actions against their false accusers. Some men have been beaten down so much by the system and the biblical level of fraud and discrimination that they have taken their own lives.

Either these attorneys are grossly incompetent, have been misled by a scheming pathological liar and con artist, or they are fully aware of the stream of Harris’ lies and are intentionally attempting to commit an intrinsic fraud upon the court, and in doing so, may be criminally complicit.

Their own words in this 66-page Brief filed by these attorneys, are sufficient predicate information for the State Bar to initiate a formal inquiry, and NCFM is of the opinion that at the minimum, a lengthy suspension from the practice of law is warranted, and an inquiry may result in disbarment or the referral for a criminal probe.

The reality is that a false political and social narrative exists that claims that women do not lie about being raped. The truth however, based on the daily calls and emails that NCFM receives is that narrative is FALSE. The truth however is that there is a pandemic of false allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault that occur daily in our family and criminal courts, college campuses and in our military.

While instances of domestic violence and sexual assault occur, each case must be examined carefully, using sound and unbiased investigative protocols by highly trained professionals.

There are however many cases in which it becomes clear that a case is not valid and rather than considering grant money and notoriety, law enforcement officials and prosecutors must not violate basic due process and constitutional rights of those who are accused. Nor should their decision to thoroughly investigate be based on that next taxpayer grant.

Law firms and attorneys who decide to offer free legal services to victims of domestic violence or sexual assault should conduct a reasonable level of inquiry to determine if those they wish to defend are legitimate victims, otherwise they are further perpetuating a fraud and further victimizing those who have been falsely accused.

In this case, the sheer level of absurdity, the plethora of lies of Ashley Harris, the exculpatory evidence would be recognizable to the janitor at the courthouse, yet here we are, with Mr. Cox now going over five years in a nightmare.

The myth that women do not lie about being raped is as big of a myth as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. The reality is that there exists a pandemic of false allegations of domestic violence and sexual assault. The reality also exists that virtually all judicial officers and political office holders dare not attempt to exercise some attention to this pandemic, lest they become targets of the rape-rape-rape hysterics.

It certainly would be interesting if these law firms would offer pro bono legal services to a male who had been the victim of sexual assault, or to a male who had been falsely accused? Are these law firms receiving some sort of compensation for their services through grants or donations? We do not know and probably never will.

While sexual assaults do happen, those legitimate victims are deserving of all available resources and assistance, the reality is that the ONLY reason for a major law firm to provide pro bono legal services to a false victim of sexual assault, is to protect the false narrative.

Please feel free to download copies of the NCFM complaint and their 66-page public record Brief and review the contents yourself. Please take note that we had to include specific language asking the State Bar to issue a letter to these law firms to refrain from engaging in retaliatory actions or reprisals for the lawful exercise of our 1st Amendment rights. In this exceptionally litigious society, with a host of false narratives that must be protected by any means necessary, it is sad that we have to ask a government oversight body to take steps to prevent retaliatory actions.


The Law Firm of Jones Day,

Family Violence Appellate Project,

Appellate Court Case Summary,

national coalition for men

NCFM Files State Bar Complaint in the Matter of Mariposa Rancher Jerry Cox

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