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NCFM Member John Davis, Esq. – Domestic Violence – Deflating the Stereotypes

March 26, 2021

NCFM NOTE: More doctors and hospitals should be checking to see if male patients are being abused, like they do for women and children. You might consider printing this brief article and meme and taking a copy to your doctor on your next visit. In fact, please do.

Harry Crouch, President


Domestic Violence – Deflating the Stereotypes

nat;ional coalition for menOur mass media has created many false stereotypes about domestic violence in our civilization.

The stereotype is that of a man brutishly using his superior size and strength to physically inflict pain and control on his wife.  This stereotype arose from myths in the dark ages about men and marriage that the mass media has perpetuated in modern culture.

This stereotype has fueled the fortunes of many domestic violence industries in our country that have acquired wealth in the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars for fighting fictional men who “beat their wives.”

Although a few men do use violence against their wives, it is also true, according to modern science, that more women use violence against their husbands and partners than the reciprocal.  In fact, men are the majority of victims of domestic violence according to government studies.  National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, Center For Disease Control, 2010.

NCFM Member John Davis, Esq. – Domestic Violence – Deflating the Stereotypes

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