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NCFM and Marc Angelucci Day

March 30, 2021

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 is our Vice-President’s and beloved friend Marc Angelucci’s 53rd birthday.

Marc was murdered July 11, 2020.

  • Our national board of directors has named March 30 of
    Marc Angelucci

    Loving Life, photo by NCFM Member McCall Jones

    every year, “Marc Angelucci Day” in recognition of Marc’s tireless advocacy for all male victims and Marc’s murder.

  • Our Board honored Marc by choosing July 11 of each year as, “Male Victim’s Day.”
  • We awarded Marc the NCFM Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously.
  • A lifetime achievement award was also given to Marc at the 2019 International Conference on Men’s Issues.
  • We established a Marc Angelucci Memorial Justise Fund and have raised nearly $10,000.
marc angelucci

NCFM Board Members left to right: Steven Svoboda, Fred Sottile, Harry Crouch, Deborah Watkins, Will Hageman, Mark Bates, Marc Angelucci, Ray Blumhorst. Missing are Greg Josefchuk, Angela Daley and Lea Perritt.

For months we have been trying to figure out how to have a face-to-face Celebration of Life for Marc so all who loved him could attend if they could. However, COVID prevented it for many reasons. Regardless, on Marc’s birthday please take a few minutes to remember him. As Ray Blumhorst, one of Marc’s good friends and longtime NCFM Board Member suggested, consider lighting a candle in remembrance.

Marc is dearly missed by many who were fortunate enough to have known him.

He despised the unjust and railed against injustice, especially as they impacted boys and men.

Had he lived, he may have gone down in history as one of the finest civil rights lawyers ever.

His smile was infectious and he attracted others to him like the proverbial bees to honey.

He helped and loved many. In return he was greatly loved, to which testimonials below attest.

I loved Marc Angelucci. I know of no man whose heart and mind was as dedicated to others as Marc ‘s. No human has been more effective in requiring our constitution to make visible the invisible right of boys and men to be neither more nor less disposable than those of women. Warren Farrell, author, The Myth of Male Power

Marc Angelulcci

Fred Hayward, Marc Angelucci, Paul Elam, Cassie Jaye and Harry Crouch at the premier of the Red Pill in Los Angeles

“Dealing with men’s issues can be a dark business. Of all the advocates I’ve known, Marc Angelucci was the one who brought a light with him wherever he went. He shined that way and everyone around him could see it.” Paul Elam, A Voice for Men

Mark was charismatic, passionate, smart, scrupulous, dedicated, brave, selfless…and a lot of fun. It will be a long struggle trying to fill the void he left behind. Frederick Hayward, Founding Member NCFM

“When we met 7 years ago, I never thought he would become such a big part of my life and my heart, but he really became like family to me. Although I’ve met so many wonderful people through making The Red Pill, there’s not very many I see eye-to-eye with 100% of the time, but I could always stand behind Marc 100% of the time. The more I got to know him, the more I realized he was truly an angel on Earth who only had goodness in his heart, was always honorable in the work he did, and he was really the one person that could truly enact legal change on state and federal levels on behalf of men and boys. He won so many cases that few would be willing to touch and fewer would be willing to do pro bono, but he did it because it was the right thing to do. I love you, Marc. I miss you. We will not forget you. Rest in peace, dear friend.” Cassie Jaye, Jaye Productions Producer

Click on the picture to go to Cassie’s tribute page

Mark was charismatic, passionate, smart, scrupulous, dedicated, brave, selfless…and a lot of fun. It will be a long struggle trying to fill the void he left behind. Frederick Hayward, Founding Member NCFM

“Marc had charisma, you felt good being around him. He had a remarkable joy of life and late at night when others were ready to go off to bed, Marc was just getting started. Hanging out with Marc was an adventure and you just tried to keep up. We did karaoke a few times together. I’d always do “King of the Road,” and Marc would always do “Big Balls” by AC/DC… He spoke truth to power. He was dynamic, risk taking, courageous, and we’ll all miss him.” Tim Goldich, NCFM Chapter President

Perhaps not everyone here knows this: The non-profit I founded in 1997 (one year after joining the NCFM board) Is Attorneys for the Rights of the Child. Our primary work is anti-male circumcision though we are opposed to all forms of genital cutting of minors without medical necessity. Marc has done a lot on behalf of this movement. Marc was a board member of ARC for a few years and litigated a case with me on behalf of an adult Armenian man who was wrongfully circumcised. He attended numerous “Bloodstained Men” protests, a very graphic form of activism that I have done myself a few times. He has published lots of letters on the topic and he traveled all over the Pacific coast arranging and attending showings of the “American Circumcision” movie when it came out and was being shown around the country. Steven Svoboda, NCFM PR Director and President of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child.

Marc AngelucciAn unnamed friend in remembrance of Marc purchased a brick in the Butterfly Garden of HOPE in Syracuse, New York.

Please do not be offended if your testimonial is not above or you don’t see a picture that you sent us. We have many of them and you are welcome to send more to We will find a place for them all of them. NCFM is if anything Marc’s heart-felt organization. He cherished NCFM.

Marc Angelucci

September 14, 2019: On behalf of the Board, Marc presented me with a Lifetime Achievement Award. It was Marc’s idea. He worked with the Board to present this at our annual board meeting. I had no clue…Marc elicited wonder through selfless kindness. He’s deeply missed. Harry Crouch, President NCFM

The Marc Angelucci Memorial Justice Fund

The Marc Angelucci Memorial Justice Fund has been established at the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) to honor the memory of Marc Angelucci, longtime men’s rights leader and champion of justice who was tragically murdered on July 11, 2020 at his home in Crestline, California.

Marc’s deep commitment to NCFM—and the advocacy of men’s issues for which NCFM stands—has had a tremendous impact on the lives of men and boys harmed by gender-based discrimination. He was an extraordinary leader at NCFM, where he served as Vice-President and was an active Board Member of NCFM. Marc was a longtime President and Founder of the Los Angeles Chapter of NCFM. Marc worked as a family law attorney and taught law at Pasadena City College. He was admired by his students.

Marc AngelucciMarc’s presentation at our (NCFM’s) 40th Anniversary Conference in San Diego, click on the picture to see it.

Marc Angelucci was truly beloved, with a personality that had a magnetism that many of his friends and colleagues found to be truly magical. Marc was an unbelievably generous man, living on a shoestring despite some personal health challenges so he could donate many millions of dollars of his time to mostly voluntary legal work on behalf of men’s rights and the genuine gender equality that is so badly needed in this country and this world.

Marc compiled a truly legendary set of legal achievements, including recently winning an equal protection case against the Selective Service Administration, overturning male-only draft registration. In 2008, Marc won a landmark appellate case against the State of California (Woods v. Horton) which held it is unconstitutional to exclude male victims of domestic violence from state funding for victim services. Marc also helped draft and enact legislation to stop paternity fraud, served on the California DCSS Paternity Committee, served on the Training Committee of the L.A. County Domestic Violence Council, and testified before the California Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees.

Marc graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and received a law degree from UCLA School of Law in 2000, where he received several public interest awards and founded two student bar associations. While at UCLA, Marc also started a student chapter of NCFM.

Marc joined NCFM as a law student in 1997, after a friend of his was denied domestic violence services because he is male. In 2001, he formed the L.A. chapter of NCFM and served as its president until 2008, during which time NCFM-LA became an active chapter that organized rallies, filed lawsuits and received significant media attention.

Marc was extremely well-spoken and a skilled publicist for men’s issues, appearing on the Phil Donahue show, on Dr. Phil, and in countless other television, radio, and newspaper outlets. Marc published op-ed opinion pieces in the Los Angeles Times and numerous other press outlets, tirelessly speaking out for a fairer, kinder world.

The fund will support the organization’s ability to serve clients and impact the greater community. This mirrors Marc’s commitment to justice, especially for those without legal access. The fund will support a focus on impact litigation, including class action matters, policy advocacy, and system change work such as drafting proposed legislative solutions. Expanding our ability to serve men unable to afford legal representation is part of NCFM’s strategic plan and a vision championed by Marc.


  • We are grateful for gifts of any size and type that honor Marc and support his commitment to justice. All funds are restricted to underwriting the costs of providing legal services.
  • For donations involving donor advised funds, stock gifts, or individual gifts over $10,000, please contact our President, Harry Crouch, at or at (619) 231-1909.
  • Make an online donation (use a hyperlink here)
  • Send donations in check form by mail to:


932 C Street, Suite B

San Diego, CA 92101

We love you Marc…

NCFM and Marc Angelucci Day

5 Responses to NCFM and Marc Angelucci Day

  1. Paul Elam on July 11, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    Rest in peace, Marc. You will always be held dear in our hearts.

    • NCFM on July 11, 2021 at 10:29 AM

      Thank you Paul. Harry

  2. Kevin Robert Hayden on March 31, 2021 at 8:10 PM

    I met him as The Ideology To Inclusion Conference In Sacramento CA. In 2008. Where Erin Pizzey and Don Dutton Were presenters. I was on his class action Against VAWA. Sad he is gone.

  3. Gregory J. Josefchuk on March 30, 2021 at 9:48 AM

    I am honored to have known Marc both as a fellow NCFM board member and that as champion of men’s human rights. Marc was a humble, energetic, deeply passionate, highly-spirited lover of life who truly made those around him feel better just being in his presence. It’s really difficult to explain how an individual can make such a tremendous impact in a person’s life until you personally experience it. But for sure, March Angelucci mad a positive impact in the lives of his family, friends, clients, and even total strangers. Unlike many people today, Marc had an innate ability to listen to all sides of an argument in an attempt to try to find common ground. He could relate to every person who crossed his path and his smile and personal warmth was contagious. I truly regret that I didn’t spend more time with Marc which I would hope is the key takeaway for anyone reading this posting. Life is precious and the time we have on Earth is fleeting so the best way that I can think of to honor and memorialize Marc is by suggesting that we all endeavor to imitate the kindness, love and generosity that Marc so perfectly embodied.

  4. Steven DeLuca on March 30, 2021 at 8:39 AM

    I started working on men’s issues my senior year of high school. I was signing up for the draft. My twin sister was not. Over decades I almost quit. Marc wrote a note to me that was extremely supportive at one of those times … I kept it. He was one great man and I’ll never forget him.

    Two of my brothers committed suicide. I miss Marc as much as I miss them. I was in the military police. Hearing what happened to him brought back bad memories. Seeing a post that it was his birthday was upsetting … I can’t imagine the impact on revise that knew him the best. So much pain – but in ways he is not gone. His love for others remains. His influence remains.

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