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NCFM, Free “Kit” Martin. He’s innocent!

June 21, 2021

NOTE: There is a Free “Kit” Martin Facebook page started by Kit’s family at; or, just click on the picture above. The page already has over 900 members! The family has asked to hold off on donations until it can be decided how best to collect them, probably through a GoFundMe type page, which will probably be managed by one of Kit’s attorneys. They’ve asked that all other fundraising efforts be stopped until then. We will provide additional information as we get it.


On Thursday June 17, 2021, after a 2 ½ week trial in Hardin County Kentucky, NCFM Member Christian ‘Kit’ Martin was wrongly convicted of arson, burglary, tampering with evidence and murdering Calvin & Pam Phillips and neighbor Ed Dansereau.

Court TV covered the trial from start to finish. Thousands of people across the country followed the trial and commented on social media. A few of the comments at our website, (type Kit Martin in the search engine) are inserted in this article. No less than 80% of viewers and the majority of Court TV attorney commentators believe Kit is innocent.

“This has been a most disturbing outcome of any trial I have ever watched! Jody Arias was a shock but I felt like I had been sucker punched with Kit’s verdict!” K.M.

Exactly. Kit’s trial smacks of politics, misfeasance, incompetence, misconduct, dishonesty, malpractice, maybe even cronyism, outright lies by prosecution witnesses, and even corruption. And, it’s important to remember that Kit was looked at closely when the murders occurred, three and one half years before he was arrested. There was no evidence to tie him to the murders. No witnesses. No DNA. No anything. Moreover, his wife, step-daughter and step-son all testified under oath that he was home with them.

In a hearing before trial, Judge John Atkins denied a defense motion to dismiss the charges due to the political theater initiated by then Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, who was running for Governor. Kit was indicted 11 days before the primary election. Beshear was polling neck and neck with two other candidates, including the current governor. Kit was a commercial airline pilot. Adding to the political folly, a heavily armed arrest team with a television camera crew in tow arrested Kit in the airport terminal waiting area full of people ready to board the plane he was about to pilot. Clearly a publicity stunt. Beshear, the tough on crime candidate, needed a win, a big one. An arrest in a salacious triple murder case might do the trick… Beshear squeaked by in the primary and subsequently was elected governor by .04 percentage points.

Subsequently, we learned that Lt. Scott Smith, an involved detective with the Christian County Sheriff’s department, misled the grand jury, we believe intentionally; that is, he lied, committed perjury. The defense rightly asked that the case be dismissed, which Judge Atkins also denied. Without Scott’s false testimony Kit would not have been indicted, had to stand trial, and been convicted, be in jail pending sentencing or be facing life in prison without parole.

Calvin was found murdered in his home. Police and forensic examiners twice scoured the house for evidence. Nothing was found tying Kit to the murder. Yet, five months later, Calvin’s sister, Diane, miraculously found a shell casing on the back porch. Understandably, the police were concerned the shell casing may have been planted. They asked Diane to take a polygraph exam, which she apparently failed. Mind you, it was the state not the defense that asked for the polygraph – the police, not Kit’s legal team. Judge Atkins allowed in as evidence the shell casing, the relatives testimony about finding it, but not the polygraph results that ostensibly showed she was lying. The jury had no clue.

At trial, prosecutors theorized Kit carried out a “precision military operation” because he went to Army Ranger School. Police confiscated the security videos from Kit’s home. The prosecution argued that the video, in part, confirmed Kit’s military intelligence and involvement in Calvin’s murder. But, the video had been manipulated to favor the prosecution. It showed Kit leaving and returning to the rear of his house, apparently to walk across the street to murder Calvin. However, under cross examination, Kit’s attorneys destroyed the argument while questioning investigating officer Detective Smith, who appeared rattled and attempted to deflect his involvement in the deception.

Judge Atkins allowed hearsay testimony by the prosecution, but not the defense. Three witnesses were allowed to testify that Calvin told each one of them that if anything happened to him to look at Kit. Yet prosecution witnesses were not allowed to tell the jury what they heard from other people, not even direct testimony about what was said directly to them. Other people like Joan Harmon, Kit’s bigamist ex-wife, who we believe orchestrated the murders and reportedly said self-incriminating things after the murders. Those witnesses could have given direct testimony about Joan’s behavior just after the murders, including comments she made that the jury would have found probative.

Two of those prosecution witnesses who provided testimony were later proved to have lied when one person’s fabrications were refuted by forensic electronic phone records, and another was refuted by defense witness testimony supported by phone records.

Another probable suspect, Joan Harmon’s live-in boyfriend at the time, Williams Stokes, is the brother of Sergeant Ed Stokes of the Sheriff’s Department. Ed stokes testified that while at the house scene, he was ordered by superiors to remove himself from the investigation due to a possible conflict. Who told Ed to leave? How did they know there may have been a conflict?

William Stokes apparently avoided several attempts to serve him with a defense subpoena. So, he did not testify either. What are Joan and William Stokes hiding? Did William act in concert with Joan, pull the triggers, help move the bodies, attempt to burn down Cal and Pam’s house and set fire to the car in which were found the burnt beyond recognition bodies of Pam and Ed Dansereau, all because William was infatuated with manipulative Harmon?

Another Stokes brother, Dorris Ray, a firefighter, was a first responder to the car fire. How was it in a county with 50 or so volunteer firefighters that another Stokes brother would be one of three volunteer firefighters who first appeared on the second murder scene? Coincidence?

“We agree and believe both should have been more closely looked at by the police and DA. We have always wondered about the cozy relationship between Joan and the Stokes.” G.C.

Kit’s defense lawyers subpoenaed both Joan Harmon and her son Elijah, and it appeared from the prosecution’s protests, even they wanted Joan to testify. However, something extraordinary happened. Judge Atkins ordered the jury removed from the courtroom, an unknown attorney or attorneys representing Joan and Elijah called the court, and the call was put on speaker phone. Harmon and Elijah had been counseled to invoke their 5th Amendment Right not to testify because they might incriminate themselves. Usually, in such situations witnesses still have to come to court, be sworn in, be questioned by attorneys, then claim the 5th to each question asked, one after another. Judge Atkins ruled that they did not have to come to court at all, be sworn in in front of the jury and be given the opportunity to take the 5th question by question. He also prohibited any discussion of his order before the jury. So the jury never knew.

Judge Atkins allowed highly questionable, if not planted, evidence with no chain of custody. He severely restricted defense efforts to introduce evidence and testimony of the true nature of the character and history of lies and manipulations of Joan Harmon.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony of countless lies Joan Harmon told military authorities in her quest for revenge against Kit.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony that Joan Harmon told everyone in the neighborhood and military prosecutors that the father of her son EJ, had been decapitated in a logging accident before EJ was born. Defense investigators located EJ’s father, Michael Atkins in Oregon, his head still attached, obtained a recorded statement and even facilitated a recorded interview with military prosecutor Major Jacob Bashore. Atkins spoke candidly about the endless stream of lies told by Joan and that she fled Oregon shortly after the birth of EJ and while he searched for a while, he was never able to find them. At the conclusion of the recorded interview, Major Bashore asked Atkins if he had anything else to add. Atkins response, “what can I tell you, she’s the devil.”

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or evidence of convicted bigamist Joan telling the entire neighborhood and military authorities that her real husband, Carlos Guerra, who she claimed she had divorced, was a Guatemalan Special Forces soldier who specialized in killing people with a knife. No, again not true. Defense investigators located him in Tennessee where he worked as a forklift driver in a chicken plant. A far cry from a highly trained Guatemalan assassin.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or the recorded interview with Joan’s sister in California where she stated that while growing up, Joan was a frequent runaway, a heavy drug user, a commensurate liar, sometimes lying just to lie, and once falsely accused her own father of molesting her.

Jurors were never able to hear testimony from at least two defense witnesses, uninvolved third parties, in two different scenarios and locations, where they accidentally walked in while Cal Phillips and Joan Harmon were naked and having sex.

Jurors were never able to hear testimony from neighbors that Pam Phillips confided in them that she was deeply hurt by Cal’s philandering, having extra-marital sexual affairs with multiple women, including Joan. The judge allowed hearsay testimony by the prosecution but not the defense.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or see evidence of the true nature of the circumstances leading up to the highly questionable allegation that Kit Martin had mishandled classified information, nor did they hear that after a six-month investigation by Army counterintelligence and a four-hour polygraph that Kit Martin passed, that they concluded that the whole laptop/classified information debacle was a big nothing burger.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or see evidence that the photographs depicting abuse which led to one of the charges Kit was convicted of in the court martial, and the time of the photographs actually had been altered by Joan Harmon, which was validated by the Army’s own crime lab forensic report.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or see official filed complaints to the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General, nor the state bar complaints involving military prosecutors for their unethical and unlawful conduct, nor did the jurors hear about a special hearing in the court martial proceedings regarding prosecutorial misconduct.

Jurors were never allowed to hear testimony or even see the defense’s motion to dismiss due to the political theater of then Attorney General Andy Beshear.

“I don’t know Chris Martin or his family, but I feel I do a little now. He has not been treated fairly at ALL. No evidence and he gets life with no parole. Really!! Who is running the Courthouse… I will pray Kentucky will do the right thing and go after the person that did it.” Pam M.

At least two prosecution witnesses appear to have committed perjury. One witness said he saw Kit near the murder scene of Pam and Ed Dansereau. Phone records provided by the prosecution conclusively proved otherwise. Forensic examination of phone records further confirmed Kit was not anywhere near Pam and Ed Dansereau when they were murdered as alleged by the prosecution.

These are just a small sampling of some of the truths that have been kept hidden and/or suppressed that the jurors did not hear. Jurors were allowed to hear only a small sampling of facts favoring Kit. Regardless, that sampling was more than sufficient to cause a correct verdict of innocent or not guilty by reasonable doubt.

In sum, there was no valid evidence tying Kit to any of the murders. None. There was however all the above, which without question raises reasonable doubt. Had Judge Atkins allowed the defense to put on the evidence favorable to kit he would have never been convicted? Never… Not even by this jury.

“I cannot believe that not one out of twelve people found reasonable doubt, it’s beyond unbelievable, here’s a man who fought for our freedom for 30 years, and we take away his. I don’t for one minute believe he is guilty…” Peggie Ann

“Here in the UK, we don’t get to see trials live on TV, so watching Court TV over the past few months has been fascinating. Seeing live the “American system of Justice” in action has been a revelation. Until, of course, we watched the Kit Martin case and saw the “American System of Justice” unravel and produce, what seems to us, a miscarriage of justice of horrible proportions. I had honestly expected the jury to be back within the hour with a unanimous not-guilty verdict. The hugely suspicious discovery of a shell casing, a failed polygraph test, the downright ridiculous business of the dog-tag left at the scene of this supposed “military operation’ – why didn’t someone just spray paint saying, ‘Kit Martin was here’ at the scene. It would have made every bit as much sense! And as for a key figure having the victim’s phone and being allowed not only to plead the 5th (acceptable) but not have to do it in front of the jury (totally unacceptable) – words fail me! In the UK, the jury is allowed, not only to hear defendants / witnesses say “No comment” but, if they wish, to take their silence into account when they assess the evidence. I hope that Kit Martin’s defence team are successful in their appeal and that the case is kept in the forefront of public thinking and does not become just a sad memory. Only constant media will scrutiny and publicity will do that, I believe. As Christians, we work with prisoners in the UK, building relationships etc., and we occasionally come across horrible miscarriages of justice and, if they are not challenged and fought against, they can destroy whole families. I sympathise with the victim’s families, of course, but my heart goes out to Kit Martin, his friends and his family. We shall continue to pray into the whole situation. May true justice prevail and quickly.” Allan K.

“Kentucky should make an effort to find out who actually committed the murders…” Pam M.

We agree, and will continue to support our good friend Kit and his wonderful family in any and all ways possible. The System abused them all.

Harry Crouch
President, NCFM

national coalition for men

NCFM, Free “Kit” Martin. He’s innocent!

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3 Responses to NCFM, Free “Kit” Martin. He’s innocent!

  1. Jo Weeks on July 8, 2021 at 10:02 PM

    There is no justice in finding KIT Martin guilty. No evidence linking him to this crime. This man needs to be free. He is innocent.

  2. Kathy O’Brien on July 7, 2021 at 8:58 PM


  3. Maureen horner on June 22, 2021 at 1:06 AM

    I am so glad everybody is getting behind kit this is such a travesty of justice and the real killers need to be brought to justice

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