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NCFM Board Member Ray Blumhorst, July is Male Victim’s Month

July 10, 2021

Marc AngelucciNCFM NOTE: Thanks to NCFM Board Member Ray Blumhorst, for our dearest friend Marc Angelucci, we deem July “Male Victim’s Month”. We ask that you join us in honoring him and all other victimized men each and every July. Ray is the sitting down, brown hair and white beard in the fourth picture from the bottom on the left-hand side. Thank you, Mr. Blumhorst. Harry Crouch, President


July is Male Victim’s Month
By: Ray Blumhorst

The political landscape is littered with something special month here and something special month there, many with no regard for the well being of males specifically so it’s doubtful many would care to celebrate another something special month, especially if it recognizes things that disparately affect males in horribly negative ways.

Well frankly, I don’t give a damn and have decided I’m not just going to recognize Male Victim’s Day on July 11th, the day NCFM Vice President, Marc Angelucci was murdered in 2020, I’m going to recognize the whole month of July as Male Victim’s Month in honor of my dear friend, one of the finest human beings I’ve ever known on this earth. Yes, Male Victim’s Month will recognize him and all the other males who are victimized by the crime of having been born male.

In my youth, I spent too many months (21) on an amphibious assault ship in the waters of southeast Asia and saw a number of things shocking to my youthful sensibilities, but nothing there, or anywhere else in my life, has touched me to the core of my ability to comprehend the waste of human life as deeply as the death of Marc Angelucci. I still carry a sense of utter disbelief that such a vulgar waste of a precious life could occur and probably will until the day I die.

In my time in Southeast Asia, I frequently heard Marines tell each other, “Get tough or die.” Well, they certainly did plenty of both, but I’m old now and I guess I’ve gotten soft, or at least softer than I was then, because I’m tired of taking the horrors of being male like we are told a man should take them. No, damn it, let’s just stop making males the disposable sex, and let’s start by recognizing all the sexist (misandrist) ways that males are victimized in their lives, all the ways society institutionalizes that, all the ways society is just fine with male victimization and disposability.

Males are roughly: 76% of homicides, 80% of suicides, 99% of military deaths, 74% of industrial deaths – some of the most glaring areas of male disposability. Males disproportionately make up the vast majority of the homeless population. Also, males have long been ignored as the victims of domestic violence that they often are at the hands of their female wives or partners. Marc Angelucci proved the misandrist unconstitutionality of California’s domestic violence laws in his win in appellate court in Sacramento in 2008.1 Title IX witch-hunts on college and university campuses has been another area where men have been victimized, and there are other areas beyond the ones I’ve mentioned. If all those areas of discrimination were happening to the female sex, the outrage would be so great that doors would be pounded down in legislative halls with calls to remedy the unfairness and abuse.

It is long past due that male victims are recognized, cared about, and remedies found for all the ways that males are discriminated against, abused, and victimized in American society.

1Woods v. Shewry, Oct. 14, 2008, California Court of Appeal


Use our search engine at the top of any page to read more about our friend Marc Angelucci.

national coalition for men

NCFM Board Member Ray Blumhorst, July is Male Victim’s Month

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One Response to NCFM Board Member Ray Blumhorst, July is Male Victim’s Month

  1. Gregory Josefchuk on July 11, 2021 at 5:11 PM

    Today is the one year anniversary of the murder of Marc Angelucci our beloved brother and former VP of NCFM. Marc was one of the kindest, joyful and gentlest soul’s that walked the face of the earth. His smile and laughter was infectious, his generosity legendary and his love for life infinite. Please offer up prayers for Marc, his family and his dear friends who are still mourning the loss of this great man.

    Thank you Ray for devoting an entire month to male victims, it is a worthy tribute to our brother Marc and his zeal for justice.

    Rest In Peace our brother! #MarcAngelucci

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