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NCFM PRESS RELEASE: Amber Heard Behind Closed Doors  

June 9, 2022

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national coalition for men




 Contact NCFM Women Against False Accusations, Lori Debolt – (630) 882-9527,; or Steven Svoboda, NCFM PR Director, at (510)-8275-771,


Amber Heard Behind Closed Doors   

Malicious false accusers need to be held criminally accountable and go to jail.

Celebrities Johnny Depp, mega-mogul Elon Musk, US Senator Al Franken, golfer Tiger Woods, comedian Christopher Titus, model Lewis Burton, baseball player Chuck Finley and John Bobbitt along with tens of thousands of other men suffer from female accusations.

Absent any proof or evidence, any woman can point an accusatory finger at any man and do extraordinary damage to his career, reputation, family, finances and future. Such women can cause imprisonment and even suicide of their targets.

Given the incitement to “#BelieveWomen,” all women wield that weapon, and all men are vulnerable to it. 

All men are not bad, and all women are not good; and the notion that all women are powerless victims is phantastic.

Proof of women’s power (and not always benevolent intentions) is clearly demonstrated in Amber Heard’s ill-treatment of Johnny Depp. And, if you’re not a rich and powerful man like Johnny Depp you don’t stand a chance against such cruel accusations.

Similarly, guilty or not, it appears a politically motivated third party with no firsthand knowledge of an alleged incident of sexual impropriety wagged a dirty finger at Musk, who may have been extorted.

We need prosecutors with the courage to charge and indict malicious false accusers, all of whom need to be held accountable and suffer serious consequences, just like their victims.

We need more Johnny Depp/Amber Heard like scandals televised for all to see. No longer a he said, she said without proof and evidence. But, an opportunity to see behind closed doors and sort fact from fiction in pursuit of truth and justice.

Malicious false accusers need to be held criminally accountable and go to jail. If Amber Heard maliciously accused Johnny Depp, will she soon be behind bars? If so, the possibility of prosecution appears nil based on the historical treatment of false accusations.

Over a year ago, as a counter measure to such hurtful accusations, NCFM started our chapter Women Against False Accusations.

This September, join us for a rally in Washington D.C. Stand up for what’s right. Let them hear your voice.

To help more, donate or join NCFM.

For more information and to get involved, please visit our website: 

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Contact: Lori Debolt – (630) 882-9527 –

Also see the article: NCFM Contributor Steven Bond, An Imagined Rebuttal to Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post Column | National Coalition For Men (NCFM)

220608 NCFM Press Release Johnny Depp FINAL FINAL

PDF printable copy:

national coalition for men

Amber Heard Behind Closed Doors  


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