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NCFM Vice-President and President of NCFM Chicago, Barbie Movie

July 29, 2023

barbie movie

While it’s sad to see feminist supremacy and hatred of men raised to such extremes, I must confess to a certain satisfaction in all this. Some of us have been struggling since the 1970s to raise awareness of feminism’s shadow side. For decades we’ve been sounding the alarm and for decades we’ve been dismissed, reviled, rejected, laughed at, scorned and subjected to insult. I was among those who, for decades, struggled, and failed, to get the word misandry entered into dictionaries.

Having the rare ability to see female power and male victimization (the OTHER half of gender reality) has been a little like seeing ghosts that others could not (or would not) see.

So, it’s with some gratification that the recent spate of Woke films culminating in the Barbie Movie have made feminism’s man-hating agenda so overwhelmingly blatantly obvious that we few are no longer the only ones capable of seeing it. While most establishment commentators remain staunchly feminist, I note that several mainstream voices have spoken out—some actually use the word misandry!

Not that it’s hurt Barbie any at the box-office! Misandry sells; it always has. And yet movie goers have given Barbie as many 1-star reviews as 5-star reviews averaging just 3 out of 5 stars—pretty poor really. It’s being touted as a mega success on all levels, but maybe it has taken the feminist message one-step too far.

The Barbie Movie counts on a massively indoctrinated and conditioned public to accept a world where the feminine is everything and the masculine is nothing as “idyllic.” After 50+ years of feminist ideological dictatorship, the mainstream is all too receptive to a “real” world in which your average irredeemable animal male just goes right up and smack grabs a woman on the ass—in public, in broad daylight, with no consequence—as if this were representative of reality. But feminism’s male heaven/female hell is as imaginary as Barbie’s world.

In Feminism World there is only male power and female victimization. “This is a movie that acknowledges Barbie’s unrealistic physical proportions—and the kinds of very real body issues they can cause in young girls.” And, this is a movie that ignores the human growth hormone and steroid abuse that the unrealistic GI Joe physique can cause. It’s a movie made from the politicized female perspective that sees only its HALF of gender reality. It can only see “the secretary;” not the man dangling on scaffolding 300′ in the air in order to clean her window. In Feminism World, women less-respected is a global obsession to be LOUDLY protested while men less-loved doesn’t rate a whisper. In the real world, men suffer comparison with women in virtually every measure of wellbeing, but in Feminism World there is only “ManBad: the over-empowered oppressor/WomanGood: the innocent victim,” and women’s RIGHTEOUS protest.

Is it possible that Barbie et al, have rendered feminism’s shadow, its one-sidedness, and misandry so spectacularly obvious that we few are no longer the only ones capable of seeing it? Regarding Barbie, “Why does empowering women have to be about trashing men?” asks Piers Morgan. Hey, if after fifty years of relentless male-bashing it takes the Barbie Movie to FINALLY goad a chivalrous feminist like Piers Morgan to ask that question, then I say bring it on Woke Hollywood! Reveal feminine-ism in block letters a hundred feet tall. Make its aspirations to supremacy; its resentment, revenge, and self-righteousness; its false one-sidedness; its family-destroying nihilism; its heterophobia; its misandry toward men/condescension toward women so OBVIOUS that the mainstream might finally, FINALLY become able to SEE it.

– Tim Goldich

See also video by Erik Kain:

national coalition for men

NCFM Vice-President and President of NCFM Chicago, Barbie Movie

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