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NCFM Guest P.D., Jay V. Shore, Certified ADA Advocate, Enough with the Blatant Misandry – THE NON-MISANDRIST POWER AND CONTROL WHEEL

August 17, 2023

NCFM NOTE: Mr. Shore’s subscription page shows “ADA RIGHTS (I have Lalochezia) Your questionable source for mental enemas”. According to “(lal’ō-kē’zē-ă), is the Emotional discharge gained by uttering indecent or filthy words. Beware, the following article clearly demonstrates that. If you are easily offended by colorful words you may wish to turn back now. However, Mr. Shore’s colorful disdain for the Duluth Power and Control Wheel and it’s laughing all the way to the bank misandrist adherents’ are right on the money. They have done more harm to our culture and society than can clearly be imagined…and it’s not over.


Jun 15, 2023

In 2018, I attended a DV/SV Survivor Rights Advocacy certification course at National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) in Portland Oregon. Meg Garvin and her crew presented how women were victims of domestic and sexual violence, and there was a very minimal ham-handed mention that it “could” happen to men, but it was rare. I was incensed.

This group of women at NCVLI had no answers and could not remediate why the Duluth Power and Control wheel was sexist and misandrist. It’s pissed me off for years, and since it’s inception, it has painted men as the perpetrators and women as the victims, without any wiggle room for balance. AT ALL.

I filed a complaint, and even a Title IX complaint with Lewis and Clark law school (NCVLI’s associated accredited entity), and nothing was done.

I wrote The Duluth Model people and nothing was done. So, today, all these years later, seeing how this misandrist construct has so NEGATIVELY impacted men, keeping them in silence, gaslighting them, acting as if they don’t exist, today, I’m fixing this shit under FAIR USE and criticism of TWO sexist, bigoted, and misandrist organizations – NCVLI and

About Women.

I help women and men fight battles and what I’m noticing over the last almost 6 years, is that men have GUILT associated with saying “I’ve been abused.” There is a deep shame attached to the experiences of men in domestic abuse and even sexual abuse, and this article is NOT going to be filled with my attempts to make sure women know I’m not against them. If I haven’t proven this, well, fuck off.

This is my article to say that MEN need to have a voice, and even though I now identify as a toxic masculine lesbian beige woman of color, I SUPPORT MEN HAVING A VOICE.


Today I went to site, to get a copy of the wheel to modify it to be non-misandrist. Here’s how that went.


At first, I wanted to use and adapt “their” wheel. That quickly changed, however, when I saw this after clicking “Next” above.

They don’t even want it gender neutral. They want it specifically mentioning over 30 times that women (only) are victims. Then they have the gall to say “We don’t see women battering male partners at anywhere near the rate that men do toward women.”

Well, when you tell men they can’t have a voice, you won’t hear their complaints. It’s no wonder “you don’t see” what you demand to be erased. If there ever was a contrived case of confirmation bias, this statement by is it.

And today, I exercise my free speech rights to operate under fair use and criticize open misandrist bigoted hatred towards men. The Power and Control wheel is just one side of the coin. And it’s old, tarnished, and worthless without the balance of the other side of the coin. So, I fixed it. Understand this is NOT a Power and Control wheel. No, no, no. This is a NON-MISANDRIST Power and Control Wheel. Feel free to use this to show that #MenToo are victims of domestic, sexual, and physical violence.



To … My middle finger is firmly extended to your hate.


national coalition for men

NCFM Guest P.D., Jay V. Shore, Certified ADA Advocate, Enough with the Blatant Misandry – THE NON-MISANDRIST POWER AND CONTROL WHEEL

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