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NCFM Member ‘Kit’ Martin Denied Appeal by the Kentucky Supreme Court

October 30, 2023

October 29, 2023


On October 26, 2023, the Kentucky Supreme Court released their decision in the wrongful murder conviction of Christian ‘Kit’ Martin.

Kit Martin

Go to the link to read and download the entire 45-page decision.

Justices Nickell and Conley dissented and opined that Martin was deserving of a re-trial citing evidentiary errors.Kit MartinThe dissenting opinion by Justice Nickells begins at page 39 through 45.Kit MartinAt this point, it is unknown what additional legal or appellate options are available to Kit.

What we do know is that Martin’s fraudulent indictment and wrongful conviction are a result of criminal corruption at many levels, and in particular is the criminal corruption of the lead detective in the case, Christian County Sheriff’s Department Leonard Scott Smith who INTENTIONALLY LIED TO THE GRAND JURY.

Leonard Scott SmithNCFM has not released this information as of yet, however NCFM issued several Public Records Act Requests to the Christian County Sheriff’s Department concerning the multiple acts of PERJURY committed by Smith before the Grand Jury.

NCFM will release certain documents at the appropriate time, but on August 5, 2022, NCFM filed an open records act request with the Christian County Sheriff’s Department.

Kit MartinOne of the nearly two dozen requested pieces of information was this.

Kit MartinConsequently, as expected, the sheriff’s department denied any wrongdoing, so in response, we pointed out several areas in the public record Grand Jury transcript where Smith intentionally lied.

Kit MartinIn NCFM’s response to major… Newby, we pointed out just one of the many examples where LT Smith committed PERJURY.

Kit MartinAs is reflected by NCFM’s correspondence, all public record act requests and responses were sent via electronic mail so an electronic record can be tracked and verified.

Since Martin’s wrongful conviction, a number of various social media groups have formed and countless persons have either expressed their disbelief that Martin was actually convicted, or some local residents that have bravely shared damning information as to collateral misconduct and criminal corruption in Christian County that has been invaluable.

It is incredulous that with the vast amount of provable criminal corruption in this case, that there is not one ethical public official who has made any decision to ask for a federal public corruption probe of the railroading of Christian ‘Kit’ Martin.  A corruption probe to include participating investigators AND prosecutors.  More on the prosecutors at a later time.

Christian County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant Leonard Scott Smith is just one of many who actually should be behind bars in this case.

A note to Sheriff Tyler DeArmond:  At some point in time, all of this ‘dirt’ will come out and be exposed.  If you fail to act immediately, then you have become complicit.

Just as we all have seen in so many cases, the layers or the rotten onion are being pulled away.

NCFM welcomes readers to reach out to Sheriff DeArmond to express their dissatisfaction with the manner in which the sheriff’s department has conducted their investigation, in which the ONLY alternative at this point to is demand a federal corruption probe.  As always, be polite and respectful in any communications, and refrain from abrasive language.

Kit Martinnational coalition for men

NCFM Member ‘Kit’ Martin Denied Appeal by the Kentucky Supreme Court


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3 Responses to NCFM Member ‘Kit’ Martin Denied Appeal by the Kentucky Supreme Court

  1. Gregory Davis on April 13, 2024 at 3:22 PM

    I just watched the episode of Dateline about this story. I would really like to know What the hell an American can do to help a man like this that was so unfairly and unjustly prosecuted for this crime. I didn’t hear one piece of evidence that I would consider beyond a reasonable doubt presented to convict him. My personal opinion is that the Jury should be put in jail for listening to this evidence and coming up with a guilty verdict.

    • NCFM on April 14, 2024 at 9:51 AM


      We and many others agree. Kit was framed. Kentucky is corrupt politically. Provincial. Regardless, we have never abandoned Kit and are still working toward his freedom. He will prevail. And, those responsible will be found…

  2. Stacey Stone on October 30, 2023 at 11:31 PM

    Thank you so much for supporting an innocent American Hero. I have known him for more than 30 years. His integrity is unsurpassed.

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