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NCFM Kenya Liaison Kennedy Owino continues his fight against forced circumcisions in Africa

December 16, 2023

Intact Kenya

NCFM NOTE: NCFM has financially supported Mr. Owino’s work in Africa for several years. He is committed to his cause, does excellent work, and we are very pleased he is one of our Liaisons’. Additional information follows Mr. Owino’s article.


Intact Kenya visited Anyuola Radio station in Migori Town, Migori County in Kenya on Friday 1st December 2023 for the usual campaign against male genital mutilation popularly known as Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) that has been flaunted to the gullible masses with the false promise that it reduces chances of contracting HIV/AIDS, helps in preventing cervical cancer,  promotes hygiene among other baseless reasons that have no scientific proof.

We went on air at a few minutes after 9:30 pm and during the presentation, we took the listeners through the lies surrounding massive promotion of circumcision of male babies, teenagers, and adults.

nat;ional coalition for menAfter about an hour, listeners were given the opportunity to send texts or make phone calls to give their views. Majority of them commended us for the good job of teaching them the truth which has been hidden from people for a very long time. They agreed with us that the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the region can only be curbed through strict adherence in the ABCs which is Abstinence,  Being Faithful and Consistent Condom Use. Circumcision is not as effective as condom use which offers at least 95% protection against STIs.

Some listeners lamented on the short duration the show has been taking on air. They suggested that the show needs to run regularly either on a weekly basis or monthly basis until such a time when circumcision will have been eradicated completely from the region. Others proposed that the program should begin early enough by 7:00pm Kenyan time to run longer than before.

Other listeners proposed that we should move to schools and across villages to educate learners and teachers about the harmful effects of circumcision as there are those who do not listen to radios or did not listen to our program at that time. This, they said would make the information given on stopping circumcision be spread wider and faster.

As usual, we could not miss to have listeners who had gone for circumcision or offered their children to be circumcised but now regrets after having listened to the information we shared over the radio station on that day.

A young woman called to inform us that she is not pleased by some doctors and nurses in the local hospitals who forcefully circumcise newborn babies. She said that the nurses and doctors ensure that all male babies born in those hospitals must be circumcised before leaving the hospitals.

In responding to some of the concerns raised that night and recommendations, Intact Kenya informed the listeners that the time will be adjusted in the next radio show.  We also promised to necessitate legal action against any doctor or nurse who forcefully circumcises a newborn baby. Funds may not be enough to move to all schools and villages, but with the little received, we’ll try to move to some schools and educate teachers,  learners and parents.

It is also worth noting that this live-on-air radio talk show was aired live by Anyuola Radio on their Facebook page.

Kennedy Owino

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Taken from various searches using Bing Copilot.

Intact Kenya is a chapter of Saving Our Sons and The Intact Network. It is a community in Kenya that shares research-based information on circumcision. Their mission is to raise awareness that all sexes have equal rights to their own bodies and advocate for fully informed consent for adult men seeking circumcision. They also aim to create awareness that children have rights and deserve protection. You can find more information about Intact Kenya on their Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) is a one-time preventive measure that reduces by about 60% the risk of heterosexual transmission of HIV from women to men, in settings of high HIV prevalence among the general population. VMMC is recommended by WHO and UNAIDS as an HIV prevention intervention in 15 eastern and southern African countries, where about half of all new HIV infections occurred.

Since 2007, more than 27 million VMMC procedures have been performed in these countries, averting some 250 000 infections. VMMC is provided as a package of prevention services, including safer sex education, condom provision, HIV testing, and management of sexually transmitted infections=. VMMC is also a gateway to improved male health and well-being, as it can prevent other conditions such as phimosis, balanitis, and penile cancer.

Voluntary medical male circumcision for HIV prevention: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision : Nearly 23 million voluntary male medical circumcisions in Africa … – WHO 4: Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision | AVAC : Scaling up voluntary medical male circumcision for impact

The foreskin industry is a complex and controversial topic, involving the use of neonate foreskins for various purposes. Here are some key points about how money is made from the sale of severed foreskins:

  1. Bio-Engineering and Cosmetics Industries:
  2. Ethical Dilemma:

In summary, the foreskin industry operates behind the scenes, turning neonate foreskins into valuable products, but it raises ethical questions about consent and profit from human tissue.

In 2013, CAN-FAP made headlines for protesting Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement of an anti-aging cream that they say was developed with skin cells harvested from baby foreskin.

Bill and Melinda Gates have been involved in funding male circumcision programs in African countries as part of efforts to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS. However, this involvement has been met with controversy and protests by foreskin advocates.

The Canadian Foreskin Awareness Project (CAN-FAP) has been particularly critical of the Gates Foundation’s funding for circumcision. They claim that male circumcision is “dangerously misguided” and that it will result in tens of millions of unnecessary circumcisions. CAN-FAP has even dubbed Bill Gates as “Foreskin Enemy #1” due to his significant funding for circumcision programs .

While the World Health Organization research suggests that male circumcision can reduce HIV transmission by about 60%, CAN-FAP questions its effectiveness and emphasizes the importance of education over what they consider “mutilation” . They argue that circumcision may give false confidence and that HIV prevention should focus on safe sex practices rather than surgical interventions .

Despite the controversy, the Gates Foundation continues to actively donate millions to advance HIV/AIDS research and treatment, including efforts to develop an HIV vaccine and promote safer sexual practices . Their funding aims to address a global health challenge, but it remains a topic of debate within the foreskin advocacy community.

national coalition for men

NCFM Kenya Liaison Kennedy Owino continues his fight against forced circumcisions in Africa

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