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NCFM Ethiopian Liaison Abel Dereje, Conscription – It Should Never Happen

January 19, 2024

The Ethiopian government was at war from November 2020 to November 2022 with a political party called the “TPLF” (The Tigray People’s Liberation Front).  Over a million people—mostly men and boys—died, many of them conscripted by both the government and the rebels.

Men were prevented from escaping the war in the Dese and Kombolcha regions and forced into military service.  Only women and children were allowed to pass the check points.

Able Dereje

After that war ended, another war broke out between the Ethiopian government and the armed youth militia Fano, ostensibly because Fano refused to give up their weapons. After a year of intense fighting both sides suffered serious losses. The Government began kidnapping and forcing men to fight against their will.

Men do not go out in the streets now, especially at night, fearful of being kidnapped by agents while women freely walk about because they know they will not be shanghaied.

This situation is very disturbing, the fear of which has undoubtedly caused suicide.

Some accept such disposability. Just because you are male you are expected to sacrifice your family, freedom, work, dreams, limbs, and life. Not me.  I will strenuously oppose conscription to my last breath.  I am not disposable.

Conscription should be gender inclusive. Moreover, it should never happen.

Abel Dereje

NCFM Liaison, Ethiopia

national coalition for men

NCFM Ethiopian Liaison Abel Dereje, Conscription – It Should Never Happen

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