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NCFM Supports Gunnar Kunz and Gender Empathy Pay Gap Day

January 18, 2024


My name is Gunnar Kunz, and I have been working on men’s and boys’ issues in Germany for many years. In this context, I initiated the “Gender Empathy Gap Day” in 2018, because I am convinced that the lack of empathy towards men is the core of today’s misandry. This day takes place every year on July 11th. You can find the reason here (in English): (may have to click on the Translate button).

My hope is that we can all commemorate this day internationally and I was glad that in recent years the idea has been supported by Mike Buchanan, Janice Fiamengo, Harry Crouch and Warren Farrell.

NCFMFor the year 2024, I had the idea that on July 11th worldwide men’s rights groups and individuals would commemorate the day with articles (preferably in your own language plus translated into English) and / or films, actions or whatever you like, and I would very much welcome your participation.

The topics are numerous: the lower life expectancy of men, fatal accidents at work, homelessness, violence against men, exclusion of fathers, genital mutilation, false accusations, quota regulations, compulsory military service, contempt for men in the media, double standards in the judical system, everyday sexism, discrimination against boys at school, discrimination in laws, cuckhold fathers, contempt for men in advertising and much more.

We may also organize a worldwide video conference for all those who wish to participate (of course, it is also possible to make only a contribution to the actual campaign without participating in a video conference).

Please let me know by March 1 at the latest whether you would like to take part, so that

I can coordinate the campaign appropriately. Thank you very much!


Kind regards

Gunnar (from Berlin, Germany)

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NCFM Supports Gunnar Kunz and Gender Empathy Pay Gap Day

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