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TRANSITIONS – Journal of Men’s Perspectives, the oldest Men’s Rights journal in existence

First published in November 1981, the Journal of Men’s Perspectives – Transitions is the longest running men’s rights journal in America.

Transitions’ complete body of work is without question the greatest compilation of thoughts from leaders in the Men’s Rights movement in existence.

men's rights

Men's Rights Journal since 1981

Active and Honorary NCFM members receive copies of Transitions as an added value benefit of membership. Copies are also distributed to select organizations throughout the country. A small sampling is offered below for your review, comments, and suggestions. Copies can be found in many major public and university libraries.

As of November 10, 2011 123 editions of Transitions dating back to 1981 have been uploaded.

These editions are available to “Active Members” of NCFM, meaning: members whose dues are current or have honorary status. Active members may access all 123 editions by logging into their account here: MEMBER LOGIN PORTAL.

Due to increased publishing and distribution costs we are in the process of transitioning Transitions to a digital format. Upon request, hardcopies will still be made available to a limited and select number of people who do not use the Internet.

Read and learn about the history of the Men’s Rights movement. Enjoy!

Harry Crouch


Transitions Journal Issue 29 Sept Oct 2009

Volume 29 Number 5 Sep/Oct 2009

Transitions Journal Issue 6 Nov 2006

Volume 26 Number 6 Nov/Dec 2006

Transitions Journal Issue 25 Nov 2005

Volume 25 Number 6 Nov/Dec 2005

Transitions Journal Jan 2005

Volume 25 Number 1 Jan/Feb 2005

Transitions Journal May 2003

Volume 23 Number 3 May/June 2003

Transitions Journal Nov 2002

Volume 22 Number 6 November/December 2002

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