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NCFM distributes another flyer throughout Congress — “Where’s the Outrage”

July 28, 2011

This is the last in a continuing series of flyers that NCFM has distributed to all members of the United States House of Representatives, the Senate, applicable committees, and members of the President’s administration, as applicable. In conjunction with like-minded organizations currently, diligently, and effectively educating our policy makers of the importance of equitable treatment for all of us.

I especially wish to thank those of our members in the Washington D.C. area who make the distribution of these flyers possible. For a number of reasons these NCFM members will for now go unnamed, they know who they are, and they are heroes by any measure.

Our seemingly endless efforts in conjunction with the endless efforts of our allies will soon materialize in significant legislative reforms. We anticipate such reforms will first be noticeable in the Violence Against Women Act.

In my view Stop Abusive and Violence Environments is the driving force behind VAWA reforms that should soon be evident. SAVE, after two years of concerted and deliberate effort, has captured the attention of our elected officials. SAVE has been able to focus attention on related issues as no other organization has been able to do. That said, over the years many organizations have promoted for the legislative reforms which SAVE has centered the spotlight. All involved are looking forward to the day our politicians step-up and demand fair and equitable treatment for all of us, regardless of gender.

Please let us know if you see this legislation mentioned in the PoDunk News, which is doubtful.


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4 Responses to NCFM distributes another flyer throughout Congress — “Where’s the Outrage”

  1. Robert on August 5, 2011 at 11:42 PM

    I hope one day government around the world really see what there doing to there men .Its sad pitiful and just wrong .We are disrespecting our educated men you think the poor are angry talk to some of these republicans that have lost all there saving and money in the real estate market .Grandmothers in there late 60's and 70's working like dogs and for nothing .Where is our respect .Where is our self respect .

    I feel life is all about evolving and learning more thing so that people can all be more useful .I believe in the system of capitalism and work unions. I hope that people will support mans right to live independently in his community .By creating a better life for man we create a better world .Dignity is everything if we take that away from men you will have even educated people and people from all walks of life refusing to work for nothing .I have much to offer society as so do most people . Most people can work ,share ideas ,create things and be a blessing to there familes but aslong as we curse our people we destroy ourselves .We see that in the ghettos of all countries around the world .

    Now more than ever we have businesses sitting on billions and we have strong intelligent men making less than $ 9,000 a year after taxes .People respect your men, love your men that fight for you that work in this unbearable heat that is breaking records ,allow them to live in there communities .Enough of this transitional housing programs and sober houses .If a man can not work and live in his local ghetto something is wrong so far I do not know of one black man I grew up with that can actually rent in there local ghetto but they can have a jail cell.

    Housing can be affordable

    Note your case may be turned down without media support and money .
    Without support nothing changes.

    Through my studies in history and deep contemplations about the future I see one in which man starts lashing out from every angle I do not believe I will be alive then atleast I hope not .

    "I find that the best place for a open mind is in nature"

  2. HaydenHanna on July 30, 2011 at 5:42 PM

    Great job guys! I am glad that the NCFM is supporting SAVE in its efforts against the VAWA. The VAWA is terrible law.

  3. Ray2447 on July 29, 2011 at 12:33 PM

    When men have no more rights, will women have no more oppressions? When will the misandry end? Are we there yet?

  4. Ray2447 on July 29, 2011 at 12:28 PM

    The bigger outrage is the lawmakers who are ideologically committed to misandry, not only in the area of domestic violence law, but in all areas of law. And what is the ideology that drives them to misandry? It's gender feminism. "Witch-Hunting Males" is a time honored tradition on Capitol Hill, and in lower branches of government, as shown in "Witch-Hunting Males" at Youtube

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