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Another witch hunt in Washington… system appears to protect abusers, including prosecutor

March 26, 2012

Thanks for forwarding this Washington state article Mark, who noted ”

“Interesting, the evaluation firm is a non profit started by (insert drum roll) the female prosecutor with a government grant… No website, no board of directors, not a member of the state network of child advocates.  Sounds as if we have our own Mary Ann Kellett here.”  Government prosecutor gets government grant to help prove her cases…hmm… does that sound like a conflict of interest to anyone but us? Unbelievable!!

Kelso man: Child sex abuse charges a ‘witch hunt’

A Kelso man is suing Cowlitz County, saying he was wrongfully arrested and prosecuted for sexually abusing his young daughter.

Bryce Lemmons, 29, was arrested in October 2010 and charged with first-degree child molestation and first-degree rape of a child. The charges were dropped last June.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Lemmons said he passed two polygraph tests administered by separate examiners, yet investigators “failed to explore the possibility that the sexual abuse allegations were an invention” of his ex-wife.

Lemmons also alleges that the Children’s Justice and Advocacy Center, a quasi-governmental agency that assisted with the investigation, displayed “a stunning level of incompetence.” The group’s role in the investigation, according to the suit, “amounted to a witch hunt.”

Lemmons, a diesel mechanic and dispatcher at his family’s Longview company, Interstate Wood Products, had sought publicity about his case though his attorney. He denied in the suit that he ever sexually abused his children. Lemmons alleges that his ex-wife, Jessica Lemmons, and her parents “maliciously and deliberately implanted false memories (of the abuse) in the young children” as leverage in a custody dispute.

The lawsuit says the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office, Cowlitz County prosecutors and CJAC all were negligent in their investigation of the case…

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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5 Responses to Another witch hunt in Washington… system appears to protect abusers, including prosecutor

  1. Absolute Truth on January 26, 2014 at 8:04 PM

    A mental evaluation was done on both parties. Significant mental health issues were found in Bryce Lemmons evaluation, while Jessica Lemmons was only found to have PTSD from the violence inflicted on her in her marriage. Also, Bryce Lemmons lost this law suit and the others he tried to pursue. He also admitted in depositions that he had no evidence to support “coaching.” Three and a half year later and the civil courts are still protecting these formerly abused kids. They are happy and healthy and making a great recovery.

  2. Aconcernedreader. on April 27, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    You might want to check your facts on this story. Bryce Lemmons has a lengthy history of mental illness, domestic violence, arrests, sexual deviancy and substance abuse issues. The sexual abuse of his child came as no surprise to those that knew him. Please take the time to read the public court documents on the criminal case. His child made it crystal clear, while being cross examined in court at the tender age of 4, that no one "coached" her, and gave graphic descriptions of the disgusting things done to her at the hands of her father. Please research your stories before slamming a women that has merely protected her children from sexual abuse.

    • truth on July 31, 2012 at 12:41 PM

      close to this case… and this is all the same crap the ex-wife and her family have been spewing. my guess would be “aconcernedreader” is either her or one of them trying to justify the horiffic act that they have commited! It is so very sad that a Great Dad has been ripped away from his kids because of a vindictive woman and those who remain to stand with her! I can’t wait to see them reunited soon. Thank you to this website/group for standing for truth.

      • pontifixmax on August 22, 2014 at 5:29 PM

        Are you aware that his lawsuit was thrown out not necessarily because he didn’t have a case, but because HE was the one who chose not to have contact with his children, therefore making his lawsuit pointless? This is classic mrm stuff, arguing the ridiculous and then complaining about being silenced when in fact its just not worth listening to.

  3. John Foreman on April 18, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    So sad that the government is so corrupt. The YWCA is also a quasi agency that help women freely, even without even an allegation filed against the man. We need to bring attention to all the taxpayer money being wasted, misused and hurting families. Be aggressive and file charges against her, this way she has to also have mental evaluation which could prove she is the liar. This happened to someone I know and helped his case to receive 50-50.

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