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NCFM GNY Acting Chapter President Eric Ross — The Great American Beauty Pageant

August 22, 2012

false allegationBy Eric Ross, Ph.D., Investigative Reporter, National Writers’ Syndicate, Acting President, NCFM Greater NY Chapter

In the American “family” court system with its “preponderance of the evidence” standard of proof and virtually unlimited discretion given to the politically-minded judges, physical evidence often goes out the window, and political factors take precedence over facts. To justify their arbitrary decisions, judges often entertain themselves by running a trial like a beauty contest, based on subjectively judged appearance, substituted in place of a common sense judgment as to  who is more trustworthy.

Enter Tiffany Marie Smith, of Delaware. She’s cute. Female. “Clever.”  Enterprising, one should say. Therefore, she is “believable” and, you know, likable…

She has been quite inventive in making all kinds of false allegations against her ex husband Gordon Smith in order to disrupt his relationship with their two adorable little sons, to show him who’s boss and to punish him for whatever transgressions she fancies to assign to the poor father of her children. Thus far, she’s made nine outrageously false allegations. Several of them lead to his arrests.

Here is Gordon Smith of Delaware. He’s a man. He looks manly. Those brainwashed by the Domestic Violence industry, would instantly conjure up the word “patriarchal,” to describe what he looks like. He is definitely not “beautiful.”  Because he is a man, you can just as well stamp “guilty” on his forehead.  The public policies following the federal Violence Against Women ACT (VAWA), introduced in 1994 by then U.S. Senator Joe Biden, make Gordon Smith (and any man) guilty until proven innocent. Numerous handbooks for family court judges paid for by VAWA funds, unceremoniously label all men “abusers” and “perpetrators”. It is so, they postulate, because men “oppressed women for centuries.”  Yet, despite this demagogic legal environment, Gordon successfully defended himself against eight of the off-the-wall allegations by Tiffany.

His ex wife made allegations ranging from spousal rape to threats to kill her, all of them false, while he is keeping as far away from this enterprising woman, as humanly possible. Gordon is not happy: his relationship with his beloved sons is being cruelly disrupted and he has spent all of his money on his legal defense, both of these things giving Tiffany Smith a twisted sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. There are no repercussions to her for lying, so she continues to do so.

Gordon Smith had physical evidence, including surveillance videotapes and time-stamped receipts from a remotely located Taco Bell, showing that her report to the police of him allegedly violating a protective order was an outright lie.

Mr. Smith filed a lawsuit against Delaware Police where he alleges that he and men in general are denied equal protection and that failing to arrest makers of false reports to the police, encourages them to continue to file malicious reports in the future. The Delaware Department of Justice has a “no drop policy” – despite strong exculpatory evidence; it continued the prosecution of Mr. Gordon Smith each time up until trial, when charges were dropped by the accuser and the Police, most likely to avoid the embarrassment of exposing false allegations on the record.

Meanwhile, the taxpayers’ money and police resources are wasted on Tiffany’s false allegations. It is unconscionable that women are not arrested where strong physical evidence exists that they knowingly and repeatedly file false police reports, designed to lend the target of their ire in jail, oftentimes – for a long time, to destroy their relationship with their children and to destroy them financially.

The “Enterprising Tiffany” has made a crude attempt to frame Gordon Smith – for “Domestic Terrorism,” no less…

The Delaware law on TERRORISTIC THREATENING makes is a felony: 11 Del. C.§ § 621 Terroristic threatening makes it a class G felony, or class A misdemeanor; In the applicable part, a person is guilty of terroristic threatening when he or she commits any of the following: The person threatens to commit any crime likely to result in death or in serious injury to person or property;

The following timeline demonstrates the devilish working of Tiffany’s criminal mind trying to frame Gordon, her former husband. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to her, Gordon was in Georgia, about 800 miles away from the scene of the alleged crime, accompanied by many eyewitnesses.

July 22, 2010:  Gordon rode from Georgia with two others to the Family Preservation Festival in Washington DC; He stayed in Manassas, Virginia. The impoverished father had his trip paid by a grass-roots organization called FLAIR, Family Law Advocates Initiating Reform.

July 23, 2010:  his ex-wife e-mailed Gordon that someone left a note on her door saying, “Bitch I will fucking kill you and the boys.”

July 27, 2010:    Family Court Administrator informed Gordon in a phone conversation that his ex-wife had filed for an ex-parte Protection  From Abuse (PFA) order

August 9, 2010: Tiffany makes the false report of Gordon being at her house at 12:45 (she called Troop 3 at 1:02 PM shortly after the alleged incident). She also went to family court and submitted a notarized, sworn affidavit.  Gordon, meanwhile, was able to produce a time-stamped receipt from Taco Bell fast food restaurant and the Police saw Taco Bell’s surveillance videotape that show he was far away from where the alleged “crime” took place.

August 10, 2010: at an PFA hearing (page 11) Tiffany Smith testifies under oath in a hearing before Commissioner Lester Blades: “on July 22 I called Trooper Mischa (ph) out to my house.” “And the letter said, “Bitch, you filed a PFA” where it had an arrow,” (continued on page 12) “mark. And on the back of it, it said, I will fucking kill you and my boys”.

(Note that in the document she filed the day before, it was “the boys,” but her intent to frame Gordon Smith for the mysterious “death threat note on her door”  is all too obvious. Hmm… I just wonder where the hell the note came from, as Gordon Smith was either in Georgia or Washington D.C. at the time?  To even suggest that Gordon Smith, a national advocate against false allegations, walking on eggshells with his vindictive ex-wife would leave a death threat note for her would take a mental acrobatics that only a “true believer” may possess. Not only that, but he was hundreds of miles away at the time when the alleged “threat” was made in Delaware.

So, in this Great American Beauty Pageant, the pretty Ms. Tiffany Smith emerges looking as ugly as mortal sin, which she routinely commits. Gordon Smith has been victimized by malicious prosecution and her gaming the system, including the Police, way too many times. Meanwhile, he stands accused of “terroristic threat;” he has been labeled “terrorist” for the last two years, and his trial is in September, 2012.

Call or email Deputy Attorney General of Delaware Ken Haltom. Tell him that now is the time to prosecute Tiffany Smith for perjury and making false reports to the Police:

Call: 302-739-4211, Email:

His, boss, Delaware Attorney General Joseph Biden lll, seems to be more concerned with upholding his father’s (Vice President Joe Biden) failing VAWA policies than protecting the law  – “False Protection From Abuse orders are not the issue…the vast majority of them are sought in good faith and are granted accurately.” (Family Law Commission Meeting April 17, 2008).

But that is not what prominent public figures in Delaware think on the subject, as Gordon Smith, an advocate of fairness and balance in the DV laws, quoted in a statement to the Advisory Committee for the Office on Violence against Women on June 2, 2011 in Washington DC:

Delaware Secretary of Family Youth and Children’s Services Vivian Rapposelli– “PFA’s are often used as pawns in divorce cases.” (Delaware State News – April 19, 2010)

Family Law Commission Chairperson Lynn Kokjohn – “False allegations of sexual abuse have become the weapon of choice for mothers seeking to alienate their children’s father in custody cases.” (Delaware State News – April 9, 2010.

Chief Family Court Judge Chandlee Kuhn – “I know there are abuses made (in the PFA system) “Unfortunately, the people who are domestic violence advocates are reluctant to give up or make any changes.” (Family Law Commission meeting May 13, 2010)

Former Family Law Commission Chairperson Senator Liane Sorenson – “One of our problems that has come up repeatedly to the Commission from the public has been the filing of false Protection from Abuse orders…The public has asked why people get away with claiming abuse when it didn’t happen.” (Family Law Commission meeting April 17, 2008)

Dr. Harriet Ainbinder – best summed it up for everyone when she said – “I want to remind everyone that previously we had the Attorney General here to talk about false allegations and he told us that essentially he would not pursue that (false allegations) because of various legal issues. (Family Law Commission meeting May 14, 2009)

If you need to consult documents relevant to this case, they are available here.

Read Part II of The Great American Beauty Pageant

False allegation

False allegation

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5 Responses to NCFM GNY Acting Chapter President Eric Ross — The Great American Beauty Pageant

  1. Scott Panzera on August 28, 2012 at 7:41 AM

    Mr. Smith. I empathize with you as I am going through the EXACT same thing here in Connecticut. This is, most assuredly, a sign of our times. However, if you hang in there, eventually, things will work out. I know this sounds absurd, but what other options do men (like ourselves) really have? Has it ever occurred to you that they are trying to break you so that they cause you to react, thereby justifying their madness? Be calm and trust in the eventual victory of good over evil.

    • Ivan on August 30, 2012 at 7:46 AM

      Has it ever accured to you to leave this stupid Misandric country ??

      • Anthony on August 30, 2012 at 7:52 AM

        Im thinking to go Washington and light up my passport right in front of the Congress blg. What else is left to do ? They will get the point . If a lot of men do it ofcourse.

  2. Ray on August 24, 2012 at 11:17 PM

    “Witch-Hunting Males” and “Los Misandry” at Youtube were made because of the injustices against males coming from domestic violence cases like this.

    Witch-Hunting Males

    Los Misandry

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