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NCFM sends letter to Congress to Stop the Violence Against Women Act’s War on Men

December 15, 2012

Click on the letter to read the larger version.
NOTE: with a few exceptions this letter was faxed to every U.S. Senator and Representative.

The “War on Women” essentially is a power and control grab and guilt trip diversion by the National Organization of Women (NOW) cartel.  No one is waging war on women. However, it is impossible to rationally conclude that political forces are not waging “War on Men.”

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is center stage to the War Against Men. NCFM Advisor Phil Cook and I over a decade ago discussed what I call the Women Industry Wheel (WIW), though it might be more aptly called the Women Industry War Wagon Wheel (WIWWW).

Phil thought VAWA was the hub of the wheel while I still think VAWA is the grease that keeps it turning. The hub, in my opinion, is radical feminism’s “politically correct” influence and resulting control of our educational system, especially in higher education. Looking at things rationally, Women Studies, female oriented graduate schools, misuse of Title IX, and so forth, though such influences are broader and more debilitating mechanisms of social control and cultural revision.

Every American and millions of others around the world have been impacted by VAWA directly or indirectly. If you think not, then take a few minutes to think about that which you take for granted regarding relationship violence, that which you have been taught to believe as true. Think about it in the context of those you care about, know, or have heard about, who have been involved in a situation involving family violence. It is precisely that reason – every American and more being impacted – that pressures applied by a group of independent men, women, and family organizations finally were able to apply the brakes to slow VAWA down long enough to check the grease.

For the first time in the history the reauthorization of VAWA is stalled in Congress.

As I type, Congress is in the final throes of the current session and headed for holiday recess. Washington wants to go home. It’s rumored that secret negotiations are taking place; specifically it is rumored that Vice-President Biden – father of VAWA – is putting the bum’s rush on House members to pass the reauthorization before the recess. Hence the letter above to Congress.

Hopefully the letter will remind our all Senators and Representatives that everyone bleeds, everyone needs services, and everyone needs protection from violence, even violence committed by women.

There is no more absurd legislation than VAWA.  As Dr. Finley says in the letter above;

“…the ideological foundations of VAWA discriminate against men. Conceptually, VAWA is based on the Duluth Power and Control Wheel model, which falsely presumes that all domestic violence is perpetrated by evil patriarchal males against virtuously innocent females. There is no research support for this false gender ideology.”

If you took the time as I suggested above to think about what you think you know about VAWA and relationship violence, including those you know or may know of who have been impacted by it, know this too… The Duluth Power and Control Wheel and associated programs condemn the use of guilt, power, and control. Exactly the same concepts used today by NOW and their cartel to continue to wage their war on men. The identical power and control tactics are used by VAWA supporters to bully Senators and Representatives into compliance.

Such bullying mocks claims of evil patriarchal males and virtuous innocent females, but yields insight into the darker power and control psyches of radical feminism. They have to keep the wheels of the War on Men wagon freshly greased at any and all costs.

VAWA is a farce of incredibly dangerous proportions in its present form. Let us hope that our elected officials are not bullied into reauthorizing VAWA this session, especially if it continues to discriminate against half our population. Better to wait until the next session when more considered and well reasoned negotiations might result in a non discriminatory version of VAWA, a version that protects all of us.

Please call your elected officials and demand it.

It could happen.

Harry Crouch


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