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Stop Exploiting Africans — Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS

April 7, 2013

Circumcision clinton BloodstainedMenVSclinton (1)Stop Exploiting Africans — Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS



The ushers at the Brooklyn Academy of Music were as stunned as Bill and Chelsea Clinton – patrons usually don’t stand mid-performance and shout slogans at the stage – so no one should blame them for not restoring order.

That night, March 4th, some cool intactivists and I pulled off an amazing protest: we interrupted a Clinton Foundation Millennium Network talk at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, standing and chanting “Stop Exploiting Africans” and “Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS” to protest the misguided efforts to circumcise millions of African men to stop AIDS, stunning the audience, Bill, Chelsea, and actor Ed Norton. Already there’s been good press on the internet about our “action” and a lot of intelligent comments. See or or their Facebook pages to see some photos and videos.

I’m an MRA from way back, and I just happened to run across Anthony Losquadro’s group and website,, and realized that he was local, so I wrote him and asked him to keep me in mind for any acts of protest, as I’d always wanted to do things like picket and hand out leaflets at a hospital or facility that performs circumcisions. So, about two weeks before the event Anthony asks if I’d like to be a “Bloodstained Man” to protest the drive to circumcise Africans, and I told him I’d think about it. Well, I knew I had to do it, for when duty calls and it falls in your lap like this, especially with talents like Anthony and the others who put themselves out there – it may sound corny – for the children, and now, for the Africans, I had to help these guys and maybe put some doubt in the minds of potential Clinton Foundation supporters about the drive to circumcise. It might even have the effect of putting a small grain of doubt in the Clinton Foundation’s support of mass African circumcision.

circumcision six reasons not to

Botched circumcisions. How would you feel if it were your son? Would you feel that you had made the right choice? How would you feel if as an adult it was you? Would you be thankful that your parents decided that circumcision was in your best interest? Might it not be better to let men make the decision for themselves after they have reached the age of majority? Just asking…

The plan was to attend the Clinton Foundation talk by buying tickets and sitting together in the orchestra and then donning the “Bloodstained Men” jumpsuits (white w/bloodstained crotch) while seated, then standing while zipping up the jumpsuits.

Anthony on my right, the head Bloodstained Man, would nudge us to put on our suits and stand, holding hands in a spread-eagle position – to signify the strapping down of a baby boy – while he blew a whistle to get everyone’s attention, and then we’d start our chants. But midway through the talk, Anthony texted the guys – there were eight of us – that we were ditching the jumpsuit idea as the close quarters and darkness made that near impossible, but everything else was go at the next mention of “HIV” onstage. Then, we got the nudge and stood up, four of us, holding hands and chanting “Stop Exploiting Africans” and “Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS,” which we changed to “Condoms Not Cutting.” It was great because the whistle and our appearance stunned and silenced everyone while we did our chants, until Bill Clinton finally responded with “OK, you guys had your chance to speak, now it’s my turn” and then cited the discredited 60% HIV reduction rate argument. We were still chanting but ready to exit so I took a parting shot, telling the Clintons that circumcising Africans would only encourage them NOT to use condoms and ultimately cause more AIDS deaths. We figured we’d made our point so we started our exit and to my amazement no one really was pushing us out but they did make sure that we all left the premises. We were elated how it all went, slapping each other on the back on the way out, glad to have made our point and not gotten arrested. We were, however, approached by two Secret Service agents who asked if we were anti-Clinton and if we had a leader or organization, to which I wasn’t volunteering any information. They were actually friendly and said they appreciated that we were well behaved and didn’t try to stay and cause trouble and mainly that we were simply a group of passionate activists.

I’d like to thank my fellow intactivists Anthony, David, Rob, Nick, Kevin, Adam, and George for a well-organized and effective protest and allowing me to join them in this “lesson” we gave Clinton and any circumcision sympathizers.

See my video on the protest at my YouTube channel JerryTheOther

See photos and videos of the protest at

Photo courtesy of the Barefoot Intactivist and


Circumcision does not stop AIDS!

Think about it. Try this, if we circumcised every male on the planet would the spread of AIDS stop? The answer is no. Or how about this, even if it is true that circumcision stops AIDS, how many thousands of babies, young boys, and even men are you willing to sacrifice to a botched surgery to gamble that some unknown men and women may or may not contract AIDS? There has to be other reasons for politicians like the Clinton’s to be pushing for mandatory circumcision having nothing to do with preventing AIDS, but what is it? Could it have something to do with spreading Clintonian feminism? Regardless, what we are talking about here is without a doubt, unquestionably, and indisputably a men’s rights issue.

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6 Responses to Stop Exploiting Africans — Circumcision Does Not Stop AIDS

  1. di is in los angeles (@tovangar2) on November 21, 2013 at 4:35 PM

    That damn 60% statistic! Could someone run by me again how that was arrived at? I forgot. Could not believe Clinton (I’m not a fan but I don’t think he’s a complete dope) used it as a rebuttal. What is the agenda Bill?

  2. Nick on April 25, 2013 at 12:27 AM

    The studies that suggested that circumcision helps prevent HIV transmission acknowledged that circumcision would only affect female to male transmission of the virus. But female to male transmission of the virus has a relatively low risk of transmission. Comparing this to men who have sex with men the transmission rates are about 1 in a 100, male to female 1 in 1,000 and female to male (the mode circumcision is supposed to protect against) 1 in 10,000. Even if circumcision did reduce female to male transmission rates its already two orders of magnitude safer then the riskiest sex acts. The point being, even if circumcision did have an affect it would be minute.

    Condoms on the other had are 99 percent effective at preventing the HIV transmission in ALL PENETRATING SEX ACTS. That is an incredible level of protection. That’s why the protesters said ‘condoms not cutting’.

    The foreskin is filled with nerve endings making it highly erogenous tissue. To recommend cutting it off when there is a far, far more effective solution is wrong.

    Changing sexual behaviors is an easy thing to say but us humans love sex. We are built this way to ensure our species propagates. We should accept this fact and stop telling people to simply not have sex. It doesnt work. People have to have access to condoms and not be made to feel cheapened and dirty for doing so…

  3. Benjamin on April 24, 2013 at 9:18 AM

    Interesting viewpoint…. but inconsistent.

    You asked (as though this question made your point), “… if we circumcised every male on the planet would the spread of aides stop? The answer is no.”

    However, the alternative that you endorse is: condoms. So, try this, if we put a condom on every male who had sex on the planet would the spread of aids stop? The answer is no.

    Condoms are well-known to have a consistent, non-trivial, rate of failure… even when used properly. The use of condoms might simply slow down the spread of the disease. But, it would not stop it.

    Likewise, circumcision slows down the spread of the disease. Un-like condoms, though, circumcision does not require anyone to make responsible, rational decisions while in the middle of trying to enjoy a charged sexual experience. Compliance with the notion of using circumcision during sex is at levels of 100%, among those who’ve had the procedure. For condoms… well, not so much.

    But, neither circumcision nor condoms will eradicate this scourge. Changing our sexual behaviours is the only way we’ll see the disease begin to disappear.

    • Jim on May 4, 2013 at 10:26 AM

      I am circumcised. It sucks to know this in light of all I have read. I came to this website when I started reading about christ then objectivism and then to Rands views on cowardice and war and then to selective service and then to this organization. I cried when I saw the weak infant suffering. You can go anywhere online. Poor screwed up world is all there is to it. I see no need to support liberty or happiness or life. There is only equality in death. The Gita is true. You have to fight the war within and even Sri Krishna dies. I will fight Kill and die because I am a man.

      • bill smith on April 26, 2014 at 1:59 AM

        It looked so hot before! Now it looks so ugly. I will never date or have sex with a circumcised guy! The scar it so bad looking! I never had a boyfriend that had a problem! I would rather have a boyfriend with phimosis that a circumcised guy!

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