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Will Francis “Coyote” Shivers be arrested tonight because of a trap set by ex-wife Pauley Perrette?

May 17, 2013

pauley perretteDo people set other people up just for spite? Create situations to entrap others just because it’s doable? Maybe even manipulate events to cause an arrest for a restraining order violation? Are they really that smart; or really that stupid?

For those of you following the ex-husband Francis “Coyote” Shivers/Pauley Perrette ex-wife wrongful conviction, false accusations, trumped up restraining order, murder for hire soap opera, we’ve learned from independent investigators working for the various civil rights groups that one of precious Pauley’s boyfriends may have landed a bar-tending job at a cocktail lounge in Hollywood serving up Cucumber Dilettantes with muddled cucumbers and pink swizzle.

Mr. Shivers frequents the place where Boyfriend will be pouring drinks, popping beer caps, and flirting with movie star wannabees. Shivers and friends have frequented this area for over 15 years. He has worked at businesses within 100 yards of Boyfriend’s new job. And, tonight, Shivers is scheduled to work at the opening of an art gallery within a false accusation throw of Boyfriend’s swizzles. There are hundreds if not thousands of cocktail lounges (bars) in Los Angeles County and Boyfriend ends up at this one. My bookie says, “20 to one against coincidence…putz.”

Network reruns watch out. This life size drama has all the telltale signs of another episode of NCIS with lab tech Precious Pauley discovering a restraining order violation in her very own laboratory, a laboratory wherein unknown to the show’s producers, copious quantities of designer drug consumption morphed into toe sucking bondage. Yikes!

Will Precious Pauley be sucking down Cucumber Dilettantes with bartending Boyfriend? Will she proposition little Ms. Mary showing way to much leg on at the bar three stools down. After laying in wait for hours at Boyfriend’s bar, will Precious Pauley miraculously discover that Shivers is working an art show down the street! OH MY GOD!  Aghast, shocked, shaking she’ll spill muddled cucumbers in her lap fumbling her cell-phone dialing 911. “Shit, it’s a new skirt. He’ll pay for that too,” she’s blurts. Who knew sweet innocence? He’s supposed to stay 100 yards away! Or maybe, LAPD Hollywood Division Detectives and Swat Team will chow down way to many stale doughnuts waiting to arrest unsuspecting Shivers?

As my trusted shrink Dr. T wrote,

There is already an established pattern. Sociopathic borderlines/narcs are like Wile E. Coyote in that they use the same cockamamie tactics over and over again.  I find that when you shame and expose the transparent behaviors of these types before they act, you can head them off at the pass. When you shine a light on cockroaches, they usually scurry back under the baseboard. What you need here is the disinfectant properties of full exposure.”

I’m thinking Dr. T may have been suggesting shining a light on Precious Pauley, maybe even bartending Boyfriend with pink swizzle. Who knows, could be anyone, even an Assistant District Attorney or conjoined at the hip LAPD Threat Management Unit investigators whose jobs entail protecting celebrities from the good citizens of Los Angeles County, including the likes of harmless Mr. Shivers– could happen, cucumbers and all…after all, IT”S HOLLYWOOD, the land of make them believe you…

Will duct taped Suzy Q find peace at her daughter’s new S&M club… How did Trevor find his stolen bicep hidden in Johnny’s steroid closet… Is a trap being set for Mr. Shivers… smells that way, doesn’t it? Are they really that smart; or really that stupid? It’s doable…

Hopefully, this small article let’s the cast know that thousands of others now know entrapment may be afoot… Best would be for everyone to get along, Boyfriend to pour his drinks, Precious Pauley to hook up with Mary To Much Leg Showing, and for Mr. Shivers to go to work without fear of being arrested.


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pauley perrette

See Pauley Perrette at CBS NCIS.

Follow Pauley Perrette on Facebook. You’ll have to look it up.

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One Response to Will Francis “Coyote” Shivers be arrested tonight because of a trap set by ex-wife Pauley Perrette?

  1. NCFM on May 21, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    Great article. You should read it.

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