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NCFM Mr. Manners: A Tale of Two Political Appointments

November 9, 2022
unbalanced scales of justice

In George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”, phrases are slightly altered to change meanings to mean very different things than originally intended. For instance, the phrase “all animals are equal” was rephrased to “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” This has its parallel with the mainstream media discussing hiring...
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August 6, 2022

Hanna Sandover falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of drugging and raping her, leading to his arrest and incarceration.  Later, and only when new evidence proved she was lying did Hanna admit her accusation was false.  Hanna was furious because “Sam” broke up with her.  Hanna wanted revenge.  As prosecutor Ryan Seneviratine noted “Hanna had numerous...
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Posted in Abused Man, Abused Men, Biden, Dept of Education, Discrimination, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Domestic Violence Against Men, Domestic Violence Industry, Domestic Violence Victims, Double Standard, Due Process, Education, Elite, Eric Nelson, False Allegations, False Allegations DV, False Arrest, Female Abusers, Female Perpetrators, Female Power, Female Privilege, Feminism, Feminist Hypocracy, Feminist Jurisprudence, Feminist Spin, Gendercide, Girl Power, Government Programs, Government Programs for Women, Gynocentrism, Harassment Sexual, Human Rights, John Davis, Judicial Performance, Lawyers, Male Victims of Sexual Assault, Man Bashing, Media Bias, MeToo, Misandry, Myths, National, NCFM Women Against False Accusations, Perps Female, Perps government, Persecution, Radical, Rape, Rape Allegations, Rape Culture, Rape Culture Hysteria, Rape on Campus, Restraining Orders, Revolutionary, Sanctioned - Were Thay, Sanctions none, Schools Colleges and Universities, Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Sex Discrimination Against Men, Sexism, Sexism Reverse, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault, Sexual Assault on Campus, sexual harassment, Shameful, Statistics, Study/Research, Supremist, supremist feminism, Title IX, Toxic Femininity, Universities, VAWA, Victim Male, Victim Mentality, Victim Rights, Violence Against Women Act, war against men, War Against Men | 2 Comments »

NCFM Members Warren Farrell, Marc Angelucci and Harry Crouch get a “Shout Out” in Dr. Tara J. Palmatier, PsyD article, Amber Heard is a Liar, So What?

June 20, 2022

June 15, 2022 Amber Heard is a liar, so what? She’s a personality disordered pathological liar. However, there isn’t anything extraordinary about her. Except for the global attention and obsession her never ending, ever changing lies have garnered from the general public and their respective Depp vs. Heard fan bases. Amber Heard is a...
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Posted in Court Cases, Courts, Courts Civil, Courts Other, False Allegations, False Allegations DV, Other, Sexual Assault | 3 Comments »