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NCFM Women Against False Accusations podcast, the Melissa MacFadden story

May 13, 2021


On Mothers’ Day NCFM-Women Against False Accusations launched it’s first in a series of podcasts featuring mothers of sons who were falsely accused of sexual assault, domestic violence and other offenses.

A primary goal of the group is to develop at least one representative podcast in every state from families impacted by a false accusation; and to have at the least one NCFM Women Against False Accusations representative in every state as well.

If you read this, especially NCFM members, please reach out and help the group achieve that goal by joining the group by emailing Lori Debolt at Lori DeBolt <>. And, please distribute a link to this article.

The odds are extremely good that anyone reading this has either been impacted by a false accusation or knows one or more people whose lives have been impacted by one or more false accusations which are a plague of deadly consequences.

Female or male, If you would like to share your story please complete the four question survey linked below, it will be reviewed, and someone will get back with you. Here’s a link to the survey:

Guest Request for NCFM – Women Against False Accusations Podcast

The group is open to fathers and other men as well. We encourage all those who have loved ones who have been falsely accused to contact this group. Please share this link with as many others as possible.

You can see the podcast here: Or, you can listen to it here: Please notice the ad at the end advocating for a national commission for boys and men. Some of you may recall that ad and others were developed by a previous an NCFM Chicago Chapter member and his family eight or so years ago.

Many thanks goes to the founder of our Women Against False Accusations group Lori DeBolt, the several women in the group who will share their stories, and Valarie Lockhart who put the video(s) together and orchestrates their Internet distribution.

Harry Crouch

President, NCFM

NCFM Women Against False Accusations podcast, the Melissa MacFadden story

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2 Responses to NCFM Women Against False Accusations podcast, the Melissa MacFadden story

  1. Rudolph on May 24, 2021 at 3:07 PM

    This happened to me! My ex even told me “no one questions a well put together woman and her baby.” The courts allowed and even encouraged her lying and abuse, they have emboldened her to continue with her falsehoods and slander. My family and I feel lost and like no one will listen or look at the evidence…

    • Lori on June 8, 2021 at 3:43 PM


      We’d love to listen to you. Please reach out to

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