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NCFM Advisor Dr. Warren Farrell, “Rigid Campus Feminism: Is It Forever?”

September 26, 2013

NCFM NOTE: No, rigid campus feminism it us not forever, it’s a bad fart in the wind of time. We can change it. The efforts underway… Stay tuned for more. Stay tuned for more about NCFM’s “College Chapter Initiative” (NCFM-U) and other efforts that are sprouting up from here to Australia. Watch this video to see what good people are up against…watch the hate mongers and they are not MRA’s…

Warren Farrell writes about feminism on campus at Minding the Campus:

Some 200 Canadian and American men’s activists will gather this Friday at the University of Toronto, where they will be met by angry feminists dedicated to tearing down their posters, heaping abuse on speakers, blockading events and denouncing police as “f—ing scum” if they try to restore order. At least that’s what happened last November when I spoke before the same group–the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE)–on the same campus.

Angry feminism is still in vogue at the U of T, where the student union regards men’s rights organizations as hate groups that shouldn’t be heard. They are charging CAFE $964 for security Friday, thus predicting feminist violence and requiring the men to pay for it.

Personally, I have trouble seeing myself as a hate-soaked advocate of rape (as a few of the more unhinged protesters kept saying). In the 1970s, I was a three-time Board member of the National Organization for Women in New York. Nothing in my Toronto speech was remotely anti-woman. It dealt entirely with the growing crisis of boys.

A Small Hello for Men’s Concerns

The problem is that the feminist anger of the 1960s and 1970s s been institutionalized on our campus, where it seems impervious to change. Consider what your son faces if he enters a college in North America, Australia, or most of Europe. In the first week or two, he is required to attend a program on date rape, but nothing on date communication. By October, he will encounter Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but nothing about a “prostate cancer awareness month,” though the incidence and deaths from the two diseases are similar. If your son becomes involved in student activities, he has access to significant student funds for women’s centers and speakers on women’s issues, but not for men’s centers or speakers on men’s issues.

Read the rest here:

feminismAnything good about “Feminism” has been usurped and bastardized by ideologically driven misandrists. The young ones are too young to know what the hell they are talking about having no world or real life experience other than being made brain dead by curriculum’s saturated with male bashing and hatred of men.

“Rigid College Feminism” is on the way to the dumpster.

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