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Posts Tagged ‘ A VOICE FOR MEN ’

NCFM Mr. Manners, gender journalism and distortion reality

March 29, 2020
Mr. Manners, gender journalism and distortion reality

In her Aug 20th 2019 piece, Why should We Trust a Man Who Harassed a Women to Cover the Historically Female 2020 Race, Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse inquired whether political writer Mark Halperin’s multiple charges of sexual harassment made him too biased against women to write about the 2020 Presidential election fairly. I...
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NCFM Vice President responds to criticism about MRA’s and the AVfM conference in Detroit

July 23, 2014

 Yes, feminists do promote discrimination against men; A Response to Criticism of Men’s Rights Activists;   By Marc E. Angelucci, Esq. On June 26-28, 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the first International Conference on Men’s Issues, Sponsored by “A Voice For Men (AVfM),” in Detroit.  Hundreds of people came from around the...
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NCFM VP Marc Angelucci Op-ed defending MRA’s published in Detroit News

June 10, 2014
By ‘Men’s rights’ misrepresented On June 26-28, Detroit will host the first Conference on Men’s Issues, sponsored by the men’s rights group “A Voice For Men.” As vice president of the oldest men’s rights organization in the United States, the National Coalition For Men, I would like to respond to the tsunami of...
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Posted in Action, Activism, Circumcision, Conference Men, Marc Angelucci, Esq., Men's Rights, Mens' Organizations, National Coalition For Men, NCFM, NCFM, NCFM in the news | 6 Comments »