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NCFM sends letter to Georgetown University about possible gender discrimination against men at Georgetown University

April 18, 2013

This article has been changed. The name of the woman alleged to have committed the offenses noted in the original letter was deleted. According to the original source, there is no conclusive evidence to support naming her, even though there is very strong circumstantial evidence. Efforts are underway to confirm that the woman earlier named is indeed the women in question. Obviously, there is no way to call back the letters sent. We still hope to hear back from Georgetown.

130423 NCFM ltr to Georgetown redacted130423 NCFM ltr to Georgetown redacted pg 2


Gender discrimination and hate speech is apparently what we are teaching in our schools.

Gender discrimination against men anyway. Horrific.

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4 Responses to NCFM sends letter to Georgetown University about possible gender discrimination against men at Georgetown University

  1. Sue on April 20, 2013 at 3:19 PM

    If this was a male member of academia doing the same thing to female applicants, the federal government would come down on this university as if it were The Brothers Tsarnaev. The EEOC and Eric Holder’s DOJ would have filed lawsuits against this university yesterday for discriminating against women. Someone should contact some major civil rights organizations, and/or some conservative organizations to take legal action against Georgetown.

    Imagine the conniption feminists or the Obama Administration would have had if a male employee of Georgetown, or any public or private university, did the same thing to female applicants, and touted his actions on the Internet as follows:

    …I can’t tell you how many applications I saw that were just dripping
    with white female privelege. Any of those that I saw basically went
    straight to the garbage can regardless of how good their qualifactions
    [sic] were. If I saw an application from a white female that basically was
    just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what
    not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse
    environment. Obviously she made no effort in integrating with
    minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on female
    privilege [sic] to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored.
    In their place I admitted a male student. This goes double especially
    for math/science majors…
    I’m happy to say that I approved nearly 90% of all male minority and
    80% of all (white male applicants especially if the boys want to study
    math or science) while rejecting over 50% of white females this week
    and hope this trend holds out.

  2. Mastenship on April 19, 2013 at 8:14 AM

    They have now removed the actual pdf of her thesis as well…Harry, if you read this contact James Huff. I have a ton of evidence over here. Paul has my contact details.

  3. Feminist_Nullificationist on April 18, 2013 at 8:14 PM

    Based on the above reporting:

    # How could someone think like that and be in the position she was in at Georgetown?

    # How could she engage in the actions she engaged in at Georgetown for so long, apparently without accountability?

    # Where did she learn to think like that?

    • Xander on April 19, 2013 at 8:52 AM

      1) Some institutes have become extremely feminized. This isn’t an exception, it’s becoming the rule.

      2) She was undoubtedly supported by her peers and maybe even members of the school administration itself. Her article had about 800 likes/shares.

      3) Women’s Studies classes.

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