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This is what happens when state family law workgroups and commissions end up with members dependent upon government for their boat payments…

October 10, 2013

family lawNCFM NOTE:  The Fatherhood Coalition of Massachusetts was largely responsible for Governor Patrick convening a work-group to review state family law. The letter below makes one wonder if the good Governor appointed people to the work-group who he knew or should have known would sabotage its intent and protect the interests of stakeholders who derive large incomes from the misery of others who the family law system defeats; like attorneys, social workers, child protective agents, family court judges, juvenile judges, minor’s counsel, anger management class facilitators,  batterer intervention providers, and the rest of the family court industry operatives who have a vested interest in facilitating family disruption and destruction. Sounds a bit melodramatic doesn’t it? But correct, especially since the definition of “family” no longer requires a father. Joseph Ureneck and Patrick McCabe deserve much praise for all the work they have done and are doing for fathers and the Massachusetts children who need their dads. Please stay in the fight. Click on the picture for very good a video discussion about fatherhood and family court.

Fatherhood Coalition Withdraws from the Governor’s Working Group on Child Centered Family Law

Thu, 10/10/2013 – 11:59 |  mccabepatrick
October 8, 2013

His Excellency, Governor Deval Patrick

Massachusetts State House
Office of the Governor
Room 280
Boston, MA 02133                         

Your Excellency,

The Fatherhood Coalition is withdrawing as a participant in the Governor’s Working Group on Child Centered Family Law.

We write to express our dissatisfaction with the Working Group.

The Fatherhood Coalition was invited to participate in and was a primary force behind the formation of this group.

However, we believe the Working Group has willfully failed to address the bias of the court system harming our children.

It has refused to consider implementing standards which would measure court bias by collecting data regarding child custody decisions and making this data available to the general public.

The Working Group formed by your office is notably top heavy with family lawyers who have apparently hampered attempts to create an equitable environment in the Family Courts. Noticeably absent from the Working Group membership are those most affected – ordinary mothers and fathers who have lost their children in divorce. Their voices are nowhere to be heard.

Instead, lawyer profits appear to be the number one concern of the Working Group acting in secret with no public input.

During your run for office you claimed to support equality when it came to parents’ time with their children. During the six years you have consistently failed to deliver on that promise.

You have repeatedly nominated Judges to the Family Courts that oppose the mandate that the court act in the best interest of children.

The Fatherhood Coalition is deeply troubled by your apparent opposition to equality and basic fairness.

Repeated attempts by the Fatherhood Coalition to resolve these issues of discrimination have been met with rebuffs. The latest is the failure of the Working Group to address the fundamental  problems faced by families.

The Fatherhood Coalition is therefore withdrawing as an official member of the Working Group.


Joseph Ureneck
Chair, The Fatherhood Coalition
2 Marlowe St.
Boston, Massachusetts 02124
857 350-0575


Patrick McCabe
Co-Chair, The Fatherhood Coalition
617 512-9460
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national coalition for menFamily law should protect all involved.

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