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The only way to stop Illegal Immigration

March 20, 2014

immigrationThe only way to stop Illegal Immigration

David [Bloomberg Editor]– I am delighted  that your article [above link, Bloomberg News Editorial, March 12] accurately depicts problems associated with immigrants who are entering the country legally with valid Visas- but overstaying their Visas. The Senate’s immigration bill sounds like it’s tough on future illegal immigration with it’s “border security” provisions. What a joke. Their so called “border security” initiative surreptitiously  masks well documented immigration loopholes involving marriage fraud and also greatly expands the numbers of  U Visa (victim visa). This has become a magnet for scammers, criminals and even terrorists, making it easy for them to claim crime victim status in exchange for a green card.

Marriage fraud – Current immigration law encourages foreign nationals to delude American citizens into marriage, then falsely accuse them of violence in order to expedite resident status while throwing off suspicions that it was a sham marriage. Under the previously passed Violence against Women Act, American citizens are barred by USCIS from refuting false allegations of domestic violence levied against them by their immigrant spouses. Each year thousands of Americans are abused emotionally and financially by this scam.

U Visa fraud –Recently hundreds of immigration advocacy groups whose existence relies on federal grants helped draft portions of the Senate bill which increases the numbers of U Visas and cfreates massive slush funds those same pro immigration organizations. Although these government contractors provide legal help, and other services, I seriously doubt they are doing this out of the kindness of their heart considering their Execitives odften earn anywhere from $100,000 to 400,000 yearly.

The Senate immigration bill dramatically increases loopholes for immigrants who are often scammers while executives of pro immigration advocacy groups who champion the Senate bill earn luxurious salaries that are paid for on the backs of US taxpayers.

Dave Root

Voice of Immigration Fraud Victims

Damascus, Maryland

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VAWA immigration fraud destroys American lives.

If your congressional representatives voted for these VAWA immigration provisions then they voted to put you at risk. Consider voting for someone else when you next have a chance to vote.

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