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Porky VAWA Immigration U-VISA Senate Bill may get dumped by the House… let us pray…

September 3, 2013

u-visaNCFM NOTE: One of our Washington insiders and Voice of Immigration Fraud Victims Activists, David Root, thinks the House of Representatives will not go along with the Senate to increase in U-Visa quotas, which are substantial. There’s reason to believe that other than anti-male ideology that drove the Senate version earlier this year that the request for more U-VISA’s is nothing more than dangerous political pork. One of the two U-VISA processing centers is in Vermont. Senator Leahy of Vermont is primary sponsor of the recent reauthorization of VAWA. Even before the passage of the re-authorization the US Citizenship and Immigration Center in Vermont was advertising for 250 new positions! Below, Mr. Root points out that not only do existing provisions encourage false pretenses and claims of domestic violence destroying many lives of American citizens but the pork greases the way for other types of terrorists too.  It seems Leahy and the DV-crowd are more interested in pork than protecting American citizens. It’s relevant to this site because many immigrant women falsely accuse American men and NCFM fought alongside others against these repulsive Senate provisions during the last VAWA re-authorization battle. Let’s hope Mr. Root is right and the House demonstrates more courage than the Senate. Here’s the letter:


Branden Ritchie

Chief of Staff for Judiciary chairman Bob Goodlatte

2240 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Brandon:


I  am writing this letter to urge the House Judiciary Committee to consider drafting marriage fraud amendments in the comprehensive immigration reform bill, and to reject part of the Senate bill that unjustifiably increases the yearly cap on U Visas from 10,000 to 18,000. These immigration loopholes are increasingly being exploited by nefarious individuals that could seriously jeopardize National Security.


Logically, any immigration reform that doesn’t adequately address immigration fraud seems likely to fail, because the number of immigrants arriving on a valid Visa (but overstaying their Visa or entering under false pretenses) could exceed the number of illegals sneaking across the border.


Conservative columnist Ann Coulter recently highlighted the issue with her article, “The problem isn’t just illegal immigration, it’s legal immigration”. Coulter provides numerous examples of criminals and terrorists who successfully exploited immigration loopholes by entering the country legally with a valid Visa, but under false pretenses, so they could commit atrocities against innocent Americans.


National Security and U Visa fraud   Coulter’s article is bolstered by a politically neutral master thesis written by John Hopkins student Catherine Catanzaro. Her research project “Immigration Loopholes: Vulnerabilities in our Immigration System and Implications for National Security” reveals that U Visas have become a  potential terrorist pathway.

“T and U Visas which were created for victims of human trafficking and severe crimes, may be of particular interest to malicious individuals who are a threat to the United States national security because of the privacy afforded to them”

The original intent of the U Visa, to provide relief to alleged victims of severe crime seems lost. Unfortunately, it now provides unlimited fraud opportunities because a plethora of special interest groups and lawyers successfully lobbied to make them increasingly easy to get.

An American scientist explained to me how his former Russian fiancee recently received a U Visa by making baseless charges of abuse against him. The police endorsed USCIS “certification” paperwork solely on her word.  All charges were dropped, and she abandoned their child to the custody of the scientist like it was an insurance policy to get a U Visa. She’s also made similar false allegations against a military officer with a security clearance.

Marriage fraud and National Security  A new kind of marriage fraud has emerged involving foreign nationals who delude American citizens into marriage, then falsely accuse them of violence in order to expedite resident status while throwing off suspicions that it was a sham marriage. USCIS former Investigator John Sampson claims he’s seen hundreds of Americans who were abused emotionally and financially by this scam.

National Security concerns about immigrants and marriage fraud seem justified considering the Boston bomber’s deceptive marriage to an American woman was the perfect “cover” that helped him successfully complete his mission.

Solutions- Our current immigration system seems skewed to empower immigrants who can easily make false allegations against Americans, who have no legal standing to refute those charges. Our group would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss their experiences with marriage fraud and U Visa fraud, and to provide solutions that would provide needed protections for real immigrant victims of violence while protecting the safety and security of 330 million American men and women citizens- the real purpose of immigration reform.


David Root

Voice of Immigration Fraud Victims

24005 Santa Anita Ct.

Damascus, MD 20872



national coalition for menCall your  House of Represantative and tell them not to support Leahy’s U-VISA pork.

More U-VISA’s have nothing to do with protecting anything, except perhaps votes for Leahy and other DV Industry elected operatives.


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5 Responses to Porky VAWA Immigration U-VISA Senate Bill may get dumped by the House… let us pray…

  1. […] Porky VAWA Immigration U-VISA Senate Bill may get dumped by the House… let us pray… […]

  2. Antony on September 7, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Yes ,big achievement ..!!?? Screw US ! We are going to Russia .

  3. Dave Root on September 5, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    Senator Leahy, may be the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee but his real occupation involves making unrecorded backdoor deals with special interest groups under the guise of protection of refugees, including women and children. Back in 2010, while the Tahirih Justice Center and Senator Leahy were championing the Refugee Act of 2010, two Iraqi men living in Bowling Green, Kentucky who entered the country on refugee Visas, were arrested after FBI investigators identified fingerprints belonging to them and linked them to fingerprints found on a component of an IED found in 2005 in Iraq.

    So why are Senator Leahy and the Tahirih Justice Center championing the current Senate Immigration bill’s dramatic increase in “domestic violence” U – Visa pork. An increase in the number of U Visas won’t protect anybody, but the potential for disastrous consequences to our nations national security is obvious.

  4. Big Mobe (@Big_Mobe) on September 4, 2013 at 7:44 PM

    Women and children are not one word. Women are adults just like men. Laws and policies that discriminate against gender should be abolished.

    • Benjamin on September 16, 2013 at 7:03 AM

      I hear you, BigMobe; and I understand your sincerity.

      But, women are not “adults just like men”. Women are much more comparable to children than they are to men.

      We must stop promoting this legal fiction any longer… because it is hurting us all. Women are not equal with men. Women are the dependants of men. Just like children are.

      Children cannot survive (create enough calories, security, and shelter for themselves, in a competitive environment) without men and women.

      Women cannot survive (create enough calories, security, and shelter for themselves, in a competitive environment) without men.

      Men can survive.

      And they can create enough extra, beyond their own needs, to provide for the entire human race.

      We don’t just need to end (de-fund, de-support) the legal superiority of women to men, which is entirely a fiction. We must continue on, and de-support the equality of women, too… also a fiction… and allow freedom, wherein women will resume their natural roles and activities.

      We need not force much or anything on women to make them into productive, useful, welcome members of men’s teams. We need only stop supporting (through funding and laws) the elevation of women above the service they voluntarily offer us when they have no artificial supports (WIC, domestic violence laws, etc).

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