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NCFM Board Member Ray Blumhorst and “when males cry out for help, nobody in America gives a damn”

June 13, 2014

WhenPoliticiansFightForRightsMensRightsAreIgnoredThe Isla Vista shooting/stabbing/car assault(s) is already old news, given that there’s already been one, or two, other shootings in the news – the last one yesterday in Oregon, I believe.  Once again, a male acts out violently.

Where are the Offices of Men’s Health and male support networks? Where are men like those above to go for help without ridicule, apathy or disdain? No where that’s where, because very few give a damn about men or their health.

Family has been the only support network American males have traditionally had and that is largely being destroyed by a rabid social re-engineering agenda, intent on destroying the traditional family.

Males in America are conditioned from youth in a myriad of ways not to call for help:  “suck it up,” “take it like a man,” “get tough or die,” “fight through the pain,” etc., etc., etc.

Those conditioning phrases are all expedient tools of a society that values men for their economic and reproductive disposability, far more than their sacred lives – unlike females.  The truth is, male roles in American society are largely viewed as commodities for the furtherance of the economy and the bottom line.  They are treated as little more than resources to be exploited, used up, then tossed aside.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), of the 15 leading causes of death in the U.S., men lead in 12 categories, are tied with women in two, and women lead in only one category, yet there are Offices of Women’s Health at the Federal level, and at the state and county levels, but none for men anywhere.  On close examination of those leading causes of death, the picture is even worse, inasmuch as two categories (suicide & homicide) show a rate for men four times greater than that for women.

It’s pretty clear from the above that when males cry out for help, nobody in America gives a damn, except for (of course) the morbidly hideous news media who circle like vultures around the latest violent crime scene, where another male (pushed beyond his limits) cries out in pain to the deaf ear of an America interested only in the entertainment value of that male’s last sensationalistic voice of pain and suffering.

Ray Blumhorst

Mr. Blumhorst is a credentialed Community College & Adult Education Instructor with eight years teaching experience. After four years in the Navy, three deployments, three medals, and five campaign stars for Vietnam service, he was honorably discharged. Mr. Blumhorst is President of NCFM-LA since 2009, NCFM national Board Member, Major Donor/Benefactor, and recipient of the NCFM Award of Honor in 2005.


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