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NCFM Member Poem for Young Army Suicide Victim

February 16, 2021
NCFM Member Poem for Young Army Suicide Victim

Today, we received an “unusual request” to publish a poem from one of our Army Veteran members. Here’s what he says… __________________________________________ I finally talked to my son at length about his friend who committed suicide. I didn’t know this but my son talked to him at length about 12 hours before he took...
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NCFM Board Member Fred Sottile, Episode Two, I Need A Little Help with Men’s Rights

October 5, 2020

There is a lot of talk, still in 2020, about women’s rights. You’d think the issue would have been addressed enough by now. After all, women compose more than half of college enrollment, have equal pay for equal work and any job they like, spend more money than men, are home owners, and disproportionately...
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NCFM Adviser John Davis, Esq., Men Committing Suicide, a Response to Loise Perry

August 25, 2019
male suicide

John Davis ABSTRACT My article responds to Louise Perry’s “Time to Stop Using Suicide for Political Point-Scoring.” Ms. Perry writes about men committing suicide. Her conclusion is that men, and men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), are using the gender suicide gap as a means of scoring political points against feminists and feminism (as opposed to...
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