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Posts Tagged ‘ welfare ’

NCFM Adviser Richard Doyle, Our Devastating Welfare System

February 3, 2019

Menken described the U.S. federal government as a “milch cow with one hundred twenty-five teats.”  We devote far more resources than many other countries to social spending.  This essay addresses the twenty-one and a third percent of Americans on the dole.  Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation claims federal and state spending on means-tested...
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Posted in Child Custody, Child Support, Children's' Rights, Courts, Courts Family, Fatherlessness, Female Privilege, Feminism, Gender Politics, Richard Doyle, MRA, Welfare | 4 Comments »

NCFM Member R.K. Hendrick, Esq. “An Observation of Western Culture”

December 14, 2011
NCFM Member R.K. Hendrick, Esq. “An Observation of Western Culture”

An except from the book, “How To Avoid Getting Screwed When Getting Laid” by RK Hendrick, Esq., with permission: An Observation of Western Culture To be clear, I am acutely aware some men can be uncivilized animals.  After food, clothing and shelter, our primary drive is for sex.  And for some men, “sex”...
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Posted in Action, Discrimination Against Boys, Discrimination Against Males, Discrimination Against Men, Domestic Abuse/Violence, R.K. Hendrick, Esq, Radical, Supremist | 2 Comments »