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NCFM Member Paul Clements on False Rape Accusations

July 26, 2014

False rape accusationsNCFM NOTE: Here’s a well-reasoned article by one of our long time standing members and staunch defender of father’s rights…

By: Paul Clements, DADD-SC


New Hampshire Governor John  Lynch was quoted as saying that, “it’s time for everyone to realize they should support victims of sexual assault,  and hold their abusers accountable.”  Grace Mattern, NH Sexual Assault Coalition executive director echoes the Governor by saying that “Victims are never to blame”.  Maybe! It all depends on whether the accusers are really victims.  You see, what this feminist governor and his feminazi pals in the domestic violence industry don’t want us to know, is that a large percentage of sexual assault reports are patently false.

Begin with Jane Roe, of the Roe v.Wade case.  Roe eventually admitted that she lied about being raped for the simple reason that, as a feminist, she wanted to make a stronger case for women’s right to an abortion.

Cathleen Webb lied about being raped out of fear of what her parents would say if she became pregnant.  The falsely accused man, Gary Dotson, spent six years (of a 50 year sentence) in prison in spite of her admission that she had lied about being raped.  Prosecutors refused to believe she was telling the truth about having lied.

In an investigation of 556 rape cases, reported in Forensic Science Digest, Vol.11, no.4, Dec. 1985, it was found through DNA testing that 33% of the accusations were false.  Another 27% in the same study were shown to be false when the women involved admitted lying, or were shown to be lying by lie detector tests.  That’s a total of 60% false accusations.

Even the liberal Washington Post reported it’s own study, in June, 1992, wherein 30% of allegations of rape were proven false.

A study by Hugo Adam and Micheael Radelet, reported in Stanford Law Review, 11/87, found 350 cases where DNA proved the accusation false. Sadly, 23 of the men falsely accused had already been executed, and eight more had died in prison.  Quite a high price to pay for promoting the false notion that women don’t lie about sexual assault.

Internationally acclaimed attorney, Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz published an article in the Boston Herald (8/6/94) in which he discussed a nine year study by a Purdue Univ. (female).

Sociologist, reported in The Archives of Sexual Behavior, conducted in a large metropolitan area, including two large universities, in which the data showed that 40% of the sexual assault allegations were false.  The only definition of “false” was the admission by the supposed “victim” that she had lied.   Another study reported in Dershowitz’s article was done by New York City sex crimes prosecutor, Linda Fairstein in 1987.

Fairstein found that, of 4000 reports of rape each year in Manhattan, “about HALF simply did not happen!”  To paraphrase the Jerry Lee Lewis song, there’s “A whole lot of lying going on!”

‘One in Five’ Rape Factoid:

“A woman could list instances of consensual sex she had while intoxicated that she did not consider to be rape – that were in fact not rape – and the researchers would nonetheless classify her as a rape victim. The bogus “one in five” formulation does more to obscure the issue than to honestly address it.” (Katherine Connell: Twisting Sexual-Assault Statistics).”Three quarters of the female students who were classified as victims of sexual assault by incapacitation did not believe they had been raped.” (Cathy Young: The White House Overreaches on Campus Rape).”The New White House report on rape and sexual assault ignores the growing problem of false allegations and relies on inflated rape statistics. Three peer-reviewed studies have found the rate of false accusations of rape to range from 41% to 60%.” (Suzanne Venker: An Open Letter to Joe Biden)

“It’s a little shocking to read a White House report that effectively assumes all accusations or reports of rape are true, and all of the accused are guilty.” (Wendy Kaminer: ‘Believe The Victim’? Maybe – But Protect The Rights Of The Accused, Too).

“Of course that hyper-inflated claim does little for the credibility of real rape victims.” (Carey Roberts: Warning to Women: The Government Wants to Turn You into a Rape Victim). It’s pretty sad that most of the domestic violence claims put forward by the feminists are provably false.  And obtaining a restraining order against a man based on false charges is bad enough.  But to insist that a woman who cries “rape!” is never lying, and sentencing a man to a lengthy prison term, and maybe the death penalty, is inexcusable.  Governor Lynch should be ashamed of himself for shilling for the feminists in promoting this anti-male scheme.  And an anti-male scheme it is, when LESBIAN relationships show almost TWICE the rate of violence and forced sexual activity as heterosexual relationships, and THAT fact is never mentioned by the sexual assault coalition profiteers. More the shame, our tax dollars are funding this unjustified war against men.

Paul Clements


The National Organization for Women , radical feminists, and Women’s Studies departments, often deny that women make false accusations about rape by asking the naïve, simplistic, and self-serving question:

“Why would a woman lie?”  It turns out that there are plenty of reasons women lie about rape, either deliberately or out of desperation.

A U.S. Air Force study, “The False Rape Allegation in the Military Community.(Forensic Science Digest.Vol  II, No.4, Dec. 1985) investigated 556 cases of alleged rape, and found a 60% rate of false accusations.  As part of the study, women who were found to have made false accusations were asked “WHY?” Motivations given by the women who acknowledged they had made false accusations:


  • Spite or revenge 20.
  • To compensate for feelings of guilt or shame 20
  •  Thought she might be pregnant 13
  •  To conceal an affair 12
  •  To test husbands’ love 9
  •  Mental/emotional disorder 9
  •  To avoid personal responsibility 4
  •  Failure to pay, or extortion 4
  •  Thought she might have caught VD 3
  •  Other 6

TOTAL 100%

The study found that most false accusations are “instrumental” – they served a purpose.  If the purpose isn’t avoiding guilt, or getting revenge, it might serve a more focused purpose, for example, telling her parents; “I didn’t just go out and get pregnant, I was raped.”   Or, telling her husband, “I didn’t have an affair, it wasn’t my fault, I was raped.”

An unrelated Washington Post article, “Unfounded Rape Reports Baffle Investigators” (6/27/1992) also found a wide range of motivations to falsely accuse men of rape.  Anger toward boyfriends was common.  One woman had her boyfriend spend 13 months in jail before she acknowledged that she had lied.  One woman accused her newspaper delivery man of raping her at gunpoint because she needed an excuse to be late to work.

Neither woman was prosecuted or even reprimanded for lying to the police and attempting to have a man frivolously imprisoned.  In another case, police say the young woman who admitted to falsifying two rape reports only wanted a day off from work.

All rape accusations need to be considered seriously, as, no doubt, rape does occur.  But a balance needs to be maintained between the claims of the accuser against the all-too-often legitimate denial of the accused.

Women who are found to have made a false sexual assault complaint should be punished with lengthy prison sentences. Perhaps that will make other women think twice before making false complaints.

national coalition for menFalse rape accusations quite often destroy the falsely-accused’s life, and their family’s.

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9 Responses to NCFM Member Paul Clements on False Rape Accusations

  1. clay on July 28, 2019 at 7:30 PM

    “Men would do well to remember that the vast majority of life and liberty can be preserved by the choice to Go Your Own Way. Reject marriage. Reject the military. Reject corporate slavery. Reject chivalry. Reject group consensus on who and what you should be as a man. And reject ANYONE, including your family, who tries to coerce you out of those choices. Do all that, and you have a reasonable shot at a free, happy life. Never forget it is your choice and your responsibility. There are no victims, just volunteers”. –Paul Elam AVFM

  2. radarman67 on October 13, 2016 at 12:01 AM

    I was sent to prison for Rape that I didn’t commit, my X-Wife’s boyfriend was getting drunk at our house when I was at work and I didn’t know she was having an affair with someone she met at work. When I WAS AT WORK HE WOULD COME OVER AND SHE WOULD MAKE HIM MAD SO HE WOULD HIT HER AND SHE MAKE HIM LEAVE, ABOUT 15 MINUTES BEFORE I CAME HOME. SHE CALL THE POLICE AND TELL THEM I HIT HER AND AS I WALKED IN THE DOOR THERE THEY WERE, THEY DIDN’T ASK QUESTIONS JUST HAULED ME OFF TO JAIL. WELL! after 5 times of going to jail I left home and went on the streets in Oakland, California, she didn’t know where I was but she kept making false Police reports because of her abusive Boyfriend BEN!!!! Well I spent 5 yrs in prison got out in 2 and now I have to Register as a SEX OFFENDER which I am not because of her.
    I have proof of all my whereabouts for 9 months I was on the streets, but that didn’t stop her SHE EVEN SAID I STOLE A CAR IN BERKELEY AND SHE NAMED THE COLOR, MAKE, YEAR, WHICH BELONGS TO HER GIRLFRIEND JULIE ACROSS THE STREET, (Strange isn’t it!). She never knew where I was, who I was with, a new girlfriend and making money working in a Pizza place.
    HERE”S one for the books!! The detective on the case was forcing her to press charges and if she didn’t do it he take her son away, and on top of it he was over at her house almost everyday and having her perform sexual favors on him if you know what I mean!!!!.
    But yet I’m the one who was accused of False accusation of RAPE” and in California they have a law that NOBODY knows about because if they did the Defendant can bring up her passed and all her boyfriends that she’s had or has BUT THIS LAW IS CALLED “THE CALIFORNIA RAPE SHIELD LAW” which screws the defendant and throws him in JAIL even if he’s Innocent!!!!
    They have tried to have this law thrown out because it is UNConstitutional and the accused is thrown to the wolves. In Solano County they throw the book away and gives you the MAX sentence because it’s called SO-Long-County because it’s SO LONGGGG.

  3. radarman67 on October 12, 2016 at 11:37 PM

    I was accused of Rape by my X-Wife because had a new boyfriend that I didn’t know she had. When I was at work he would show up at the house and have sex and leave before I came home. He was was abusive and he would hit her and leave and she call the Police and tell them that I beat her and they were so dumb that I went to Jail 6 times. I finely got tired of all the False accusations and going to jail that I left and went on the streets.
    Well! that didn’t stop her from accusing me of beating her up because of him

    • radarman67 on October 13, 2016 at 12:18 AM

      As I was saying in the statement above My Public Defender was in the Pocket of the District Attorney even before I stepped in court. All the Charges were False ALL 20 of them because of her. She was and still is a 51/50 CRAZY in California. Well if I was that bad how come I’m not in Prison now???? The reason, she didn’t get what she wanted, me to go back east and get her daughter from my brother and bring her home, but she didn’t know that I knew she gave my brother permisson to take her daughter until she reaches 18 then she can come home.
      When I said NO she got mad and told me she would get even with me and she started her BULLSHIT. Like I said in the above statements everything is true and I like to get my GOOD NAME BACK!!!!!
      So all you MEN out there if you are in a BAD Marriage, Relationship, GET OUT of it and protect yourself. I have a GREAT WOMAN now and she and her kids are standing behind me and want me to clear my name and put my X-WIFE behind bars where she belongs but she is dying of CANCER stag 4 from what I hear from my son so KARMA is paying her back for her bad doings.

  4. Unknown on November 3, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    My husband’s ex wife left him and they had two girls together she didn’t want him to get full custody so she lied and had her cousin lie with her saying my husband slept with the 14 year old. She even had an STD at 14. My husband was tested and came up negative but she swore my husband was the only man she ever been with. But because of this lie they made even with the proof showing he was innocent he was still was charge with sexual conduct with a minor. Our court system is screwed up and it’s lets woman get away with lieing while the men have to suffer knowing they are completely innocent! Something needs to change!

  5. JR on August 11, 2014 at 6:04 AM

    I have a brother who spent four years in prison for being accused of rape by a woman who became furious when he wouldn’t leave a woman he was known to already be with before the sexual relationship began. Come to find this same woman had accused three men before and had failed to appear to court after she felt justified that the men had served time awaiting trial due to her, from which she gleaned pleasure. The courts never pursued her, simply releases the men each time. However, when my brother’s turn came, the judge told the woman that if she failed to appear once more, she would have a warrant signed for her arrest. So, she had to go the process, and my brother had to do time for something she has even since admitted he did not do.

  6. Audubon Crosby on August 5, 2014 at 4:50 AM

    My brother was the director of the Special Crime Victims (Rape Investigations) in NYC, Manhattan. his investigations came up with 50% of all accusations in Manhattan South were false rape accusations. The DA never pursued the false accusers This is the silk stocking area of Manhattan.
    37 Years ago I emigrated from the USA after serving in Vietnam. I would never raise a family there with all the problems of political correctness and feminists owning politicians and demagogues in the media.
    I visit every two years to see my brothers and their families. I can’t wait to leave and return home to Thailand. All of my brothers are envious and visit occasionally. America has lost it’s soul and I don’t think it will ever get it back.

  7. angryharry on July 31, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    Even some UK police admit that the UK is Flooded By False Accusations …

    … and they record ALL those allegations that cannont be proven one way or the other as “recorded rapes” to bamboozle the public..

  8. Emelio Lizardo on July 31, 2014 at 4:56 AM

    What amazes me is the triviality of most women’s reasons for false accusations.

    There was an interesting study done some years ago that found women admitted that they meant yes when they said no at least 40% of the time.

    A further study (with mri) found that women (but not men) lied about their sexual arousal.

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