Why would the county government give up on that? The release says the county was ditching the program “in favor of a model focusing on at-risk fathers through a multidisciplinary workgroup.” We are also told the county saved $118,000 by disbanding the collaborative.

Here’s a pro tip: Any time the government uses the words “model,” “at-risk,” “multidisciplinary” and “workgroup” in a single sentence, you are being taken for a ride. And the money? Please. If you think saving $118,000 was the county’s motivation, I’ve got a multidisciplinary workgroup for you…

To read the rest of the article go to: http://www.hmbreview.com/opinion/editorials/county-leaves-dads-kids-adrift%04-with-end-of-fatherhoodcollaborative/article_30b5a1f8-af25-11e5-a80d-9b61b936f73f.html 

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