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NCFM Adviser Gordon Finley Ph.D opinion published in THE HILL, “Hillary Clinton presidency would extend Obama’s negative policies”

March 24, 2016

hillaryNCFM NOTE: To be clear, NCFM in no way endorses any candidate for a national office, none. To be more clear, there are no candidates for national office of whom we are aware that have mentioned any concern for men or their issues, not one. In fact, if you have an opportunity to ask a candidate a question at a town hall meeting, rally, or other event please ask him/her what they are going to do to help men. We would love to hear the answer… Our guess is whoever is elected will extend policies that benefit only women at the great cost to men. If you know differently, please explain.

Hillary Clinton presidency would extend Obama’s negative policies

By Gordon E. Finley

From the get-go, the Democratic race to the White House has been described as Hillary Clinton’s to lose, and she appears well on her way to doing just that. In my view, this largely is because the tired old establishment stuff she is pulling off her political shelf does not match the angry and anti-establishment mood of the 2016 electorate.

On top of that, the gender card that she was counting on to carry her to victory has flipped, and men along with younger women are voting against her in increasing numbers. Men especially appear to have finally awakened to the reality that four more years of President Obama’s identity and gender politics are not in their best interests. Men, and especially white men, have been devastated in education, jobs, health, family and fairness under Obama and there is no reason to believe that they would improve under a President Hillary Clinton.

From Gordon E. Finley, Miami

national coalition for men

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One Response to NCFM Adviser Gordon Finley Ph.D opinion published in THE HILL, “Hillary Clinton presidency would extend Obama’s negative policies”

  1. Harry on April 15, 2016 at 3:36 AM

    Many feminists do not seem to realize that their idea that injustices inflicted on men compensate for (perceived) injustices inflicted on women will, if implemented fully, justify injustices inflicted on women.
    Doesn’t work like that, feminists. Injustices are injustices. There is no scale of injustice, balancing injustices with injustices. There is only a heap of injustice, and each injustice adds to the sum of injustice.

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