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NCFM Member Mark Lesmeister opinion published in Houston Chronicle, “Advantages Galore”

May 3, 2016
female privilege

Click on the picture for an excellent article about “Unchecked Female Privilege

Advantages galore

Regarding “Trump’s innate sexism is an insult to all of us” (Page A15, Thursday), Ruth Marcus wants to remind us of the disadvantages female candidates face. Isn’t it time we explore at least a little bit the other side of the coin: that is, the privileges female candidates enjoy solely because of their gender? Here’s just a few examples. Hillary Clinton has never had to answer the “what did you do during the war” that dogged her husband and George W. Bush. As a woman, she is automatically excused from the expectation that she should have served her country in uniform.

Second, when female candidates are attacked personally, the omnipresent chivalrous impulse to protect women, which is just another form of sexism, rears its ugly head. Think of Clayton Williams refusing to shake Ann Richards hand after a debate during their gubernatorial race. From the outcry that followed, one would think he had punched her in the nose.

It’s high time we asked female candidates, and women in general, to address the unearned privileges granted by their gender.

Mark Lesmeister, Pearland

men's studiesNotice the quote “Privilege is invisible to those who have it” just under “Patriarchy” in the lead poster above by Michael Kimmel, see our June 2013 post:

A Joke of a Men’s Studies Center A Joke of a Men’s Studies Center A Joke…

June 6, 2013
men's studies center

Kimmel’s under privileged women advisers at the Center for Masculinity at State University of New York at Stony Brook

burning man


national coalition for menIt’s all about …

Female Privilege!

Female Privilege!

Female Privilege!

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