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NCFM update, Major Christian “Kit” Martin Dodges a Bullet in Courts-Martial at Fort Campbell – Is Acquitted of Child Sex Abuse Charges

May 17, 2016

Major Christian “Kit” Martin Dodges a Bullet in Courts-Martial at Fort Campbell – Is Acquitted of Child Sex Abuse Charges

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

                                                                             Sir Edmund Burke

In a stunning defeat of political correctness and the military’s ferocious quest to convict any and all allegations of sexual misconduct; regardless of veracity or truth, Army Major Christian “Kit” Martin was acquitted of all sex related charges at a Fort Campbell court-martial that concluded on Friday, May 13th.

major martinMajor Christian ‘Kit” Martin

Major Martin was convicted of several lesser misdemeanor charges including simple assault and mishandling classified information, but that is only part of the story.

Major Martin’s primary accuser; his convicted felon bigamist “ex” Joan Harmon-Guerra’s quest to “ruin his life” has spiraled down to earth like a Japanese Zero fighter plane; shot out of the sky at the battle of Truk Lagoon.  If Major Martin had been convicted of any sex related offense, Harmon-Guerra stood to cash in to the tune of over 250K in transitional compensation.  Now she gets nada, zip, zilch.  Her tax-payer funded lottery ticket just got shredded.  We wonder how much tax-payer money was wasted in this circus?  A million perhaps; maybe more?

major martinMajor Martin was convicted of two counts of simple assault and two counts of mishandling of classified information, but as we say, that is only part of the story.

There is a perception that going into a military courtroom, that the truth will be revealed.  In a military courtroom, the end result of learning the truth is non-existent.  The primary goal is to get a conviction, by any means necessary, and the disturbing thing is that military judges help that goal.

In a legal tactical maneuver, Fort Campbell corrupt prosecutors Major Jacob Bashore and Major James Garrett dropped all sex related charges involving Joan Harmon-Guerra.

Why, did they drop the charges you may ask?  Well, there is a reason.

Minutes before the court-martial was to begin last Monday, May 9th, Bashore and Garrett dropped all sex related charges involving Harmon-Guerra, thus preventing her from being cross-examined by Major Martin’s civilian defense attorneys, Tucker Richardson of Lexington Kentucky, and James Phillips of Oak Grove Kentucky.  This way, once Harmon-Guerra was no longer, technically a “victim,” her three-decade pattern of lies, false allegations, frauds, abuse, and coaching her kids to lie could not be part of the proceedings, thus keeping that information from the ears of the jury.  Just one of many, despicable greasy-sleazy lawyer tricks Bashore and Garrett did during the trial.

By dropping all sex-related charges concerning Harmon-Guerra, the court panel (jury) was not able to hear the following;

  • That Joan Harmon-Guerra was a frequent runaway, drug and alcohol abuser in her teenage years (30+ years ago) and falsely accused her own father of physical and sexual abuse in the Vallejo and Napa Valley areas of Northern California, as verified by audio recorded interviews with her father, mother, step-father and sister. Her false allegations were investigated by local authorities and were determined to be unfounded.
  • That Joan Harmon-Guerra gave birth to a son in the Oregon with her then live-in boyfriend, and she told her son, Army CID & JAG, and anyone else who would listen, that her son’s father had been decapitated in a logging accident before his birth. This man was located by investigators for Major Martin, still with his head attached, provided a recorded interview with investigators who also facilitated a recorded interview with Major Jacob Bashore, and who told Bashore of the drug use of Harmon-Guerra, and the physical abuse at her hands.  In the recorded interview with Bashore; Bashore asked the man if he anything further to add and his reply (recorded) was; “what can I say, she’s the devil.”
  • The jury was not able to hear that Joan Harmon-Guerra then took her then two-month old son and disappeared where his Oregon father looked, but could not find him, and never saw his son again.
  • The jury was not able to hear and see the evidence supporting the fact that Joan Harmon-Guerra altered the official Oregon birth certificate records where she removed the name of her son’s father and illegally changed his name.
  • The jury was not able to hear and see the evidence revealing that Harmon-Guerra, then fraudulently attempted to get 17+ years of back child support from this man, after abducting and disappearing with her son for this time period, which further revealed that she applied for this child support just before her son turned 18.
  • The jury was not able to hear information or testimony from the formerly decapitated father of her son, that Joan Harmon-Guerra had engaged in a sexual affair with another man while they were still living together, while she was pregnant, and shortly after she moved out of their residence with their newborn son.
  • The jury was not able to hear that she falsely accused her real and still married husband; Carlos Guerra of domestic violence, rape, and child sexual abuse, but somehow no agency record or reports exist in any state of these, after the fact allegations.
  • The jury was only able to partially hear the fact that Joan Harmon-Guerra disappeared with her son, with another man (Oregon) and the two young girls she had with Carlos Guerra, when the girls were 3 and 1 and he had not seen his girls for nearly ten years.
  • The jury was not able to hear information or testimony that Joan Harmon-Guerra had made allegations and claims that her still legally married, but recently divorced husband; Carlos Guerra was a former Guatemalan military special forces soldier who specialized in assassinating people with a knife, referring to him as; “Cuchillo” or Spanish for knife. The truth is that Carlos Guerra was never in the Guatemalan military, and is a regular guy who has a regular job as a fork lift driver in a warehouse in Tennessee, a big difference between a Guatemalan special forces assassin and a fork lift driver.
  • The jury was never able to hear that Joan Harmon-Guerra; only when Carlos Guerra filed for divorce against her in Todd County Kentucky, revived her still unreported allegations of abuse by Carlos, and then fraudulently petitioned child support against him after abducting his girls from him for a decade.
  • The jury was not able to hear that Joan Harmon-Guerra committed passport fraud against the United States when she fraudulently obtained illegal passports for her children, after she illegally married Major Martin and then took her kids out of the country when he was assigned to Germany.
  • The jury was never able to hear that investigators on Major Martin’s defense team uncovered evidence and formally requested; personally and in writing, that FBI Special Agents Al Birney and Dustin Deterding of the Hopkinsville Resident Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation start an investigation of Joan Harmon-Guerra for International Parental Kidnapping, Tri-Care Fraud, and Passport Fraud.
  • The jury was never able to hear that Joan Harmon-Guerra’s false restraining order petition in Christian County was denied by Judge Fleming who determined that she was not credible and that she had engaged in witness tampering; coaching her kids to lie, and were prevented from viewing the video recording of that proceeding.

These are just a few things that prosecutors Bashore and Garrett kept from the eyes and ears of the jury, and if we include the convoluted extra-marital sexual affair that Joan Harmon-Guerra had with the married Calvin Phillips, the circumstances of his murder, the information developed by Major Martin’s investigators that Phillips was set to “blow the lid” off of Harmon-Guerra’s vast conspiracy, the entire cooked-up story about the laptop and spy allegations, her intentional manipulations of electronic data, including manipulated photographs, the evidence of Unlawful Command Influence, Prosecutorial Misconduct, the refusal to give the defense the Article 37 audio recording, the CID and JAG collaboration with Christian County authorities to falsely portray Major Martin as a murderer, CID’s illegal seizure of Major Martin’s laptop computer that contained his entire case and evidence,  this article would look like volume two of War and Peace.

  • The jury never got to hear 99% of the three decade plus history of this dangerous con-woman who has lived a life of frauds, lies, false allegations, witness intimidation, and using every and any governmental entity to aid her in her bidding, and all she needs to do is pull out the “Rape Card.”
  • The jury never got to hear that Major Martin passed an extensive three-hour polygraph examination conducted by Army Counter-Intelligence examiners from Fort Meade Maryland, about the debacle of the laptop and spy allegations.
  • The jury never got to hear the back story of how this case was manufactured and set in motion by General Mark Stammer, how then Captain James Garrett manufactured and initiated the allegations in collaboration with Harmon-Guerra, at the behest of General Stammer.
  • The jury was never able to hear that Bashore and Garrett committed Perjury under oath during last September’s UCI & Prosecutorial Misconduct hearing and all Fort Campbell officials have refused to give defense counsel audio recording of that hearing and refused to provide NCFM with that audio recording pursuant to a FOIA request.
  • The jury was never able to hear of the badgering of defense witnesses by CID people nor the badgering and harassing of Major Martin’s sister by then JAG prosecutor Major Jenny Schlack-White. The jury was never able to hear or see the derogatory Facebook post Schlack-White sent to Senator Gillibrand, in violation of the UCMJ.  The jury was never able to hear or see the evidence that Schlack-White failed to tell Major Martin of his Constitutional Rights before he made a statement.
  • The jury was never able to hear about the ongoing Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General investigation of whistleblower retaliation by General Stammer and the issue of Unlawful Command Influence, Prosecutorial Misconduct, and CID incompetence and badgering and harassing of defense witnesses.

These are just a few of the facts that Bashore and Garrett kept from the jury, and despite valiant efforts by defense counsel Richardson and Phillips, they were repeatedly shot down by Judge Hargis.

Is there any living entity on this planet, human, plant, insect, or the endangered Delta smelt; besides Bashore, Garrett, Harmon-Guerra or Judge Hargis who is not convinced that this whole circus is a fraud of biblical proportions?

R. Tucker Richardson and James Phillips

R. Tucker Richardson and James Phillips

The dropping of all charges related to Harmon-Guerra is exactly what a witness in last September’s Article 39a session, for Unlawful Command Influence and Prosecutorial Misconduct hearing overheard, and testified to.  The witness, mistakenly put into a prosecution waiting room by an MP, had a front row seat to a conversation in which Bashore and Garrett were openly discussing that Harmon-Guerra was a liar, was not credible and that they could drop the charges pertaining to her at a later time, but for now they would use them as leverage against Major Martin.

Both Bashore and Garrett testified under oath that they never made that assertion, but their actions on Monday; dropping all charges related to Harmon-Guerra, moments before the court-martial was to begin, is proof that they committed Perjury back in September, another example of their unethical and illegal conduct.

What are they trying to hide?

Well there is an answer to that too; EVERYTHING!

The Department of Defense, Office of Inspector General’s investigation is ongoing and they have been notified of the refusal of Fort Campbell JAG officials, to release the audio recording of that hearing.

The perception among the public is that a military court-martial  will uncover all the facts.  That is a myth as corrupt prosecutors Bashore and Garrett fought to the death to keep out 99% of the information concerning Joan Harmon-Guerra’s three-decade pattern of lies, fabrications, personality disorders and frauds from the ears of the panel who ultimately determined the fate of Major Martin.

The verdict that was reached, was reached with only 1% of the facts, and 99% of lies.

If the jury panel would have heard just half of the truth, they probably would have demanded that the judge order the immediate arrest of Bashore and Garrett and demand that they face a court-martial, and have Joan Harmon-Guerra arrested and taken away by some really nice doctors in really nice white coats and a strait jacket.

For all other servicemen out there, there is no such thing as a fair court-martial, especially in cases of allegations involving sexual misconduct.  The truth is not needed or wanted.  The entire process is by design, a quest for conviction, by any means necessary.  If you are accused of some type of sexual misconduct, you WILL be court-martialed and convicted of something; perhaps that parking ticket you forgot to pay in high school.

Major Martin commented briefly before being shipped off to pre-sentencing confinement where he stated that while watching all of the proceedings and the legal shenanigans by the prosecutors, he felt like he was in some type of Soviet inquisition, or third world country lynching to clear its ranks of political dissidents.  This truly is a purging.

Major Martin was sentenced on Saturday, May 14th to three months’ confinement, a dishonorable discharge and a loss of retirement.  The nearly day long sentencing hearing was extremely contentious with Bashore demanding five years’ confinement for a conviction of four misdemeanors that carry no more than a total of 180 days in confinement according to the UCMJ.  Again, revealing the true vindictive and retaliatory nature of Bashore.

All of this pre-sentencing and post sentencing confinement was completely unnecessary and uncalled for.  Major Martin had a spotless and decorated career and never demonstrated that he was a flight risk, and realistically speaking for conviction of misdemeanors and a 90-day jail sentence; what did they think he would do; flee to Cuba?  It was done specifically to degrade, embarrass and humiliate with extreme prejudice.  The dignified thing would have been to allow him to voluntarily turn himself in on Monday morning.

Despite being stymied at almost every turn, defense counsel Richardson and Phillips were still able to get in some limited information of Harmon-Guerra’s dubious past, enough to obtain an acquittal of child sex abuse allegations; allegations that revealed had been coached and practiced over a period of at least two years.

Heated legal discussions at the sentencing hearing revealed a new low for Bashore, where in frustration, he openly revealed very private, personal, and hurtful information, in clear and explicit violation of the Privacy Act of 1974, about the family of Major Martin’s fiancé causing court spectators to gasp in horror, .  What in hell was Bashore thinking?  How is it possible that an Army officer and an officer of the court no less, to stink putrid callousness and disregard for human decency?  The answer to that question will most likely be learned during civil litigation, and within the DoD IG investigation.

When the proceedings ended, the evil and unholy Bashore approached attorney Tucker Richardson and offered to shake his hand, as if this was some kind of contest.  Mr. Richardson; although a dignified southern gentleman attorney, refused to shake his hand and uttered a number of expletives that we can’t mentioned here, but we can assume have something to do with human reproductive and digestive systems.  He added that for the first time in his long and distinguished legal career, he actually felt “dirty,” by the suppression of the truth and the despicable tactics employed by his opponents and given a green light by the judge; Colonel Michael Hargis.

At the conclusion of the sentencing hearing, Major Martin was to be transferred to a local jail pending transportation to a military correctional facility.  This on a day that was supposed to be a celebration; a celebration of the marriage of Major Martin’s daughter who has been denied the once in a lifetime opportunity to have her father walk her down the aisle.

Imagine that; at almost the precise moment Major Martin’s daughter was walking down the aisle without her father by her side, he was probably riding in a jail van, in a jumpsuit, on his way to a local slammer.

This is only one thing that the blood thirsty corrupt “black-hearted” prosecutors Bashore and Garrett have caused to appease the vengeful blood lust of sociopathic liar Joan Harmon-Guerra.

If that doesn’t make anyone’s blood boil and express a true hate of the souls of Bashore and Garrett, and pray that they rot in the same hell space where Joan Harmon-Guerra is headed, then I don’t know what will.

Major Martin’s fiancé and family are thankful and pleased that he is not facing a lifetime in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, but are also devastated at the results.  The dozens of lives that have been negatively affected by the likes of corrupt lawyers like Bashore and Garrett, and sociopathic liar Joan Harmon-Guerra cannot be fully described.

Despicable and unspeakable are not enough.  Madness and lunacy would be more right, similar to the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 & 1693.

Although Major Martin had the resources and competent legal counsel, advocates and supporters, one can only wonder the injustices that are befallen upon soldiers of lesser rank and lesser means.  If this is any sign of the type of military justice that is the norm, our military prisons must be brimming with the wrongly convicted.

This case should have never reached the front door of any courthouse on this planet, but when the Pentagon and rape hysteric politicians screech, scream, and demand that heads are to be served on a platter, this is what we get.

As retired Major Glenn McDonald, the editor of Military Corruption dot-com reported, the corrupt Major Bashore was out for blood, obviously as his name has been smeared all over the Internet and in books as the epitome of a self-serving lawyer, willing to do anything, and to pull out every greasy, sleazy lawyer trick in the book to send innocent men to prison for crimes they have not committed.

He also reported that one of the defense witnesses had a brief conversation with the third prosecutor; Captain Shawn Atkins wherein Atkins admitted to the witness that he knew that Major Martin was innocent.  If he knew that, then why in the hell hasn’t he said anything?

Bashore and Garrett’s goal was NOT to bring the truth into the military courtroom, but to do everything in their power to suppress the truth.  They were fully aware that their sociopathic lying star accuser would fold like a putrid dish-rag under cross-examination.  As it was, during her brief testimony concerning the laptop computer that she and her lover; the murdered Calvin Phillips, had tried to set-up Major Martin as some kind of “double-not international spy,” she had to be cautioned several times by the judge to stop interrupting the attorneys.  She intermingled her lies on the stand with bible scripture, as in her polluted and twisted mind, she apparently thought she would be more believable.  Yeah right; like Bernie Madoff telling everyone; “trust me.”

Bashore and Garrett knew this.  They even gave her a complete make-over, hair, make-up, a new dress; like trying to shine up a penny and telling everyone it is a quarter.

The sickening and disturbing thing is that military judges, and in this case, Army Colonel (Judge) Michael Hargis allowed them free rein and did everything in his power to help corrupt prosecutors Bashore and Garrett in that goal.  The sad thing is that this maladministration of justice is not unusual; in fact, it is the norm when it involves sexual misconduct allegations.

What service members need to realize is the vast danger that they are in.  One phone call or one allegation from a vengeful wife or a break-up with girlfriend is enough to ruin their careers and lives, all in the name of political correctness, and to appease the rape hysterics in the Pentagon and in politics, like Gillibrand, McCaskill and Ayotte.

The fact is that there is NO justice in military justice, and even when you have the resources to hire competent civilian counsel such as Tucker Richardson and James Phillips, the deck is stacked against you.  The reality is that the full weight of the U.S. Government is coming after you if you are accused of domestic violence or sexual misconduct, and no effort or expense will be spared to achieve the goal of a conviction by any means necessary.

This story has not ended, and although Major Martin is being sent to the proverbial “brig” for three months and is being dishonorably kicked out of the Army, the legal battle is far from over.  Nor is the battle for justice over.  The reporting of this case might be sparse, but the efforts of advocates and volunteers will be just as ferocious, and more so, as the efforts were to suppress the truth and convict him by any means necessary.  Hopefully, and in time, one of those goals is to report the inmate numbers of Bashore and Garrett as their actions were not just despicable, unethical and illegal, but downright evil and unholy.

Retired Major Glenn McDonald of Military Corruption dot-com has reported that the articles that he has published on Major Martin’s case has resulted in over 300,000 views in just a few days, including over 50 from dot House IP addresses, so some folks in Congress have taken notice.  He has even taken the rare step of placing Major Jacob Bashore on the Military Corruption dot-com Hall of Shame.

Bashore and Garrett didn’t get the rape conviction and 58 years in a military prison that they were hoping for, and only got a nugget.  What they have accomplished is that have lit the fire in the bellies of those advocates and volunteers to do everything in their power to insure that the real criminals in this travesty face justice.  Stay tuned this case and the advocacy efforts are far from over.

Feel free to go to the links below from Military Corruption dot-com and the website for Investigative Reporter Bob McCarty for more information, reports and videos.  Feel free to contact your elected representatives to advise them of the military’s version of Duke Lacrosse on steroids, and demand reform and demand, “heads on a platter.”

“Don’t let a loud few determine the nature of the sound.  It makes for poor harmony and diminishes the song.” 

Vera Nazarian


national coalition for men

Join us. Become part of the solution. Sitting on the coach don’t get it done. There are more innocent people to help like…

Major Christian “Kit” Martin

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8 Responses to NCFM update, Major Christian “Kit” Martin Dodges a Bullet in Courts-Martial at Fort Campbell – Is Acquitted of Child Sex Abuse Charges

  1. Feminist_Nullificationist on July 2, 2016 at 8:09 AM

    “Be All that You Can Be,” means being nothing under documented, U.S. Army, male witch-hunting. What a pack of stinking hypocrites! :-/ Army proud? No, Army ashamed! I would NEVER recommend to young men that they consider joining such a vile, cowardly, corrupt outfit as the U.S. Army that has grossly mistreated Major Martin, while goose-stepping to the misandrist feminist agenda coming from the Obama administration. :-/

  2. Henry on May 25, 2016 at 11:34 AM

    A little off-topic but please bear with me. Here’s an interesting development that just happened. I’ve heard about the feminist movement putting up posters on college campuses that infer that all men are rapists. Just the latest example of how feminism is nothing less than a hate movement. So I go on the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center which tracks hate groups and lo and behold I don’t see any mention of feminism being a hate movement. Shocking, right? So I call up the S.P.L.C. to ask politely why feminism isn’t listed among their numerous hate groups they track. For two days I’ve been getting the runaround from these idiots, getting patched through to this one’s phone or that one’s phone and amazingly nobody seems to be at their desks. It’s like they all take lunch all day long and are never at their desks.

    Finally after numerous phone calls trying to reach someone there I reach someone’s voice mail that gives me the number for their communications director, one Kirsten Bokenkamp. Amazingly she picks up when I call her number. This is how the conversation went:

    Me: “Hi, you’re with the Southern Poverty Law Center, correct?”

    Kirsten: “Yes, may I help you?”

    Me: “Well I was wondering why a particular group that is clearly a hate movement is not listed on your website as a hate movement. Listen, anyone taking an objective, unbiased look at the feminist movement in this country has to conclude that it’s a hate movement. They are now putting up posters on college campuses across the country inferring that all men are rapists. As a man I find that highly offensive as well as being wildly inaccurate.”

    Kirsten: [the clicking sound of the phone hanging up]

    So I call back immediately and get her voice mail saying “Hi this is Kirsten Bokenkamp, I’m away from my desk right now…”

    Several more calls in the next few minutes get the same lack of response. So I leave several messages saying how unprofessional and immature it is to hang up on someone when they are being polite and are simply giving you information that hurts your little feelings and conflicts with your agenda. And how cowardly it is. Still no response.

    So you can rest assured that the Southern Poverty Law Center, whatever it started out as, is nowadays nothing but a very biased, immature shitstain of an organization that is nothing more than a stick with which to beat groups that they politically disagree with. Worse than worthless.

    And their communications director Kirsten Bokenkamp is the most cowardly piece of shit imaginable.

    • NCFM on May 29, 2016 at 2:40 PM

      Excellent! Thank you for doing that!

  3. garlan l. burris on May 18, 2016 at 10:01 PM

    My son, Major Erik Burris is the victim of a very similar situation. a demented wife,an unjustifiable legal system, and cowards in charge.

    • Michael Turpiano on May 18, 2016 at 11:37 PM

      I followed your son’s case, it is indeed a travesty of justice.

  4. Michael Turpiano on May 17, 2016 at 8:16 PM

    This case really hits home for me as well as the many other military service members falsely accused/wrongfully convicted. In one comment that Kit stated about the courtroom, he felt like he was in some type of “Soviet inquisition”, or third world country lynching to clear its ranks of political dissidents. My own personal experiences during my military trial are nearly identical. It felt like I was no longer in the United States of America; that truth and justice didn’t matter anymore. It felt like an inquisition, or some backwoods third world country court where human rights did not matter, and the verdict was decided long before the trial even began.

    I am praying for Kit’s family and friends and counting the days down until his release.

  5. Sharon Wright on May 17, 2016 at 9:01 AM

    I know about the corruption of the courts and the law enforcement community against young men. It can happen anywhere. I’m so angry about what is happening to men in this country that I could take up arms right now. The county I live in is particularly bad with the Law people. I have many opinions about people in the military, especially involving women. Basically I’m very worried about our guys in the military. Oh, and I know about the red high heal shoes thing! Disgraceful!! Our boys deserve better!!!

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