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NCFM Member/Adviser Michael Conzachi presenter at CPI Wrongful Conviction Day Forum

October 5, 2016

wrongful convictionCenter for Prosecutor Integrity holds Wrongful Conviction Day Forum

 by NCFM

On Tuesday, October 4, 2016, the Center for Prosecutor Integrity sponsored a three-hour webinar forum in observance of ‘Wrongful Conviction Day.’

The forum, that began at 1pm Eastern Time, had attendance from all over the country and several other countries; was a resounding success.

Featured speakers were members of CPI’s Victim Centered Investigations’ Executive Committee .  Speakers included attorneys, a falsely accused college student, civil and military investigators, a forensic psychiatrist, and a retired homicide detective, the latter of whom is NCFM Adviser Michael Conzachi.

The forum was specifically designed to raise awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions, and highlighted several areas, including the psychological effects on persons wrongfully convicted of sexual misconduct, the vast problems associated with ‘victim centered investigations,’ and the lack of impartiality of the University of Texas’ ‘Blueprint’ for the handling of campus sexual assault allegations.

Some of those attending the webinar event included the falsely accused and their families, attorneys, advocates, educators, and law enforcement officers.

Here are just a few of the positive comments and reviews received by CPI.

“This was both a great accomplishment and a great demonstration of your ability to reach important audiences in an efficient way that doesn’t require the full expense and time commitment of a face to face conference.”

 “I was so impressed by the diversity and content of your presentations.”

 “This was a very well-organized, very well-coordinated event by the staff and volunteers. I haven’t been a part of discussions like this for a while and it was at times very moving.

The success of the forum can be attributed to the hard work of Executive Committee member Cynthia Garrett Esq., CPI Policy Development and Program Director Gina Lauterio, Mr. Christopher Perry, Esq., CPI Program Director, and Mr. E. Everett Bartlett; S.A.V.E. & CPI President.

The awareness of the problem of wrongful convictions and victim centered investigations has been elevated to new levels based on the combined efforts of all of those who participate and advocate.

The National Coalition for Men proudly congratulates the Center for Prosecutor Integrity’s VCI Executive Committee, and all others who contributed to such a historic and ground breaking event.

national coalition for men

Center for Prosecutor Integrity holds Wrongful Conviction Day Forum Event

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One Response to NCFM Member/Adviser Michael Conzachi presenter at CPI Wrongful Conviction Day Forum

  1. Phillip O'Conner on June 5, 2018 at 10:14 PM

    I am going through a rough period in my life and I have for 20+ all because a woman lied and a Detective threatened her if she told the truth and she didn’t want her son taken away so she lied. She knew I had moved out and lived in another city and didn’t steal a car to go to her new apartment(where ever that was i didn’t know)plus she had a new Boyfriend who was abusive towards her plus supplying her with crack.
    You see California has a law called THE RAPE SHIELD law” which states the defendant can’t bring up her past or anything she has done. That’s why men can’t defend themselves against False Accusations that women bring against them. It’s time they let the man defend themselves against CRAZY accusers and put them in PRISON.

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