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NCFMC Member John Bailes, Dear President-Elect Trump, Let’s Get Serious About Protecting College Students

January 7, 2017
The National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) is throwing its weight behind Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC11) and the House Freedom Caucus’ call for the incoming Trump administration’s removal of the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights 2011 Dear Colleague Letter directive on campus sexual assault.

Citing the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus Rules, Regulations and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue Special Report, NCFMC strongly agrees that “The Title IX guidance directive on sexual assault and campus rapes has pressured colleges to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, and to create vast campus bureaucracies which drain tuition revenue, to investigate allegations of sexual assault (primary date rapes, the incidence of which may be overestimated), and virtually dictates one-size-fits-all procedures which provide less protection to the accused, and deny the often-innocent accused basic due process rights.”

NCFMC spokesman John Bailes stated, “It’s time we get serious about protecting college students by adjudicating campus rape in the criminal justice system and by removing campus sexual assault cases from the hands of ill-equipped university employees.”

“Can you imagine having a librarian or economics professor determine if a sexual assault actually occurred without their having the power to subpoena witnesses, control evidence, or follow any set of legal standards? Without such legal procedures and due process guarantees, why would any reasonable person ever want their son or daughter’s fate decided by an ill-conceived ‘kangaroo court’?” asked Bailes.

“Sadly our region has a legacy of destroying the lives of college students who have been falsely accused of sexual misconduct, as highlighted by the tragic case of the innocent Duke Lacrosse players and more recently under the national spotlight from Rolling Stone’s reporting that an alleged gang rape had occurred at the University of Virginia where an entire fraternity was thrown under the bus. As with the Duke case, the Virginia case turned out to be a hoax about something that never actually happened,” said Bailes.

The shameful injustices of the Duke Lacrosse rape case was masterfully examined and documented in Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson’s best-selling book, Until Proven Innocent (St. Martin’s Press, 2007). After being nationally vilified by the media, three Duke Lacrosse players were declared innocent in April 2007 by then-Attorney General Roy Cooper who went on to state that “in the rush to condemn, a community and a state lost the ability to see clearly.”

 “Our organization receives calls from all over the country from distressed students or their parents asking advice about how to deal with false allegations of sexual misconduct and the numbers of calls are growing as a direct result of universities trying to keep the Department of Education off their back, and we need the Trump administration to step up and restore sanity and fair treatment for all students,” Bailes added.

National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) is the Carolinas chapter of the National Coalition For Men (NCFM), a non-partisan organization. Founded in 1977, NCFM is the oldest men’s human rights organization in America. NCFM Carolinas is dedicated to equal treatment for all mankind and advocates on behalf of students falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

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Dear President-Elect Trump, Let’s Get Serious About Protecting College Students

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2 Responses to NCFMC Member John Bailes, Dear President-Elect Trump, Let’s Get Serious About Protecting College Students

  1. radarman67James on January 31, 2017 at 10:54 PM

    Why do women falsely accuse a man of rape? Well to get them out of their lives, even if he’s innocent who cares she’s right and he’s screwed. The law doesn’t take the mans side why?
    She has a fake story or she is listening to feminist Bitchs that hate men. Men don’t deserve this from women there are more good men the bad, but there are more bad women out there then men. We are just as smart or even smarter if you might say because we hold the family together and are stronger the they are.
    Feminists can kiss my American Texas ASS!!!

  2. Bob L Boyd on January 27, 2017 at 4:07 PM

    What can be done about a man being faltsley accused of a sexual crime? A mad w x wife making his a hell

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