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NCFM update, Mariposa County Moves to Sell Jerry Cox’s Ranch After Fake Rape Case Is Exposed – Receiver and County Want Cox to Pay Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars; No Work Performed – Refuse to Provide Transparency

January 21, 2018

Jerry CoxBy NCFM

NCFM has reported extensively on the false rape case of Mariposa rancher Jerry Cox which precipitated the bizarre “receivership” action (government land grab) in which Mr. Cox’s 430-plus acre ranch was forcibly taken presumably because of over 100 highly questionable, if not trumped-up and false, Health & Safety Code violations to ease the legal theft of Jerry’s property.

Now that the County’s trickeries are publicly visible, the County is moving fast to force the sale of the ranch to pay roughly $300,000 in fees requested by California Receivership Group (CRG) administering [sic] the property. Yet, for the past six months, CRG has not remedied the violations that by law CRG must do.  Meanwhile, Mr. Cox is broke and homeless thanks to the false sexual assault and related allegations, which facilitated the receivership land grab.

On Monday, January 22, at the Mariposa County Superior Court, Judge F. Dana Walton may order Jerry to pay the $300,000 or force the sale of his ranch, knowing the County’s position is based on highly suspect actions including, but not limited to possible collusion, suppression of evidence, malfeasance and a slew of probable criminal actors.

Over the past few months, NCFM corresponded (see “NCFM Letters” below) with Mariposa County offices and officials. We asked, among many other things, why Mr. Cox was wrongly prosecuted; his false accuser, Ashley Harris, has not been arrested and charged, why evidence was mishandled and suppressed, why related search warrants were sealed, and why the County was so determined to force his land into receivership.

Suspiciously, all criminal charges against Mr. Cox were dismissed within a few days of his property being put in receivership. Based on evidence that existed at the time, Mr. Cox should have been cleared and set free within the first few hours of arrest, if not earlier.  Yet, prosecutors dragged the case on for nearly two years. Court records show Mariposa County DA’s office’s pattern, practice and failure to follow discovery requests and reckless mishandling of evidence. Even more suspiciously, Ms. Harris seems to have disappeared. Do Mariposa County officials know where she is?

Because of our investigation and many related new articles, NCFM received calls from Mariposa County residents sharing information about other acts of alleged Mariposa County corruption, mismanagement and malfeasance. It seems some, if not many, residents live in fear of losing their homes and properties. At least one reported being in hiding for fear of being beaten or murdered. One caller told us, “People in Mariposa are fearful of speaking up against decades of corruption, lest they just disappear, never to be heard or seen from again. What went on in the 80’s, still goes on today.” 

Books like “The Last Circle,” and “The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro,” and other articles describe deeply entrenched corruption in Mariposa County.  We have heard, but not confirmed, that at least one of the authors fled the country in fear of their life. Mariposa County residents have told us they live in fear of losing their homes and property at the whim of county officials. Many people we spoke with told us that Mariposa County is just as corrupt today as it was when ABC 20/20 reported on the corruption in 1991.

Mr. Cox’s engineers and attorneys recently conducted a thorough inspection of the ranch. Their professional and thorough assessment do not support receivership. It appears the charade around the theft of Jerry’s ranch may involve rented cabins; or, nefarious benefits to ownership by others, like the ranch’s close proximity to an airfield and possible cultivation and transportation of drugs.

It appears CRG retained the law firm of Silver & Wright to represent Mariposa County. Indio and Coachella criminally prosecute building and safety violations and retain Silver & Wright to prosecute the cases. Typically plea agreements result. One man agreed to cure violations and pay a $900 fine. He had six months to withdraw the agreement. A few days after the six months elapsed, he received a bill from the law firm of Silver & Wright for $26,000.  He protested, they increased it to $31,000. Worse, according the article in the Desert Sun, residents were billed up to $122,000 in prosecution fees for minor crimes (like tall weeds). Additional code enforcement fees, administration fees, abatement fees, litigation fees and appeal fees can run the bill up to $200,000. It appears a similar legal scheme may be in play against Mr. Cox.

Indio defense attorney; Leonard Cravens, who represented one of these defendants said, “It’s absolutely a scam – you can quote me on that.” “They pick the most expensive way to get the job done, in criminal court, because it’s all about the money.” In a sworn statement, Cravens called the fees “unreasonable, unconscionable and intended only to enrich their own pockets.”

Mariposa County has a sordid history including the murder of Sheriff Deputy Ron Van Meter who exposed drug dealing within the department under Sheriff Paul Paige (deceased) AKA “Boss Hog.” In 1984, Sheriff Sergeant Rod Sinclair driving recklessly while under the influence prescription drugs, killed three Secret Service Agents in a head on collision riding ahead of a motorcade for Queen Elizabeth II. A federal investigation revealed over a two-year period Sinclair was given 1,250 doses of Seconal, and then known as “Red Dolls” the Oxycontin of its day.  According to a New York Times article, that doctor who doled out the drugs was Arthur H. Dahlem M.D. (deceased), thought to be the father of current County Counsel Steven Dahlem. In 1986, an L.A. Times article stated that the Yosemite National Parks Superintendent, Robert O. Binnewies was fired, which “was precipitated by low ranger morale and a long-standing conflict over how major crime investigations are conducted in the park;” and, Binnewies (the father of current Sheriff Doug Binnewies) “came under fire after one of his rangers alleged that drug investigations under the superintendent’s supervision had been mishandled.” The article, also noted a number of lawsuits and labor grievances filed.

Is this a concerted effort and criminal conspiracy by Mariposa County officials and others to deprive a man of his life, liberty and property and exploit criminal actions and so-called property “code” violations for commercial gain?  Might the scheme rise to the level of a Federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) cause of action? On the other hand, is it simply the Peter Principle at work in Northern California? High-level ineptness in action perhaps. Maybe some combination thereof, which could help explain the bungling, albeit extremely dangerous and destructive. Maybe they just thought Cox would roll over and nobody would notice. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe some of these bad actors should be cleaning latrines in prison. Maybe they will…

According to our investigation, court documents, and many articles, books, comments, and inquiries by concerned citizens show that there have been a number of federal corruption and drug investigations involving Mariposa County officials and others.  We cannot confirm whether there is an ongoing federal investigation; however, if you have information about corruption in Mariposa County please reach out and contact the FBI Field Office in Fresno, especially if you have information about those officials named in this article. The address, telephone hotline number and online link are below.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Fresno Field Office

7815 North Palm Avenue

Fresno, CA 93711

Phone: (559) 436-4474

Regional Corruption Hotline: (855) 466-7243


 U.S. Code, RICO:

 “Mariposa County 20/20 – Corrupt County”

“The Last Circle” manuscript:

“The Last Circle:”

“The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro”

New York Times:

L.A. Times:

New York Times:

L.A. Times:

The Desert Sun:

Mariposa Gazette:

NCFM Letters:

1)      November 11, 2017 Letter from the District Attorney’s Office in response to our letter that was handled as a Public Records Act Request.

2)     November 27, 2017 Letter from County Counsel Steve Dahlem in response to NCFM’s letter to the Board of Supervisors.

3)      December 13, 2017 NCFM Letter to County Counsel Steve Dahlem in response to original letter to Board of Supervisors.

4)      December 22, 2017 Letter from County Counsel Steve Dahlem.

5)      January 5, 2018 Letter from Steve Dahlem re Public Records Act Request.


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Mariposa County Moves to Sell Jerry Cox’s Ranch After Fake Rape Case Is Exposed – Receiver and County Want Cox to Pay Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars; No Work Performed – Refuse to Provide Transparency

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14 Responses to NCFM update, Mariposa County Moves to Sell Jerry Cox’s Ranch After Fake Rape Case Is Exposed – Receiver and County Want Cox to Pay Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars; No Work Performed – Refuse to Provide Transparency

  1. Omar Rameriz on February 15, 2018 at 12:37 PM

    The countys lawyers “Silver and Wright” on this receivership case are scammers too not just the reciever “Mark Adams” JUST Google “Criminal Justice Collaborative” I see a big lawsuit here1

    • Ramon Gallardo jr on August 23, 2019 at 7:06 PM

      SILVER & Whright, California Recivership Group, Glan Investments LLC have got me on City Of Hawthorne code violation that could simply got fix directly to the sale of my home of 21 years. They sold it for $645,000 stock me with the $200,000 line of credit plus are trying to ha e the judge with a $42,000 bill. This people are evil and need to be federally investigated for racketeering.

  2. Mike on February 9, 2018 at 3:18 PM

    I heard that the “Mariposa DA Thomas Cooke” just stepped down for reelection on his next term! After being exposed for his corrupted tactics on the Cox fake rape case. He lost momentum against his incumbent Walter Wall! Well, one CRooK down half dozen more to go! Good Job NCFM!

  3. Paul on February 5, 2018 at 3:49 PM

    Great story real eye opener curious to see what happens next Jerry Cox must be a man as high as nails I know I wouldn’t have made it this far Mariposa County needs to be shut down and reconfigured!

  4. Bob on February 1, 2018 at 10:31 AM

    Receivership cases are rare and difficult to charge someone with! A hotel must be rat infested, no heaters working in the winter, no water, no sewer etc. To LIE in court and to not allow the defense to cross examine facts or any discovery on the Cox receivership case is what concerns me here!

    Cox had 14 serious felony charges on the rape case all DISMISSED, again very rare! To withhold evidence and to destroy evidence in the malicious rape case that should have been dropped within the first few hours, is what concerns me here!

    I’M CONCERNED CAUSE I LIVE IN MARIPOSA AND THEY most likely will GET SUED FOR EVERYTHING “Mariposa County” has and everything they are going to have!

    This is a Slam Dunk case for Jerry and his lawyers cause it seems like Mariposa Officials are incompetent!!!

  5. Justin Adler on January 31, 2018 at 10:00 AM

    Due process doesn’t mean legally taking a homeowners equity to have a troubled businessman live their with three full time security guards who can’t get it together to come up with a presentable estimate within s six month span!!! On top of that, he needs more time and money???? That’s not due process, that’s due malarkey

  6. mariposasoul on January 29, 2018 at 12:54 PM

    I sat in the courtroom and found Mark Adams to be crass and conniving. He used social media as an excuse to not be able to produce legitimate bids that were not anonymous. He pushed for the sale of the ranch as well with the county backing him. He complained like a two year old at naptime instead of trying to be professional in a court of law. He is more worried about financing his drone experiment on Jerry’s dime than getting to the bottom of the situation. At one point the judge told him to grab a phone book and start making calls if he couldnt find legal bids. His lack of compassion and obvious total lack of a desire to do anything but charge erroneous fees at Jerry’s expense, he is up to over 200k and not a repair has been made, is proof he is incompetent and has no business being in charge of the receivership, clearly stating he can’t get the job done in court. A receiver, doing the job that is required, tries to guide a person to get their property back. They do not charge gross fees for falsely needed security, as he stated himself in court AFTER stating in a document that he needed security at his office LA County because of this case and felt like Jerry should pay for it. The only one needing security is Jerry after the false rape case and he is walking around homeless and in danger because of the county of Mariposa. They didn’t even have the decency to let him have a public court case do dismiss ALL FALSE CHARGES and sent a quite email the day before we were to appear. Why is that? Why hasn’t the county publicly announced their misdeeds to protect a gross negligent act? Why are they trying to force a sale of his property instead of help him after they dishonored an honorable man? What plans do the County and Mark Adams have for the property? They have destroyed his reputation and his livelihood and never sot to correct it, going to great means to keep it quite. It was stated in a meeting when a citizen brought up the fact that Mariposa County is riddled with properties with more violations than Bison Creek Ranch. The counties response was …well we are addressing his first…Who is next? Who are they coming after later? Who is giving the 500k back to Jerry that it took to fight the rape case? They dragged it out on purpose to break him and then went for the ranch? Who is really behind this and what crooked plans do they have? The FBI needs to know. Call the FBI and save Mariposa from the corrupt government that has been governing and threatening its citizens for 40 years. Stand up so your children will not get their lives blood stolen from them in a blink of an eye. Mariposa has gotten away with it for too long. Most of us are just hard working country people who want to live in peace and Mariposa is running the county like we dont have a brain or a backbone. Let’s show them we have had enough…

  7. Branden on January 25, 2018 at 11:36 AM

    “Mariposa County Corruption” for the first time In history will come crashing down just watch! Bronz or Jerry after his blind deceased father, is the toughest man I have ever met let alone the smartest! he made his life into what we as Americans dream of all with his bare hands and no help nor money from no one! he is highly educated and came from the streets and projects down in Coachella! That’s right a Coachella boy is someone not to mess with! In short, he busted the “DA Regina Florick” and DA Thomas Cooke” on his fake rape case red handed destroying and withholding exculpatory evidence. Now he busted “CRG Mark Adams” and “County Council Steven Dahlem” red handed fabricating evidence, using his fake rape case to take his property, and not allowing discovery and due process for his defense!

    I’m sure he is very grateful for the help of NCFM! I will indeed contact the FBI!

  8. Macheen Fitzgerald Shaughnessy on January 25, 2018 at 11:08 AM

    To coin in here being a 40+ year resident of Mariposa County, having seen the corruption directly personally. The ‘officials’ in Mariposa need to be summarily dismissed. My mom was hauled to jail in 1971 because her vehicle did not have a front license plate, and then we have the Paige family, one directly involved in the death of secret service agents, one convicted of embezzlement and sent to prison and we still have one in public service. I am not knocking Fred Paige he happens to be a good guy and despite all the BS he has manged to remain impartial, friendly. Time to retire Fred and get the hell out of there. Then we have the VanMeter case, I was a friend of Ron and he was square took his job seriously. We still don’t have the results of the dna testing done on a body found in Lake McClure (why)?, which is suspected to be the remains of Ron. Also suspected to be the result of a direct order from ‘Big Hoss”. Mariposa where my mom made home was part and partial to her committing suicide in 2005 and all the BS, granted her personal issues aside added to this decision. I have her last letter to me. After much deliberation I decided to leave Mariposa and move out of state, simply put tired of the political crap and corruption in Mariposa once my home. If that town was nuked and simply disappeared from the map I would not grieve. It is unfortunate when that is my position, after being raised there. Why are the feds not on this ball? I dont get it, this crap could be a career maker for somebody. Mariposa needs to open the files, why they are not doing it? DOH no brainer to frigging scared to let loose the files, hiding under obscure laws and corruption. Then we have MR. Cox who is frankly being rail roaded, typical Mariposa BS. If I was a sitting judge I wouldn’t allow this to continue, so I don’t know what is on Dana’s mind, but knowing him personally I am sure he smells a fish. Frankly the feds need to take this over and slam the hammer!

  9. Ross on January 22, 2018 at 8:41 AM

    I see a huge federal case building here and a ton of money coming to NCFM and Cox! Mariposa sounds incompetent

  10. Patrick on January 22, 2018 at 7:35 AM

    America is not a Communist Government and Mariposa California is no exception! They need an adjustment and a full FBI investigation! Hollywood should indeed consider a Oscar winning movie here !

  11. Marcelo on January 21, 2018 at 6:39 PM

    the case with “Cox vs Mariposa Corrupt County” should be made into a movie and will bring good media to the cause of NCFM! Lets get these corrupt scums from trying to destroy an innocent mans life!!

    • ashley chupinski on January 21, 2018 at 9:49 PM

      “Mariposa County” needs to let this go entirely before the hole they are digging is too deep for them to climb out!

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