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NCFM Adviser Gordon E. Finley, PhD, Save our universities

July 27, 2018

NCFM NOTE: The pogrom on American men, especially white men, is directly related to our educational systems which have been corrupted by anti-male administrators, teachers and textbook publishers. So bad is the situation that many of those in related jobs came from an educational system already steeped in misandry. Hence, they do not question but rather reinforce notions hostile to men and fundamental Constitutional protections, like due process. Simply put, they are believers. No longer are we a nation of innocent until proven guilty. We are indentured to guilty even after proven innocent.

In The Hill opinion piece A professor’s call to shut down our nation’s universities  Professor Jason D. Hill wrote, “We are witnessing a generation that will not tolerate other perspectives, students who will not hear opposing ideologies,” the professor wrote. “Rejecting canonical texts and their alleged white supremacist authors is related to advancing socialism. Both appeal to a politics of victimology that purportedly only an emergent brand of post-colonial Marxism could solve. Identity politics, victimology and multiculturalism have reached such astronomical heights in U.S. universities that trigger warnings are issued for students who feel oppressed and traumatized because they have to read the writings of living or dead white men.”

In response, NCFM Adviser Gordon E. Finley offered the following analysis/opinion in a companion article from The Washington Times:

Save our universities

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Thursday, July 26, 2018


The core question addressed by “DePaul professor slams liberal colleges as ‘gravest internal threat to this country’” (Web, July 25) is this: Can America’s colleges and universities be redeemed from identity politics, victimology and the campus social-justice warriors? Professor Jason Hill’s answer is no and his case is spot-on.

So, what do we do to save civil discourse and civic behavior on campus and beyond?

The practical solutions are simple and straightforward: for public colleges and universities, cut all federal funding both for the institutions and for student loans. For private colleges and universities, ask donors to look into their hearts and minds and ask: Is what I see really what I want to fund?


Professor of psychology emeritus

Florida International University


national coalition for men

NCFM Adviser Gordon E. Finley, PhD, Save our universities

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