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NCFM Mr. Manners, If Woody Allen was innocent, why wasn’t Mia Farrow held accountable

August 18, 2018

The recent media blitz involving the sexual abuse charges against Woody Allen by his step daughter Dylan Farrow appears to have pretty much run its course. It is instructive to examine the way the press handled it, as it typifies the way such issues are discussed. Allen was as far as I can discern, totally cooperative in discussing the facts in the investigation. In addition, he took and passed a lie detector test. His 1992 CBS Sixty Minutes interview, itself was quite convincing in supporting his innocence of the charges.

Media reports have noted that some performers are now reluctant to be in Allen’s films, relevant since he is still making films and has one coming out this year. But what about Mia Farrow? Where is the suggestion that she should be held accountable for her actions, if in fact if the allegations against Allen are false, as they appear to be? Where is the evidence that she was ever held answerable in the first place?

The “60 Minutes” program said the facts seem to support Allen’s innocence. In addition, they offered Farrow an opportunity to rebut Allen’s charges, an opportunity of which she refused to take advantage. With the information broadcast on what is most likely the world’s most popular news program, where was and is, the public outcry that she be held to be accountable for her apparently false charges? Why was she was not asked or volunteer to take a lie detector test as did Allen?

Certainly, if Allen sexually assaulted his step-daughter, he should be held responsible for his actions. But what about Farrow, if in fact the allegations of sexual abuse against Allen were false? Dylan Farrow said she was significantly damaged by the incident. If Farrow coached or convinced Dylan, Farrow is responsible for the outcome. Shouldn’t Farrow received equal scrutiny under the law, especially since the children were living with her?

Why is there no concern that the children may have been unfairly deprived of their father? Nor that Farrow may have committed an atrocious case of libel charges against Allen, for which he could have been imprisoned for years? One could damn Allen for his relationship and subsequent marriage to Farrow’s older daughter, Soon Yi, but that is a different matter. I reminded of the instructions to juries in rape trials in the past, so abhorred by feminists, that such charges are easily made, but difficult to defend. This certainly applies to Allen in the court of public opinion, even after decades after Farrow accused Allen, but such implication do not follow Farrow.

False allegations of sexual abuse are common and horrifically destructive for their targets and their affected families. Such charges involve falsifying evidence and perjury that clearly is emotional abuse and a reciprocal form of sexual abuse. If false accusers are not scrutinized and held accountable, as applicable, there is no stop gap or disincentive .

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One Response to NCFM Mr. Manners, If Woody Allen was innocent, why wasn’t Mia Farrow held accountable

  1. tiffany on July 24, 2022 at 11:24 PM

    YOU ALWAYS BELIEVE THE VICTIM. ALWAYS. If stuff comes out later that disproves this fine. This is a guy who was not acquitted of all charges. He was not prosecuted because a little CHILD his ADOPTIVE CHILD NOT STEP CHILD was SO traumatized she couldn’t be a good witness for herself. A man gets barred from seeing his children and never does anything about it? Never goes to court requesting visitations? He never even mentions his efforts legally to see ANY of them. You can see visually in those home videos that his behavior is clingy and weird. He literally only seems to care about Dylan and it’s weird how not one single member of the family in those videos just expected that behavior. It’s almost as if HE is the child in the scenario. Not to mention that this relationship was obviously toxic af if you can go from finding photos, NAKED ONES, of your adopted child in your PARTNERS BEDROOM to wanting to reconcile with the same man. But him? If he’ll cross that line what line won’t he cross?

    Never again. Not ever. Will I think just cuz some guy made a bunch of films that literally repeat themselves on a loop…I mean seriously how many movies can you make of an older man being played court to by a younger female?…

    He married his daughter after abusing her and grooming her.

    Then they adopt two daughters!!!!

    I mean @#$# I don’t have to even be WA to gather the entire narrative anymore. And honestly neither do you. He didn’t bring her up on charges for the same damn reason he didn’t try to legally see his children, he was guilty! And married to his other adoptive CHILD. This is why no one trusts the media anymore. Because you all have friends you’re willing to lie for and spin it all a different way.

    My heart aches for the children you people “rescued” as you exposed them all to crap no kid that age should be exposed to. As parents you are BOTH guilty. Grow up and focus on healing your family not smearing each other with no resolution for the people who you claim to care for most.

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