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NCFM Australia Liaison Greg Andresen, new video, Are ‘men’ the problem?

February 11, 2019

men the problem

Are ‘men’ the problem?

This is our belated contribution to the #MeToo discussion. When we make female perpetrators invisible, we make their mostly male victims invisible too. Blaming ‘men’ not only makes it harder for male victims to get help, it also puts them at risk of secondary victimisation when they present as a victim yet are treated like a perpetrator.

#MeToo #MenToo #Gillette #TheBestMenCanBe #APA #MenAreTheProblem



national coalition for men

NCFM Australia Liaison Greg Andresen, new video, Are ‘men’ the problem?

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One Response to NCFM Australia Liaison Greg Andresen, new video, Are ‘men’ the problem?

  1. mike Kelly on February 24, 2019 at 5:35 PM

    I have to say I was SURPRISED and Glad that I found this Group. I have been Flipping out for YEARS how Men have been treated especially White Men.

    I am a Retired NYC Detective and a Volunteer Fire Fighter for over 28 Years. I have seen Reversed Discrimination for so long and we as men had NO WHERE to turn too. In the Police department every group in our great Department was covered BUT white males. Blacks have the NAACP and the 100 Black association. Women had Women association, Gays have the GOLD society Spanish Indian ect. When we tried to make an Organization that was to help WHITE MALES we were told we could NOT do it because that is considered an racist and sexist organization. When asked why all other races and sexes were aloud to have their Organizations we were told basically get over it or Disciplinary actions will be taken against us.
    Like in the Police Department the FIRE DEPARTMENT was almost the same way. When guys would use the word CUNT (excuse my mouth) we would be brought up on charges. When women would use the word DICK (again please excuse) NOTHING would be done. when asked why its OK for one not the other , I was told GROW UP and ridiculed. I woman that is now Deceased but worked for the fire department as a district Secretary stormed out of a meeting one day and there was alot of us, almost all men in the hall way right near her office. something happened inside the board room about her and she stormed into her office and proceeded to call someone. She left the door open for all of us to hear and screamed out if all these DICK’s in this fire house want to play games they will have NO BALLS left when I am done with them. We proceeded to get mad and asked for disciplinary action to be taken on her for her sexiest and Uncalled for comments. Yes you guessed it Nothing was done, we were told the House lawyer felt it was ok to have her watch the EEO video and leave it alone. When we asked if roles were revered and it was a Male secretary saying Cunt and clit while the people around the office were all female what would happen, they told us straight out that you would have lost your job and been fired. We could not go any further. As for fire fighting your told Male INTERIOR fire fighters have to cut their hair to their collars and women can Pin their hair up. The Men that fought it and grew their hair was of course ridiculed and if that didn’t work suspended. We both have the same gear same training and same job to do but Guys are told to cut their hair even if the do not want to.
    Now in my Private life Away from the Public is the same in my head and small world. From years in the past women were treated on TV as sex object and were abused Sexually and physically (which of course was and is wrong) But now it is reversed on men all the way. years ago you can not say the word dam On TV but now it is ok on KIDS show’s PG movies and commercials to make men feel inferior and feel uncomfortable. funny shown which I love to watch but Only watch them when alone are shows like Brooklyn 99 or Impractical jokers because I know they will of course use the words DICK , BALLS, PRICK, SCHMUCK But you will never and I mean NEVER here a guy on any of these shows call a girl a CUNT or say let me see your TITS or Clit. Why and HOW did this all change where Male genitalia was ok to say on TV degrading all males But it is NOT ok to do the same to Females.
    When you watch Family Bloopers years ago was funny But now the only way to make the show funnier is to show Guys getting kicked punch grabbed of falling on their genitalia. You will NOT see thing like that happen to women because it would be degrading but its ok to show it about men. It is no longer just men they use even little boys kicking grown men in the groin or getting kicked themselves and it is suppose to be FUNNY but it is NOT. Wrestling on TV is the same way. now it is ok for women to PUNCH KICK in the groin slap guys make sexual or make fun of their anatomy BUT Men can NOT hit back or make women feel subservient to men. They say it is a PG show but only for the women, they words PENIS BALLS TESTICLES are always used on the wrestling shows. It gets so annoying how men now have NO RIGHTS can be sexually abused and when we complain we are told Shut up if you dont like it dont watch.
    Enough is enough and would LOVE to join the fight to help preserve men for becoming the new subservient SLAVES of todays age.

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