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NCFM Member Jackson sends email to DA Charles Branson who refused to prosecute a false accuser

November 19, 2019

false accuser

NCFM NOTE: The Daily Wire posted the article Kansas Prosecutors To Drop False Rape Charges For Fear Real Victims Won’t Come Forward.  ABC News reported Kansas prosecutors to drop charge of false rape report. which caused NCFM Member Jim Jackson to send the email below to the prosecutor. A similar earlier letter sent to the DA by NCFM Member Chris Christensen caused over 5,000 views on our Facebook page. ABC reported the DA chose not to prosecute even though “…the woman fabricated being raped out of regret and to get revenge.” Her name is not released. She is free to abuse at will. We encourage all who read this to step up like NCFM Members James Jackson and Chris Christensen, and send a similar letter or email to the DA in Laurence, Kansas. His snail-mail address and his email address are below. Be civil. Thank you James and Chris for holding the DA accountable…


District Attorney Charles Branson
111 East 11th Street
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson

Mr. Branson,

In the article linked above it is noted that you refused to prosecute a woman who made a false rape accusation because you “feared publicity surrounding the case could discourage sexual assault victims from coming forward.”

I find it outrageous that you would abandon justice because it MIGHT discourage future victims. That women would be discouraged from coming forward with legitimate sexual assault charges is pure feminist propaganda, and there is no evidence that it is true. Even if it were true, would you really abandon your prosecutorial duties for this reason?

I suspect that the real reason for this decision is because of your fear of possible feminist protests and a possible public outcry. The feminist lobby is quite loud and can be quite unjust. Giving in to this squeaky wheel is quite cowardly.

Would you also refuse to prosecute a bank robber because this might encourage bank patrons to take their money out of the bank? Would you refuse to prosecute a murderer because people might be upset for paying higher taxes for prisons? These arguments are similar to yours, and they are all ridiculous.

It is more likely that charging this woman with falsely reporting a rape would discourage future FALSE reports of rape, something that I would think would be desirable.

I find your decision in this case to be sexist, paternalistic, chivalrous, cowardly, political, and just wrong. Please re-evaluate your position on this issue.

Thank you.

James Jackson

national coalition for men

NCFM Member Jackson sends email to DA Charles Branson who refused to prosecute a false accuser

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