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NCFM Kit Martin murder case update – Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss, Ignores Forensic Evidence that False & Misleading Information was Provided to the Grand Jury which resulted in Indictment. Case Scheduled for Trial June 1st

April 12, 2021

kit martin


April 12, 2021

There has been another update in the case of former Army Major Kit Martin, who has been wrongfully charged with a triple homicide that occurred in Pembroke KY in November of 2015.

FOX 17 News in Nashville, Investigative Reporter Dennis Ferrier reports the latest Motion to Dismiss the case against Christian ‘Kit” Martin was denied by Christian County Chief Circuit Court Judge John L. Atkins.

kit martin

The latest motion to dismiss surrounds the issue that the defense’s forensic cell tower and cell data expert’s analysis and report, reveals that the lead detective, Lieutenant Leonard Scott Smith intentionally provided false and misleading information to the Grand Jury which led to Martin’s indictment on May 11, 2019, which is a polite way to say he LIED!

kit martin

The news report states that the prosecution claims that two pieces of evidence the prosecution is relying on is a shell casing that they allege came from Martin’s gun, but the kicker is that the shell casing in question was not found by investigators, but by a family member of one of the victim’s weeks or months later, under very suspicious circumstances.

This of course suggests that the shell casing had been planted, which begs the question as to who planted it?  If it was the family member of one of the victims, why isn’t this person being investigated?  A previous report by FOX 17 News stated that the person who allegedly found this shell casing failed a polygraph examination.

So why,,, in the face of irrefutable forensic evidence that false and misleading information was supplied to the Grand Jury, which led to Martin’s indictment, would Judge Atkins deny such a motion???

NCFM has just learned through public records that Lieutenant Scott Smith was recently named in a civil suit, along with several other officers from the Kentucky State Police alleging that he falsified evidence in another murder case.

Please go to the link below to view the 30-page lawsuit filed by the Chicago based civil rights law firm of Loevy & Loevy.  Some of the allegations contained in the lawsuit include,

“The Defendant Officers Manufacture False Forensic Evidence”

“… the Defendant Officers thereafter manufactured false evidence…”

“…the Defendant Officers fabricated statements and “evidence” that falsely implicated Graham.”

“The Defendant Officers concealed the fact the manufactured evidence and statements were false from Plaintiff, his counsel…”

“Armed with their false theory that Mr. Graham was guilty, the Defendant Officers endeavored to stretch, manipulate, manufacture, and fabricate the facts and evidence to fit their false hypothesis.”

“… the Defendant Officers manufactured “evidence” that falsely implicated Mr. Graham. The Defendant Officers likewise withheld evidence that was both exculpatory and material from Plaintiff, his counsel, and the Commonwealth.”

“… the Defendant Officers knew no probable cause existed to initiate charges against Mr. Graham. Nonetheless, the Defendant Officers continued to set Plaintiff’s prosecution in motion.”

This certainly sounds like a pattern and practice in which it seems that Lieutenant Scott Smith conducts investigations to frame innocent persons.  So,,, is Lieutenant Smith void of all intellect, a provable liar, or is he criminally corrupt?  Why,,, with virtually no evidence against Martin, except evidence that is highly questionable and suggests it was planted, no DNA evidence after more than 100 items were tested, and irrefutable forensic proof that false and misleading information was supplied to the Grand Jury, is Smith so intent on his attempts to frame Kit Martin?

What does he know and what is he hiding?  Is it possible that he is attempting to deflect attention away from the person or persons who either carried out these homicides or who have some knowledge or complicity in the murders, possibly including a member or members of the sheriff’s department?

So, with NO DNA evidence, and evidence that Lt. Smith at the minimum provided false and misleading information to the Grand Jury or at worst, intentionally lied to the Grand Jury about cell phone and data evidence, and a shell casing found by a family member, weeks or months AFTER the sheriff’s department had conducted their crime scene searches by a family member who failed a polygraph examination, how is it remotely possible that prosecutors can legally justify continuing with a sham prosecution of Kit Martin?

So, the question that has to be asked, is why isn’t the FBI Public Corruption Unit investigating this case already and why hasn’t Lieutenant Scott Smith been indicted yet for Perjury?

In our previous post about this case, (linked below) we pointed out several recent cases in which law enforcement officers in Kentucky had been criminally charged and convicted of perjury and other offenses in the framing of innocent suspects.

There is also the very suspicious issue of the timing of the indictment by then Attorney General and now Governor Andy Beshear, approximately two weeks before the primary election which he barely squeaked out the nomination for governor, then won a close race for the office.  What is also concerning, and which has been reported, is the fact that the family of the victims publicly announced that they were providing a $100K reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murders.

There has been nothing reported thus far that any reward was paid, and Governor Beshear admitted in his press conference announcing the indictment of Martin that he met with the family prior to the indictment.

While numerous published articles and video ads reflect (linked below) that Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear is no stranger to corruption, is it possible, that this alleged $100K ‘reward’ made its way to the coffers of Beshear’s campaign through third parties?  It would not be the first time that dirty money was funneled into Beshear’s campaign as evidenced by the fact that a former campaign staffer pled guilty to corruption charges and was sentenced to prison.

We do not know what happened to this alleged ‘reward’ money but when you start connecting the dots and the minutia, a clearer picture can be seen, certainly more than enough for the initiation for a formal public corruption probe by the FBI.

It is well beyond time for a necessary public corruption investigation by the FBI and we urge all of our readers and those with knowledge of this case and others in the Christian County area who deserve an ethical and honest law enforcement agency to call or write the FBI office listed below and demand an investigation.

For those in the Christian County area that have knowledge of the railroading of Kit Martin or of any misconduct or criminal conduct on the part of Lieutenant Leonard Scott Smith, please feel free to contact the lead attorney in the lawsuit against him.  Feel free to link this article and any other article that NCFM has published on the case of Kit Martin

Please feel free to reach out to FOX 17 News Nashville Investigative Reporter Dennis Ferrier who has done an outstanding job so far, accurately, and fairly reporting on this case, and has been exposing the lack of evidence and the potential corruption that is slowly and steadily been evolving.

If there are some who have knowledge and are afraid for their safety, you can report information anonymously, or ask that authorities or the news media, not reveal your identity.

This whole thing stinks folks.  This is not adding up and the scale of incompetence that has been discovered and revealed thus far can only be described as BIBLICAL!

As further developments are learned, as more corruption and lies are exposed, we will inform our readers.


YouTube ‘Scandal” Andy Beshear


Click on the three men. Join us…

NCFM Kit Martin murder case update – Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss, Ignores Forensic Evidence that False & Misleading Information was Provided to the Grand Jury which resulted in Indictment. Case Scheduled for Trial June 1st

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