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Major Clarence Anderson NCFM Adviser Michael Conzachi – Is it Time For The Military To Start A Conviction Integrity Unit?

November 6, 2022

Major Clarence Anderson

NOTE: The full version of this article is available at the link below. The case of Major Clarence Anderson is illustrative of the epidemic rise of false accusations in all branches of our Military. This is a very serious situation which has been made much worse under the watch of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY). Both Mr. Conzachi and Major Anderson are members of NCFM.

On September 21, 2022, the DAC-IPAD Committee held another meeting, and heard testimony from former Air Force Major Clarence Anderson.

Major Anderson was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, and incarcerated for sexually assaulting his wife during a contentious divorce and child custody proceeding.

Major Anderson discovered that his wife had been having an affair.  He filed for divorce and was awarded 50/50 custody of his daughter.  His ex-wife not satisfied with the fair and equal custody decision, accused him of sexually assaulting her, and colluded with others in doing so.

Based only on his ex-wife’s testimony and the testimony of the man she had been having an affair with Major Anderson was convicted of sexual assault and incarcerated for 42 months at the Miramar Naval Air Station Combined Brig in San Diego.

His former command cleared him of domestic violence allegations when it came to light that his ex-wife had a prior arrest record for domestic violence, and a fact that came out prior to his court martial where his ex-wife essentially offered to refuse to testify against him if he gave up custody of his daughter.

The trail of inequities, indifference and official misconduct spanned the highest levels of the Air Force.  This included false statements to members of congress by then Air Force Secretary Dr. Heather Wilson, who shortly thereafter resigned.

During this process, an audio recording was obtained in which it was learned that Major Anderson’s former mother-in-law, bribed his ex-wife’s new lover with a payment of $100,000 to provide false testimony at the court martial.

To read the rest of the article at Armed Forces Press:

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Major Clarence Anderson NCFM Adviser Michael Conzachi – Is it Time For The Military To Start A Conviction Integrity Unit?

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