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NCFM Advisor letter published in the Miami Herald

June 24, 2011

NCFM in the news!

Stop double standard (scroll down to article)

Re the June 21 article Charges formally dropped against Wittels: Everybody has a vested interest in eliminating false rape charges. For males, false rape charges often appear on the front page of national newspapers, destroying their lives and careers and it never completely goes away even if a retraction is printed.

For females, as the number of false rape charges are revealed, the public will find these charges non-credible. Those who truly are raped will not be believed.

Another national media case where three Duke University lacrosse players, falsely accused, were “convicted” by their university president, faculty members and the media was based on one woman’s word. That woman now sits in jail charged with the stabbing death of her most recent boyfriend.

I have two suggestions: First, eliminate the current double standard. Get rid of gender bias that permeates the criminal-justice system and grant both sides due process protections. Second, the media should grant both genders equal media coverage. Current media practices are chauvinistically antediluvian and in need of contemporary revision.

Gordon E. Finley, Miami

Bahamian court formally drops charges against FIU’s Garrett Wittels

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2 Responses to NCFM Advisor letter published in the Miami Herald

  1. Stephen on July 30, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    Props to mentioning how "antidiluvian" (that's a dousy I havn't heard in a while) the one-sided media tends to be. I agree that it's important to frame the issue this way, pointing out just how outdated these tendecies are.

  2. Antony on June 26, 2011 at 9:39 AM

    Right on !!!

    Cheers from Canada

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