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Senator Leahy and Representative Moore need to stop denying the truth about partner violence and VAWA

January 29, 2013

Pick up the phone and tell your legislators what you expect them to do with VAWA! Tell them that you expect it to treat all people fairly or sunset it since it’s the worse piece of legislation since Jim Crow laws.

VAWA supporters are trying to ramrod the reauthoriztion (S.47) through the Senate without committee hearings. It appears Senator Leahy has cut a deal with the House and that none of meaningful reforms so many people have worked so hard to have adopted will prevail. It seems backroom politics rule the day and few if any of our elected officials in Washington D.C. care about all the damage, destruction, and death VAWA causes. They don’t seem to care about due process, individual rights, or one innocent life after another being destroyed by the horrific disparate outcomes of one of the worse laws ever passed in America. I can only imagine the tradeoffs that were made, the pork that was redistributed, the coercion if not outright blackmail that twisted the arms of the resistant. And, Sen. Leahy, it’s all about the money, jobs in Vermont. The Vermont Immigration Service Center has been recruiting for new positions for months in anticipation of the reauthorization of VAWA. Absolutely disgusting the selling of families and lives for a few jobs and the appeasement of power feminists who think only of themselves. We sent the same fax to Representative Moore on the other side of the isle too. To view the faxes full-scale click on the PDF links below.

130129 ltr faxed re Sen. Leahy Stop Denying the Truth about VAWA

130129 ltr faxed re Rep Moore Stop Denying the Truth about VAWA




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3 Responses to Senator Leahy and Representative Moore need to stop denying the truth about partner violence and VAWA

  1. Feminist_Nullificationist on February 1, 2013 at 11:36 AM

    Leahy and Moore are clearly committed to their bigotry over all honest and factual evidence. The only thing their hate movement needs is the pointy hats to go with their vile misandry.

  2. jessica on January 31, 2013 at 10:05 AM

    Legislation to curtail domestic violence should protect all victims. It is naive to think that only women are the abused.

  3. Feminist_Nullificationist on January 30, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    It appears Leahy and Moore are both Democrats. What has been the Republican response – if any? Are any other hearings scheduled? When is this scheduled to be voted on?

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