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NCFM sends letter to Secretary of Defense about the wrongful persecution of Major Christian “Kit” Martin

March 29, 2015
major martin

Major Martin

NOTE: This letter was originally published March 29, 2014.

The letter outlines our concerns about the wrongful persecution and court-martial of Major Christian “Kit” Martin, a highly decorated, well-trained, and exceptional soldier. Major Martin is being prosecuted because of egregious false allegations by his convicted bigamist ex-wife and a General hell bent on retribution for Major Martin requesting a congressional investigation and otherwise    challenging his wicked treatment.

Click on the picture to go to the Google page with more information about this case. We will be updating this site to include other related articles lost when our website was compromised early October 2015 and new information as it develops. Click on the picture below to read our investigative report. We received no responses from any of those to whom the letter was sent…

150329 ltr re Major Martin first pate150330 NCFM letter re Major Martin FINAL VERSION 30 March

national coalition for menMajor Martin is innocent.

Major Martin is being court-martialed for reasons political and retaliatory.

All because of one lying, malicious, bigamist woman who declared she would ruin Major Martin. Unbelievable.

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2 Responses to NCFM sends letter to Secretary of Defense about the wrongful persecution of Major Christian “Kit” Martin

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  2. […] NCFM NOTE: If you are not familiar with Major Martin‘s persecution by the Army you might want to read the letter we sent to the Department of Defense (letter). […]

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