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Shelters for Men

NCFM Canadian Liaison Earl Silverman, Murdered by Suicide by the Feminized State of Canada

May 1, 2013

Social service types might still tell you that no one is to blame for a suicide, except the person who chooses to take their own life.   Everyone is responsible for their own actions, they say. Of course, the latter has changed dramatically in the last 20 years or so. Now only men are responsible,...
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Posted in Abused Man, Canada, Discrimination Against Males, Domestic Violence Industry, Double Standard, Shelters for Men, Suicide, Suicide Murder, Supremist | 2 Comments »

NCFM Canadian Liaison Earl Silverman interviewed on major Canadian TV show about male victims of DV

February 9, 2013

Mr. Silverman operates the Family of Men Support Society and the only emergency shelter for abused men in Canada. Seldom are any Men’s Rights activists invited to in an in-depth discussion of male victims of domestic violence on a major television network and major television show. Earl just did. Congratulations Mr. Silverman! This is...
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Posted in Action, Activities, Canada, Discrimination Against Males, Government Programs for Women, Progress, Shelters for Men, Shelters for Women | No Comments »