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NCFM National Board of Directors

2012 ncfm board groupupdated 6/15/2016


BACKGROUND: Each NCFM chapter, if they chose too, has no less than one seat on our national board. Voting members have been NCFM members for at least two years and are from full-fledged chapters. The Board may and does occasionally choose a Member at Large who is a voting member. Non-Voting Members are representatives from provisional chapters and/or who have not been NCFM members for at least two years. This arrangement allows NCFM to have a broad spectrum of backgrounds and interests from around the country represented on our Board.


2012 FTF Fred 2Fred Sottile – Board Member (NCFMLA Chapter, Los Angeles, California)

Mr. Sottile is an accomplished musician, member of the Musician’s Union Local 16, and a private tutor for percussion performance (drums). He also works as Service Manager for Harley Davidson Motorcycles (14 years). He was an auto-body repairman for 22 years and owned and operated Pinebrook Autobody.

Mr. Sottile became active in issues related to NCFM through a personal divorce. His primary interest is fraud, “fraud upon the Court” which is a legal term describing a certain type of criminal act. Consequently, he has done much in-depth research which resulted in his authoring three novels and one non-fiction tell-all whistle-blower.

Mr. Sottile started the public access television show Face Up To Fred in which men’s rights issues were discussed. He produced 34 episodes over four seasons. The show ended when Los Angeles County revoked funding for public access television.

Since 2009 Mr. Sottile has been active with the Los Angeles County Domestic Violence Council to the extent that he is a founding member of the Male Victims/Survivors Task Force.  The task force is the first and only one of its kind in the United States.

Mr. Sottile joined NCFM in 2005 and was given NCFM’s Award of Honor in 2008 for his work on Face Up To Fred. As Secretary of NCFM Los Angeles, he was nominated, accepted, and proudly serves on NCFM’s national board of directors. He is an investigative journalist and author of several books.

ncfmHarry Crouch – Board President, Member Executive Committee, Member NCFM Freedom Endowment Investment Management Committee (NCFMSD Chapter, San Diego, California)

Mr. Crouch has over 40 year’s organization design, implementation, monitoring, and management experience. Mr. Crouch has been President of the NCFM (NCFM) since 2006. In 2004 he launched the California Men’s Centers to give various services for disaffected men, their families, and the women that love them. Prior to that, he worked as a licensed real estate agent and regional manager for a large California business brokerage (three years). Before relocating to California from Alaska Mr. Crouch was a partner and Training Director of CASE Management Systems, a vocational counseling and rehabilitation firm which specialized in employment and training programs for injured workers and targeted hard-to-serve groups, primarily felons (four years). He owned and operated Bootlegger General Contracting for roughly a decade. His six years government service, not including the military, include serving as Assistant Ombudsman for the Municipality of Anchorage, Senior Administrative Officer/Independent Monitor for Employment and Training Programs MOA, and designing and implementing Alaska Pretrial Services (statewide) for the Alaska Court System.

Some of his other related activities include (1) forming the NCFM San Diego Chapter (NCFM-SD) (2) co-founding the Children’s Rights Initiative for Sharing Parents Equally (CRISPE) which involved successful national campaigns (3) developing with a team of community leaders Safe Place Faith Communities, a family violence education, information, and referral program (4) co-founding Honoring our Troops, a San Diego Veteran’s organization providing legal clinics, mentoring programs, and life skills/employability programs, as well as “care package drives” for our troops overseas, (5) membership in the San Diego Domestic Violence Council (SDDVC) with active participation in the SDDVC Men’s Leadership Forum and (6) co-founding the San Diego Children’s Coalition.

Mr. Crouch has written many articles published in various regional and national venues and has been interviewed by mainstream radio and television shows. He has a B.A. Degree in Sociology with graduate studies in Labor Management Relations from the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Mr. Crouch served over six years in the Alaska Air National Guard and received an honorable discharge.

J. Steven Svoboda, Esq. – Board Member at Large, Public Relations Director (Berkeley, CA) phone 510-827-5771

J. Stevncfmen Svoboda, Esq. is NCFM’s senior board member, Public Relations Director, and book reviewer. His articles and book reviews are available through the NCFM newsletter Transitions, the longest running journal of men’s issues in the world.

He has published well over 200 book reviews relating to men, boys, and gender. For eight years, he wrote a column for Everyman Magazine titled, “Gender, Law, and Society,” which he renamed after his first child’s birth, “Gender, Law, and Fatherhood.” He is co-author, with Warren Farrell and James Sterba, of the gender studies textbook, “Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men?” (Oxford University Press, 2007), which for a period was the Amazon number one seller in its category.

Mr. Svoboda is the founder and Executive Director of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, in which capacity he educates, publishes a newsletter, and writes peer review and popular articles about genital integrity and human rights issues, especially opposing male circumcision.  In 2001, he presented oral and written declarations to the United Nations, the latter being the first and only known official UN document centrally focusing on male circumcision as a human rights violation.  In October 2013, he will be presented on the legality and pediatric ethics of male circumcision on an otherwise all-physician panel at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

His publications include “Out of step: fatal flaws in the latest AAP policy report on neonatal circumcision“ [written with Robert S. Van Howe, M.D.]; Journal of Medical Ethics, 2013; “Circumcision of Male Infants as a Human Rights Violation, Journal of Medical Ethics, 2013; Tortured Bodies, Tortured Minds, Informed Consent as a Legal Fiction Inapplicable to Male Circumcision,” in The Rights of the Child: Ensuring Every Child’s Fundamental Right to Body Ownership and Protection from Medical, Cultural, and Religious Infringements (G.C. Denniston et al., eds., Springer, 2013), “Promoting Genital Autonomy by Exploring Commonalities Between Male, Female, Intersex, and Cosmetic Female Genital Cutting,” Global Discourse, 2012, “A Rose By Any Other Name: Rethinking the Similarities and Differences between Male and Female Genital Cutting,” in Fearful Symmetries: Essays and Testimonies Around Excision and Circumcision, edited by Chantal Zabus (Rodopi, 2009) [written with Robert Darby]; “Neonatal pain relief and the Helsinki Declaration,” Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 2008: 36: 803-823 [written with Robert Van Howe]; and ”Prophylactic Interventions on Children: Balancing Human Rights with Public Health,” Journal of Medical Ethics (2002).

Additionally, Mr. Svoboda has been interviewed on many radio and television shows including Penn and Teller’s Showtime program Bullshit!

Lea Perritt – Board Member (Tennessee/Kentucky Chapter)

Dr. Perritt was introduced several years ago to NCFM by a friend. Since then Dr. Perritt has been an active NCFM member and is Co-founder and Board Member of the Kentucky/Tennessee chapter. Dr. Perritt is a native of Akron, Ohio.  She left Akron at age 17 to attend college in Athens, Ohio at Ohio University. After graduation she worked as a social worker in welfare programs and psychiatric hospitals. Then she moved to Lexington, Kentucky where her first spouse was pursuing his doctorate in business administration. She was working as a rehabilitation counselor then and completed her Masters and Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Perritt held several positions at the university including Director of Continuing Education in Allied Health and Director of Research and Marketing for a tele-course program. As a professor she taught Ethics and Psychology for students pursuing degrees in various health professions. Her prior areas of research have been Ethics and Patient Education for the elderly. Dr. Perritt still supervises Psychology students part-time.  She is now in private practice working with most populations and consulting with people with Social Security disability issues. Her most recent research has been related to men and depression, domestic violence, and child custody; and, she conducts seminars or makes presentations on related issues.

Marc Angelucci, Esq. In Memoriam – Board Vice-President, Member Executive Committee (Founding Member of the NCFMLA Chapter, Los Angeles, California). Murdered, July 11, 2020.

nccfmMarc E. Angelucci was a practicing attorney who took on high-profile cases involving paternity fraud and male victims of domestic violence in California. He graduated phi beta kappa from U.C Berkeley in 1996 with a B.A. in Philosophy and received a J.D. from UCLA School of Law in 2000 where he received several public interest awards and founded two student bar associations.

Marc joined NCFM as a law student in 1997 after seeing his friend physically abused for years by his wife and then denied domestic violence services because he is male. In 2001 he formed the L.A. chapter of NCFM and served as its president until 2008, during which time NCFM-LA became an active chapter that organized rallies, filed lawsuits and received significant media attention.

Angelucci has worked as a family law attorney for the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego. He also has experience in mental health law, poverty law, appellate advocacy and construction litigation.

In 2008 he won a landmark appellate case against the State of California (Woods v. Horton) which held it is unconstitutional to exclude male victims of domestic violence from state funding for victim services. He also helped draft and enact legislation to stop paternity fraud, served on the California DCSS Paternity Committee, served on the Training Committee of the L.A. County Domestic Violence Council, and testified before the California Senate and Assembly Judiciary committees.

He has appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, Phil Donahue, John and Ken and other radio and media, has been quoted numerous times in the the Daily Journal and other newspapers and has published op-eds in the L.A. Times and elsewhere on men’s issues.

Mark Bates – Board Member (NCFMTC Chapter, Minneapolis, Minnesota)

ncfmMark has been a member of NCFM since 2001. He is Vice-President of the NCFM Twin Cities Chapter in Minnesota, a national board member since 2004, and is deeply involved with educating the public on matters of sex discrimination against men. Along with other members of the NCFM Twin Cities Chapter Mark has staged informational booths at hundreds of community events throughout Minnesota and several in neighboring states. In so doing Mark has educated thousands of people and helped distribute tens of thousands of informational flyers, handouts, and brochures.

Ray Blumhorst – Board Member (Los Angeles)

ray blumhorst

Mr. Blumhorst retired in 2005 from Santa Monica College in CA, where he was Mechanical Systems and Energy Management Supervisor for 16 years. Mr. Blumhorst has over 35 years experience in mechanical trades of which 20 years or more was at a supervisory or management level.

Aside from considerable technical training, he earned four A. A. degrees:  Interdisciplinary Subjects (cum Laude), English (cum laude), Journalism (cum laude), and Photojournalism.

Mr. Blumhorst is also a credentialed Community College & Adult Education Instructor with eight years teaching experience. After four years in the Navy, three deployments, three medals, and five campaign stars for Vietnam service, he was honorably discharged.

Mr. Blumhorst is President of NCFMLA since 2009, NCFM national Board Member, Major Donor/Benefactor, and recipient of the NCFM Award of Honor in 2005. 

In the past few years Mr. Blumhorst has learned to cultivate the joys of his retirement and has found considerable pleasure in pursing celestial observation and astro-imaging as an amateur astronomer.

Tim Goldich – Board Member, Editor of Transitions Journal of Men’s Perspectives (Chicago, Il)

ncfmTim Goldich is a technical writer by trade. He has also written four books on the subject of gender. The first—Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics—is newly published and available on (paperback and kindle). He is also the current editor of Transitions: Journal of Men’s Perspectives. Goldich does public speaking around men’s issues and has produced a number of YouTube videos on the subject. He is the president of the Chicago chapter of NCFM and an avid member of the ManKind Project, two organizations that variously support men politically and emotionally. He is also an educator and mentor to boys on their way to becoming men. Finally, Goldich facilitates the personal growth work of men on New Warrior Training Adventure Weekends and of men and women Path To Spirit personal growth weekends.

Will Hageman – Board Member (NCFM Twin Cities Chapter, Minnesota)

national coalition for menWill Hageman has been active in the Twin Cities Chapter of NCFM since its founding in 1999, and has been chapter president since 2005.  His priority is to make the public aware of discrimination and injustices against men and boys, and to encourage people to raise these issues with politicians and public officials.  He has a bachelor’s degree and 25 years experience in customer service, technical support, and computer programming.

Gregory J. Josefchuk – Board Member (President NCFMCarolinas Chapter)


Mr. national coalition for menJosefchuk is a leader in NCFM’s fight to restore due process rights for college students and a champion in rescinding many of the troubling and flawed policies issued by the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights through their infamous “2011 Dear Colleague Letter”. As a recognized expert in the area of institutional bias associated with the adjudication of Title IX cases, Greg has been invited to provide written testimony to Congress. He is an active partner of the Campus Justice Coalition and a member of the National Association of Scholars (NAS).

Greg has broad experience in community based activism and has served as board director, officer or member of over a half-dozen nonprofit organizations. He belongs to the fraternal order of the Knights of Columbus and serves on the Respect Life committee at his church . He is a strong supporter of men’s rights especially in regard to advocating for due process and fair treatment for accused students dealing with Title IX sexual misconduct university disciplinary cases. The NCFM Carolinas website that he developed is widely viewed as the pre-eminent website for accused college students dealing with false accusations of sexual misconduct. A political science major, Greg earned a B.S. Degree from Northern Illinois University. He is blessed with a loving, supportive and courageous wife of over thirty years and is the proud father to three very talented sons.


national coalition for men

14 Responses to NCFM National Board of Directors

  1. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  2. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  3. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  4. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  5. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  6. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  7. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  8. […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  9. Amber Heard is a Liar, So What? - Shrink4Men on June 14, 2022 at 8:07 PM

    […] Harry Crouch, NCFM (National Coalition for Men) is a tireless advocate for men, their children and the women who love them. […]

  10. Jim on October 25, 2020 at 7:11 AM

    Prostate cancer screening and early detection does NOT saves men’s lives. Let’s do the math. Per the USPSTF (a US government health agency): “A small benefit and known harms from prostate cancer screening” and “Only one man in 1,000 could possibly have a life saving benefit from screening”. However about 1.3 to 3.5 deaths per 1,000 from prostate blind biopsies. Also 5 men in 1000 died and 20.4% had one or more complications within 30 days of a prostatectomy. This does not include deaths and injuries from other procedures, medical mistakes, increased suicide rate, ADT therapy complications, heart attracts, etc, caused by screening and treatments. Detection and overtreatment for prostate cancer has killed or destroyed millions of men’s lives worldwide from understated and multiple undisclosed side effects. The doctor that invented the PSA test, Dr. Richard Ablin now calls it: “The Great Prostate Mistake”, “Hoax” and “A Profit Driven Public Health Disaster”.

    My story:

    Recommended books:
    The Great Prostate Hoax by Richard Ablin MD (the inventor of the PSA test)
    The Big Scare, The Business of Prostate Cancer by Anthony Horan MD.

  11. Lisa Cusick on September 28, 2018 at 11:37 AM


    My spouse worked for a State University in NY. He came on board with them and was subject to 6 years of a female older coworker telling lies about him, putting facebook posts saying lies about him and basically trying to get him fired. He contacted the HR Department, his supervisor, his supervisors supervisor about this harassment from this woman. The only action they took was to speak to her about it. It never stopped. he was an employee there for 6 years. when he was up for his permanent appointment, he was told he has a year to find a new job. His co-worker who harrassed was put in a safe spot. She was there longer and has seniority. Timing was strange as she had just filed a “discrimination” suit in Federal court against the university as she said my spouse was “less qualified and less experienced” The lawsuit was for 10 million dollars. My spouse testified in court, and the case was thrown out. After he testified less than a year later he was given his termination. I have pages and pages of documentation emails where he asked for help from the HR department, in addition to all of his reaching out to his superiors for help. Is there an agency such as yours in NY? Hoping to get recommendations for law firms, help groups etc. thank you.

    • NCFM on September 28, 2018 at 2:03 PM

      We have members in NY but no legal help. However, if you have really good documentation you might consider two things: (1) interview three or four really good labor law attorneys. If you have a solid case they may take it on contingency. (2) if you think the termination has to do with gender, sex, race or another protected class under Title IX you can file a complaint with the Federal Department of Education Office of Civil Rights. You should be able to file it without an attorney although seeking legal advice is advisable. Starting with your zip code Google something like “DOE OCR complaint process” or “DOE OCR complaint form,” something like that. You can do the same re the attorney, after your zip code type something like “labor law employment attorney.” Also, zip code then “DOE OCR attorney” or “OCR civil rights attorney.” We hope that helps.

  12. Loy Ray Clemons on May 25, 2014 at 12:59 PM

    My basic concern is about the present climate showing men as idiots and incompetents on TV commercials..A good example is the change in roles of the man helping the woman fix her tire, and the switch we see now where the woman takes charge.
    I believe men must recover from the feminist onslaught. The Family is the most important unit in our culture, and when that disappears, America is doomed.
    I have written screenplays and novels. However, I have no experience in documentalries or teleplays. I can furnish a concept treatment for a documentary that will expose the inequities shown on TV commercials. If I can find someone to work with who can help turn out a documetary, I can offer my services.
    In the meantime can you put me in touch with someone in Utah who is interested in furthering your goals.
    Thank you,
    Loy Ray Clemons

    • David on March 9, 2020 at 7:43 AM

      Make available a decal and magnetic logo to help fund raising

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